Happy Easter!

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We visited a new church a week ago and we enjoyed it so much that on Monday of last week I was already anticipating their Easter Sunday service. We’ve been wanting a new home church for quite some time and finally decided to visit our friends’ church, which they absolutely love, and turns out we love it too! Our Easter Sunday was low-key, and rather quiet in a sense as we remembered what Christ did to cover our sins. But it was also really joyful! Here are some photos…
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A special book for “the dreamers & the doers”.

Since September I’ve been praying over (and working on) a special group project, and today I get to share with you what we’ve been up to! :)


It’s no secret I’m a dreamer and a doer. Since I was young I’ve been creating and making plans. I love to sketch on paper my dreams to see how real they can become. But perhaps more than that I love how far an encouraging word can take my dreams. Do you feel the same way?

Last year I joined a group of women and together we co-wrote a book called, Thirty One Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer — and, it’s a lovely prayer book.

Lovely like, “my heart is re-filled with grace and overflowing encouragement to keep going.”

Lovely like, “I wasn’t sure how to pray over my situation, but now I have new-found direction.”

Lovely like, “I am not alone.”

31 days of prayer maggie whitley

Inside this 200+ page book are beautiful, real prayers covering the following topics:

prayer // God’s word // worship + gratitude // faith

freedom // seasons // rest + balance // wellness

authenticity // identity // grace in my home // simplicity

serving // loving {well} // singleness // marriage

motherhood // dreams // my spouse’s dreams // my children’s dreams

fears // comparison //confidence // goals

creativity // stewardship // success + failure // busyness

my business // branding + marketing // collaboration + opportunity // online influence // social media


Each of the 31 prayers includes a full-page prayer, four verses and three reflective questions.

I’ve written on the topic of simplicity. This was an opportunity for me to share my heart on living cozy in a big Los Angeles. It’s so important to be thankful for exactly what God puts in our lives. This community collaboration has allowed me to be vulnerable with so many others who may be thinking, worrying, and praying about the same things.


I’m so honored to be joining these women and my friends over at The {Well} Studio.

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When she speaks encouraging words.

I woke early Friday morning to catch a 7:30 flight that would take me from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to Dallas, all for the glory-ness of Hope Spoken. It had been a l o n g time since I traveled to a blog conference. Long like almost 18 months, but I was equal parts excited and nervous. My sister-in-law flew in the night before and Bauer & Maxwell kept her busy on Friday (although rumor has it Bauer slept all day). I imagine the two of them just soaked each other in :) I love so much that she is here right now with us a couple more days.

So much great happened over the weekend in Dallas. Great speakers. Great food. Great friends hugged. Great mental rest. Great-full.

hope spoken maggie whitley

Ashley of The Vanilla Tulip + Casey Wiegand + Ruth of Grace Laced

It’s almost hard to type this out, but then I re-read my notes and decide it to be true: my most memorable moment from the conference is when Shauna Niequist spoke on “more love/less busy”. And yes, I was taking notes because it was just that good. And one more thing, can I be honest with you? What Shauna said on Saturday totally had me in tears… for most of her time on stage. What she shared was so inspiring:

- Dr. Henry Cloud said it first, “No” is a complete sentence

- Doing more and more and more will not bring you more

- Will saying “yes” allow me to live a less frantic life?

- Exodus 18:17-18

- Psalms 16:5-6

- Mark 8:36

- Luke 10:38-42

- Don’t be afraid to: become irresponsible, stop hustling, be the person God created you to be, stop being frantic

hope spoken maggie whitley

Joy Prouty + Dee of Red Letter Words

But a close runner up, my second most memorable moment from Hope Spoken, is being able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. There is just something so fulfilling about spending time with women that desire to know God more. When she speaks encouraging words about Him, they stick around for quite some time.

hope spoken maggie whitley

Many asked me how I was handling being away from Maxwell — this was my first overnight trip without him.

So to be honest, it was such an easy weekend for me. I knew Maxwell was loving his time with his aunt Tiffany. I knew he was going to go hiking on Saturday. I knew his Sunday afternoon was going to include church and the flea market (and turns out, also a trip to the cupcake shop).

But perhaps the real reason I had such a great weekend is because everyone in our family wanted me to be gone. Their support blessed me. They knew this time away would be so good for my heart, not just my mama heart but my Maggie heart, too.

And Hope Spoken it was.

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Getting ready for Hope.


I’m beginning to prepare my heart for a big upcoming trip to Dallas later this month. It’s been a while (18 months?) since I last traveled to a blog conference, and even though it’s a little scary for me to think about leaving my little boy at home for the weekend, I’m also really looking forward to it. It’s good practice for me for the big picture, right? :) I’m super excited to attend Hope Spoken, and my prayer is that the conference is a blessing to many. I’m so proud of the gals putting on the conference, they are so inspiring and brave and solid God-seeking mamas. And something else I’m excited about? Having a little Maggie time for the weekend and soaking up lots of time with this sweet friend.

Are you going? Leave a comment if you are and say hello! :)


Let’s see… what have we been up to these last few weeks? Aside from getting my newest handmade venture — Caroline-made launched, not a whole lot. Turns out launching a new shop takes a lot of energy and time ;) I’m finishing up a big post sharing my inspiration for Caroline-made, where the name comes from, all of that exciting stuff. Click over and take a peek, if you haven’t yet? I’m so happy with the final designs of everything inside the shop. CM is a fun mix of color and practicality.


It has rained for days, days, days! Which is incredibly unlikely for Los Angeles. With the rain came wind and cloudy skies, something else we’re not used to. And I know, poor us… most of you are experiencing never ending snow — don’t hate me for complaining about the rain ;) It seems to have passed, which is great because Maxwell’s birthday party is going to be outside on Sunday. My parents are flying in for the week. It feels a bit surreal to be celebrating One Year with our son. And oh, those long days of labor before he was placed in our arms — those memories haven’t left me just yet ;)


What has been inspiring you lately? I’m always curious how inspiration appears to us all a little bit differently. Are you inspired by music or a book or a certain color? Maybe a visit somewhere special? I’ve been going to a mom’s group/bible study for the last couple of months and ohhhhhhhhhh my goodness, that weekly meet-up has been the most inspiring of all the things I’ve tried in the past. Who knew sitting down with a small group of other moms (all stages of motherhood) could be so life-giving? I’m definitely hooked :)


The beauty of Hope is that it knows how to meet us just where we are. For me this has been an upcoming trip, planning a birthday party and committing to a weekly birthday party.

How about you? What is Hope for you?

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