{idance revolution + Gussy}

Gussy has teamed up with the gals at idance.

This is a really sweet revolution and I’m super excited to be a part of it. Read about the revolution here and the dance here. Will you join Molly & Amanda?

The goal of idance is to offer products that people will recognize as idance products. And don’t forget about the main mission: learn how to dance!

How is Gussy helping? You can purchase this clutch/wristlet {$25} and own something that’s unique to the idance revolution.

And you know what else is sweet? Shops, like Much Ado About You, Bake at 350, The Vintage Pearl, and The Pleated Poppy are also sponsoring the idance revolution. Each shop will have unique idance products that you can purchase. So fun!

Look for this button on my blog:

Stay tuned — more updates are to come!

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{a glimpse into my day…}

Busy days are really great,

especially really great busy days :] I’m only on week #2 as a self-employed gal, but I’ve already found I have to be very intentional with my time so I don’t lose my mind. Like being sure I have plans set 2-3x/week. {What? Don’t think I’m crazy. You try working where you live and living where you work.}

Yesterday was one of those “great busy days”. Here’s a little glimpse into what I did:

1. Good morning! Nothing says Rise & Shine like coffee in a special mug
2. At my desk, taking a little Gussy break. I heart my job!
3. Lunch time! This is my view… No computer, sewing, or web-browsing for me. Give me a comfy seat and something pretty to stare at. {Careful Gus, don’t fall asleep…}
4. A special shelf just outside the sewing room, which supports a special print, an enjoyed bottled of wine, and some empty spools
5. So many fun colors! I’ve found there are a handful of spools that never make it back “home” — pink, red, purple, cream, yellow and orange
6. Do I need to say anything?! {The pins are little gifts I receive from my zipper supplier. I have so many I decided to decorate with them :]
7. Time for a break + fresh air! Off on a l-o-v-e-l-y walk to the downtown Post Office, then Target, and finally back home. I heart fresh air.
8. I saw this sign on the way home from my walk: Minneapolis League of Catholic Women Inc. Something about it just makes me giggle. I wonder what The League does…? :]

PS. Look at all this damask! {swoon}

So there you have it…

What is your day like?!

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{Featured Artist :: Ellia C. Naturals}

This giveaway is now closed!

Here at Gussy has a lot to say {and sew} we love to look at all things beautiful. Beautiful products to help you relax, beautiful colors, beautiful stories about finding joy and inner creativity.

Today is week #23 of my series on Featured Artists, which is a bi-monthly event showcasing fun and sassy handmade shops! I love searching for new wares to show the Gussy community. You can read all back Featured Artist posts by clicking here.

Please join me in welcoming Jennifer at Ellia C. Naturals.


What inspires you?

My children… everything seems more pure, more vibrant, and more clear through the eyes of a child. Colors are brighter, scents are cleaner, and life in general is fresher. I seem to get my best ideas when I’m either interacting with them or watching them interact with each other.

Share an interesting fact about yourself

My second toe on each foot is the same length as my Big Toe.

How did you come up with your shop name?

After coming up with a basic collection of products to help my third son’s severe eczema, I decided to explore the possibility of an expanded line of all-natural bath & body products designed to meet the needs of the entire family. A large part of this experimentation, as well as the decision to formally jump into the realm of retail, came while I was pregnant with our fourth child, Ellia. Both product development and my growing belly occupied a large portion of my thoughts during that time. Ellia’s middle initial is C and my mission for the company was to provide skin care alternatives that were not only pampering and luxurious, but also completely natural and chemical-free. Thus was the beginning of ElliaCNaturals.

If you had to describe yourself in a word, what would that word be?


What made you decide to open up shop?

When I saw the results that my products were having on my son’s skin (as well as his siblings, who have generally sensitive skin). A number of family and friends who knew about my son’s eczema, as well as his pediatrician, began to notice the drastic improvement in his skin and ask me about what I was using on him. I had numerous requests to make samples of what I was using on my son and the people for whom I agreed to make these samples experienced wonderful results as well.

Name your favorite thing about selling handmade.

Creative freedom. Although I have a core group of products that make up the bones of each collection, I feel I have more creative freedom to offer limited edition items stemming from my own experimentation than I would if I were making items under the constraints of mass production. I also have the ability to easily custom design products for clients who may have special skin care needs or essential oil preferences.

Do you have a day job or sell full-time?

In 2007 I took an indeterminate hiatus from my career in physical therapy due to a job transfer incurred by my husband. I am currently a SAHM/WAHM and sell my ElliaCNaturals line through my independent online store, Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby Boutique, llc.

Give us a little glimpse into what a typical day in your life looks like.

Get up and shower @ 6:30am. Make breakfast, feed/dress the kiddos, and get everyone to school by 8:40am to drop off my kindergartner and preschooler. Back home to put the baby down for a nap. Check email, answer Twitter and Facebook, make blog updates, and try desperately not to get sucked into the Twitter Black Hole! Play with my 2 y.o. outside and try to get some gardening done. Squeeze in some bubble fun. Back to school at 11:45am to pick up my preschooler, then back home for lunch and my 2 y.o.’s nap. Make product and process orders while jumping in intermittently to play with my 4 y.o. and 1 y.o. Back to school at 3:00pm for kindergarten pick-up. Return home for baby’s second nap (won’t last much longer!) and straightening of the house while the three boys play. Start dinner and try to squeeze in a little more outside time with the kiddos. 6pm, Daddy’s home! Dinner with the family followed by baseball or soccer practice/game. Back home for kindergarten reading homework, baths, and bedtime (for the munchkins!). Spend some quality time with hubby. Finish remaining orders, prep shipments for delivery, and indulge in some social media marketing before calling it quits around midnight :].

What would you like to learn to do?

I would love to learn to sew with some degree of skill (hint, hint, Ms. Gussy!). Countless times I have had the inspiration for an item of clothing for one or more of the kiddos or a cute accessory for mama and no means of bringing the idea to reality. I would love to be able to do that!

What are you listening to right now?

Jim Brickman, Kutless, and Natalie Grant to name just a few :].

Name one place you must visit in your lifetime and why.

Italy. The romance, the architecture, and the food… need I say more?


The Giveaway Goods:

Ellia C. Naturals is giving away a Summer Glow Gift Set
{includes an 8oz One Lump or Two Solid Sugar Scrub; 4 oz Milky Way Creamy Milk Bath; 1 oz Lip Lock Brown Sugar Lip Polish; and Candy Cane Kisses Lip Smoother.}

To enter:

Leave a comment sharing something positive about your day.

For extra entries {leave a comment for each}:

  • Tweet about this: Enter to win a Summer Glow Gift Set via @ElliaCNaturals on @GussySews’ blog http://u.nu/8rrua
  • Blog about it {please share permalink}


  • The giveaway will close Tuesday, June 1 at 10 pm CST, and the winner will be announced the following day
  • An email address must be listed on your blog profile or in the comment you leave

Readers can save 10% on the Bullfrogs and Butterflies,

the parent company of ECN, by entering GUSSY at checkout.

Additional links for Ellia C. Naturals:
Facebook Fan Page


Come on back Friday, June 11 for another Featured Artist post!

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{gift with purchase :: the Fob Factory}

Yeow, a Gussy promotion!

All Gussy orders over $20 {excluding shipping} mail with a complimentary key fob from the Fob Factory.
There are so many sassy prints — I have them all here and they’re darling!

The Fob Factory is a handmade shop based out of the Grand Rapids, MI area.
My hometown :]

Promotion runs through Friday, May 28.
What are you waiting for? Shop now.

*Offer excludes discount codes, custom orders and shop credit redemption.

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