{What are your tips for traveling with a baby?}


Next week Maxwell and I will be our our very first airplane as a Mama + Baby duo, and honestly I’m a little excited! He’s such a calm, happy, cuddly baby that I don’t have any doubts [OK, at least not too many] about our in-air travels. We’re flying to Colorado where we’ll meet up with my mom for a wedding I’m standing in over the weekend. I’m very excited, my Maid of Honor is getting married!

While our flight is direct from Los Angeles to Denver, I’d love your tips on flying/traveling with a baby. Have I mentioned I’m flying solo? ;) We’re staying in a hotel and there’s a bit of a Bride/Groom schedule we must stick to while we’re away.

Here’s what I know: wear Max through the airport. And ummm, that’s it :) Do you have any tips on airplane travel, hotel travel, bag packing, sleeping/nursing or the like? I’d love to read the wisdom you have to share below in the comments.

Thank you in advance… xo

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{Our first week as a family with Maxwell.}


^ my last baby bump photo before Maxwell was born


^ waiting {and waiting, waiting, waiting} for our precious baby to be born


^ our very first photo of Maxwell // Zack was able to visit him in the NICU right away, but I had to wait until morning because of my emergency c-section






Over a week ago we checked into the hospital — as ready as we ever would be — to meet our baby. I was 41 weeks, 4 days when Maxwell joined our family and made us complete :)

Monday morning, March 11th, started out slow. Looking back, it has set the pace for how our family would forever be transformed. Labor was slow and long, over 30 hours. I wanted so badly to move Baby Whitley from inside my womb to my arms, but the progress was too slow. It was nearing Midnight on Tuesday and Baby was still inside my belly.

The contractions were intense. In between them my body managed to fall asleep + find some rest, for just a moment, before the nurse coached me on another round of three. For four hours my body worked hard and eventually we realized an emergency c-section would be the healthiest solution.

Zack held my hand as they pulled Maxwell out of me. What I remember the most? Two things: Zack crying and the doctor saying, “What a big baby boy!” It was a long, anticipated moment for us. After 8 months of wondering “pink” or “blue” we finally knew.

In that moment our hearts were processing so much. All I could think about was a fast-forwarded version of the last five years with Zack: getting married in 2008, chasing adventure after adventure, traveling to Tanzania, showing him my positive pregnancy test, and now — our sweet miracle baby.

We spent five nights in the hospital before heading home Saturday afternoon. Max spent four nights in the NICU, there were some minor complications during labor/delivery {he was having trouble breathing and I had a fever during labor} so they ran a couple precautionary tests on our sweet boy.


Maxwell Zackary Whitley // born March 12th at 11:47pm, 9 lbs, 7.5 oz and 21″

It’s been one week since I met my son and an indescribable love was born. Time has slowed down to a lovely pace. I’ve been able to heal, find rest throughout the day and snuggle Max. My parents are here and they’ve been a mountain of help.

And you all — thank you so, so much for every prayer, happy wish, message and gift sent our way. They have been such a blessing to our family :)

We are praising God for our healthy son.

Every day with Max is sweet like honey.

Every diaper change, burp, facial expression and moment saying “our son” is being treasured.

Becoming a mommy has been a natural transition, a wonderfully treasured gift…


{Welcome to the world, Baby Whitley…}


Our precious baby has arrived!

Maxwell Zackary Whitley
Born 3/12 at 11:47pm
9lbs, 7.5oz and 21″ — such a big boy :)

Maxwell is currently in the NICU for a couple of minor complications. I labored for over 30 hours before delivering Maxwell via c-section. Please keep both of us in your prayers.

We are so in love with Maxwell!!!! He’s so precious and we love his blonde wavy hair ;)

I can’t wait to share more updates as our family continues to rest and bond. xo

{Baby Bump — 40 week update}


outfit details: tank, Target | maxi skirt + sandals, Old Navy | sunglasses, Forever 21 | necklace, Made by Jewls





When I first started capturing my baby bump I was only 14 weeks pregnant. Now I’m 41 weeks {WHERE did the time go???!} and… we’re starting to have some long chats with Baby about making an appearance ;) I honestly didn’t think I’d make it to 40 weeks. From very early on the doctors said Baby has been measuring a week or more ahead of schedule. Plus, I felt so great most of the time, and I worked until I was 39 weeks, that I was sure something would happen early — since first pregnancies are easy like that ;) Ya know.

But, here we are, capturing 40 weeks of mama glow. I’m rolling with it. Besides, it’s good practice for mamahood.

For my very first Baby Bump post we snapped some pictures in Santa Monica. I thought it would be fun to return to the same spot to capture my final Baby Bump post. So here we are! :)

My mom flew in from Michigan late Tuesday night and we’ve been being the best Gussies we know how to be! That includes lots of chatting, movie watching, neighborhood walking and, more chatting. It’s really wonderful having her around for these final days of my pregnancy. She’s good for advice-giving. And listening. And a fun kitchen partner. Plus, she also likes chocolate.

We’re heading to the hospital early Monday morning to be induced — unless something happens before then. Which I’m really praying hard is what happens. I would love for labor to happen naturally, but at the same time we’re taking comfort knowing this is what God has planned for our family. I’m so ready to meet our baby, ohhhhhhhhh my goodness, yes I am!

Please keep our family in your prayers these next few days. Once it’s time, I’m super excited to share with you baby updates on the Facebook page + Instagram. I know it’s going to be a whirlwind of overflowing love/emotion. xoxo