{my week in Instagram pics}

yay — it’s friday! today i’m sharing my week in Instagram pics {also linking up with life rearranged}. if you have an iPhone you can follow along with me, my username is GussySews :] since i always have my phone nearby this is the easiest way to capture all the fun moments, quickly. plus i love adding the Nashville filter to my pictures {this is the only one i use!}.

loving my just lovely headband – it’s super lightweight and the band is just big enough that it doens’t slip off my head after wearing it for an hour or so // our new Winter wreath // Minnesota mornings are chilly! ;] // absolutely obsessed with this cowl necklace from craftee mcgee

last week Bauer received some mail, a super cute red doggy shirt with a DEER screen printed on it {zack is in heaven!} by tiny twist creative.

Bauer went to see his friends at the groomer earlier this week and i can’t get over how cute he looks with his new haircut, complete with a Christmas bandana and all —wink! it kills me how soft + cuddly he is.

finishing up some fun projects, loving the new Martha Stewart paints + stencils {mugs and sugar bowls are from Target} // shadows from a gorgeous morning walk // ahhhhh! there’s just sew much fabric // coffee… delicious! all the whip cream helps me forget i ran out of creamer!

* * *

actually, RIGHT NOW we’re in the car driving to michigan to see our families for Christmas + New Years. i’ve got a bag with a few books inside {what women fear + entreleadership} plus 4 skeins of yarn and a little zipped pouch with my notions inside {various crochet hooks + scissors}. i can’t wait to crochet for hours and hours and hours while we travel 400+ miles… what a dream! i taught myself last Friday using this YouTube video, hah!

it’s so crazy to think we’ll be back home in 2012… I LOVE IT!

happy weekending and wishing you a Merry Christmas :]

PS. i found the most awesomest fabrics for our shop re-launch, i can’t wait to show you on january 23rd! xoxoxoxo

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{saturday craft: finger knitting // garland & necklace}

Hello, Saturday — it’s time to get your craft on! :] Today I’ve got two CUTE projects for you to make using one {easy} tutorial >> finger knitting. It takes about 10 minutes to master and has a materials list of two items: yarn & scissors.


Project #1: Create a knit necklace to wear.
I love, love, love this! I want to make one in every color *wink*

Project #2: Knit a longer strand and make some garland for your home! Again, totally loving this! Garland knits up in no time flat {is that the phrase?!} and I love how “thick” it is even though it’s suuuuper light-weight.


Tutorial: How to finger knit:

Trust me, it’s suuuuuper easy :]

To start, create a knot with a 6″ tail {to make a necklace, make sure you have a 12″+ tail}.

Loop the knot over your pointer finger.

Swing the loop to the back, so the knot is touching the backside of your hand.

Using the long strand of yarn, weave the yarn around your fingers, ending at your pinky, then bring it back so your strand ends at your pointer. Pay close attention to where the yarn is placed {in front of the finger vs. behind the finger}.

Weave it back to your pinky, then back to your pointer. When you’re done, you’ll have gone back & forth 4 times {2x each way}.

Starting with your pointer, careful slip the bottom loop over the top loop. Move on to your middle finger, slip the bottom over the top — you’ll end at your pinky, and at this point you’re ready to weave the yarn upward and then backward over your fingers.

This is what the backside looks like:

Repeat the weaving one more time {down & back is 1 time}, then slip the bottom strand over the top. Once you’ve done two rows of “slipping”, this is what your backside now looks like:

Repeat the weaving & slipping a few more times, and soon you’ll see this ~

When your garland is the perfect length, it’s time to stop. I know, it’s hard to stop :]

Carefully slip all four fingers out of the loops. Pick your desired end-strand length {for a necklace, remember to leave 12″+ of yarn for a tail}.

Make sure you can see each loop, because…

…You want to weave the end tail through each loop.

And it will look like this:

Loop it through once more:

And tie a few knots to secure & finish.

You can make so many cute things — what if you loosely wove 3 different garlands together like a braid? That would be so pretty! You can make a strand of garland for your Christmas tree, to wrap over a wreath, to wear as a necklace, to drap over a mantle, mirror or entryway.


Share with us: If you were to finger knit, what color yarn would you work with?

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{Mama Gus baby + baby doll blankets}

Handmade baby blankets are just so special.

Mother’s Day is Sunday — maybe you want to celebrate the little Mommy living in your house, too?
Given as a birthday gift, a celebratory gift or “just because”,
these blankets are knit by Mama Gus with love ♥

Baby doll blankets measure 16″ x 22″.
Baby blankets measure 25.5″ x 29″ — 41″ x 33″.
Click here to shop.

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