Whitley family, party of five!

baby kids maggie whitley

…WE ARE HAVING A BABY! :) All of our family dreams are coming true, and we are so grateful :) Baby is due the middle of April, which makes me a little over 12 weeks along. A part of me can’t even fathom that we’re going to have three babies in three years, but the rest of me is just so over the moon excited to snuggle all of our little blessings at once as a family of five in April.

These next six months will be super busy as we prepare to celebrate Christmas in Michigan, upgrade our Jeep to a mini-van, apartment hunt for something a bit larger, and prepare overall for our hearts to be flipped upside down one more time with the birth of baby #3. It’s going to be wild for sure, but so very beautiful. HOORAY!

We won’t be finding out the baby’s gender until his or her birth, the suspense is soooo worth it! :)

PS. Maxwell’s pregnancy announcement and Natalie’s pregnancy announcement.

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Dreamers and Doers book bash // October 6th

thirty one days of prayer for the dreamer & the doer book maggie whitley

Do you remember earlier this year I shared a book with you called Thirty One Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer? Like the title suggests, there are 31 prayers inside the book, along with a few reflection questions, and they are all so encouraging and rich! I was invited to write a prayer on the topic of simplicity, so I’m especially proud of this book :) This has been a great resource for me when I need to elaborate on a prayer topic, but don’t know how.

Kelly and Jenn, who oversaw the entire project, are coming to Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 6th for a book bash to celebrate it! If you’re a fellow dreamer or doer, come celebrate the release with us in Los Angeles for drinks, dessert, and lots of community! :) It’s a totally free event, hosted at Boxcar Coworking in the Arts District, but you do have to RSVP in advance. I hope to see you there!

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easy-to-make fall garland

fall garland DIY maggie whitley

We are weeks away from the Fall season here in Los Angeles, but I just had to make something seasonal for our home. (I am so jealous of all you Fall-ers, with your flannel shirts and warm drinks!) Something I’m constantly reminded of is how often I need to be creating (and reading, can’t forget about reading).

Creating is an instant mood-lifter for me, especially when it’s something I can easily work on with Max & Nat around. I begin with just 20 minutes, my secret trick to accomplishing anything, and just like always, a little extra time is usually gifted to me. And look what I created the other day:

fall garland DIY maggie whitley

…a new fall garland for our home in the most earthy, delicious green color! I used a heavy weight wool-blend yarn (see it here), and it knitted up super well. I wrote a full tutorial with lots of photos here, if you’re wanting to make one for your home :) But warning, they are a little addictive.

QUICK TIP: as I am knitting, I keep the my fingers spaced out a bit, keep the yarn at my middle knuckle, and then give the yarn “tail” a gentle but firm pull every couple of minutes. This helps form the garland’s shape, and makes it easy to remove each loom from your fingers.

A few Christmases ago I made two really long garlands for our tree, one in a gold shimmer and one in red. I’ve used thin yarns, regular weighted yarns, and bulky yarns (above), and I definitely prefer using a bulky yarn.

I think I’ll hang my newest garland above our TV, which has a bit of mustard yellow in the art pieces we have hanging on the wall. And maybe hanging this up will make the temperature cool down a bit? That would be amazing.

Do you know how to finger knit? Have you ever tried? I think for our next book club meet-up (early October) I’ll teach the girls how to finger knit ;)

PS. check out my past craft projects!

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Ten things I love // vol. 6

september ten things maggie whitley

Maxwell Natalie glasses maggie whitley

As a personal exercise to start noticing the small things around me I started a blog series titled “Ten things I love”. There are oodles of happy things happening all the time, but we sometimes have to pull ourselves out from our daily routines, then it’s much easier to notice! This month I wanted to focus on ten things that I’m really enjoying right now.

1. The quilt I’m working on for Max is coming along so well! I am pretty impressed with myself, considering this is my first quilt ;) You can see some of my progress here and here and here. I have the top quilted and am getting ready to make the binding. Hooray!

2. I read something that totally made my mama brain go click: “Perhaps some day’s unpredictability and variety overshadow the responsibility of motherhood. You can hardly imagine what you do in a day that stays done. That is one reason to get involved in a hobby or project or class. In such things, you can see and feel progress or permanence. Unlike the laundry or the dishes or the cooking, they stay done.” YES and YES. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling and it’s been such a positive release to have a few other projects/events going on that feel a little more “permanent” :)

3. Maxwell is showing an interest in dragons and dinosaurs, so it seems natural for him to start calling me “Mama Dragon”, right? ;) hmmmm…

4. The feedback we’ve received from the ebook Elise and I co-authored and released on Monday has been fantastic! We are so grateful, thank you.

5. Two books I’m reading: The Paris Wife and Simply Tuesday. What is on your nightstand right now?

6. Last night I went to an event co-hosted by Carly Anderson of Lipgloss and Crayons. It felt amazing to go out on a weeknight ;) and the company wasn’t too bad, either.

7. I’ve been on the hunt for some new dinner recipes, and a current favorite is pan seared pork chops with roasted potatoes and green beans. And? The kids love it! We are seeing clean dinner plates once again!

8. Natalie’s first birthday will be here the very last day of October, and my friend Lisa of My Little Buffalo is custom designing her birthday invitations. I can’t wait to show you :)

9. Bauer (our never-aging, always-a-puppy dog) is currently cuddled up on our couch, and watching him sleep is like watching a newborn baby sleep. Ha! As Max would say, He’s so cuuuute!

10. Natalie has become a professional army crawler. The way she moves with her feet pressed together makes her look like a tiny mermaid. Heart eyes, for sure.

What are you working on right now that’s making you super super happy? I would love to know, happiness is contagious!

(Past “Ten things I love” posts can be found here.)

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