Working in 20-minute increments.

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I’m a dreamer. An idea-maker. A plan-outliner. A talk-it-out-er. When something new comes to mind I instantly feel like I can conquer all of my ideas with the snap of two fingers. It feels so easy. And then, I get myself all set up and ready to begin, only then to do what I do best: sit on an idea because of fear.

It’s such a small word, but it’s also so debilitating sometimes.

Fear has held me back from starting many things, or starting “on time”, because I’m afraid of what will happen once I begin. And most of the time what happens is fun or exciting or rewarding or a necessity to life, but it’s like I’ve psyched myself up too much and in the process end up talking myself out of it.

Do you ever have that problem with fear?

Sometime write me and tell me I’m not alone.

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I’ve been wanting to make Maxwell something to snuggle with at night since the day he was born.

At first I thought it would be too hard. Oh, hello fear. There you are.

Then I thought it would be too expensive, but that’s not true if you plan ahead ;)

And then I thought making a template and cutting the fabric, simply getting to work, would take way too long — hours, even. And I don’t have hours to give right now! No way! (Laughs aloud.)

More realistically, I have 20-minute increments, just like every other woman who has her hands full with blessings.

But what I’m realizing is all of the good things in life take hours.

And once you add up all the 20-minute increments, do you know what you are left with? You are left with a heaping pile of hours that overflow from your hands. You have so much goodness and love and memories invested from the time put into “all the good things”, that your life truly overflows.

Good things take hours made possible through minute increments.

And you know what? I want that. I want an overflowing life. No — re-write: I have an overflowing life. And so do you. So just get to work. Don’t think about the what-ifs and the fears and the challenges that starting something new will bring you.

Just give it 20 minutes, and wait for the goodness to overflow. I’ll see you there.

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NEW IN THE SHOP: The Everyday Bag No. 305!

caroline made maggie whitley

caroline made maggie whitley

FINALLY, it’s time to share our newest product, the Everyday Bag No. 305. With this bag, two linen solids (khaki and plum) have been mixed with a gorgeous Aztec-themed print to create a rich color palette.

Our Everyday Bag is a necessary addition to your day and can be used as a traditional purse, a diaper bag, or as a travel bag. Measurements are 15″ x 12″ x 4″ with a 34″ cross-body strap (15″ drop height).

caroline made maggie whitley

Looking for something smaller? Our Hip Pouches make it easy to be on-the-go, or click here to see all Caroline-made products.

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The month of August…

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August has felt like a big month:

Finishing a large writing deadline.

Planning for 9 days of Zack away on a work trip (he left yesterday morning).

Setting my calendar so I know exactly what to work on once it’s time to work.

Picking a new book club book. And, discussing this book at book club!

Reading this book “just for fun”.

Outlining a new idea.

Craving comfort soup, despite the recent humidity.

Reviewing our financial goals (aka: get out of debt yesterday!).

Recording a new podcast and chatting about “5 business tips”.

A much-needed haircut.

A week-long visit with my older brother.

Pep talk phone calls with a trusted friend.

Scheduling in more margin so I can be me.

What have you been up to this month, and what are you most looking forward to in September? For me, I’d have to say I’m looking forward to the launch of a big project. (It’s going to be so great!)

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A new podcast episode!

I recently recorded a podcast with Jen & Danielle of She Percolates and we had a great conversation chatting about the various ways my businesses have changed over the years, including unemployment, childcare help, starting a book club, and future projects! It is a great episode, and it was so fun to reminisce over the last seven years.

We also talked about success, including what defines success for me personally and why it’s important to not compare yourself to your neighbor. Click the play button above to listen, or click here for a direct link to the podcast & show notes. Oh, and here’s a list of previous She Percolates podcast episodes. Have a great weekend!

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