Custom Valentine’s Day cards (featuring Maxwell).

As hard as it is on my mama heart to admit Maxwell is no longer a tiny baby, but a toddler boy, watching him grow up & experience life blesses me immensely. Last year at this time I was on my way to being super pregnant. And now, an entire year later, I have a 10-month-old son who’s full of charm and blonde curls. And lucky me, I get to have two Valentine’s this year — but don’t tell Maxwell that ;)

As the months pass I find myself saving little mementos to tuck away in his baby book. A few of my favorites are a deflated balloon from Zack’s parents while in the hospital, a Thanksgiving card from my parents and a copy of our family Christmas card. But Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, so you can understand why I squealed a little when I saw his first Valentine’s Day card — right? You betcha an extra copy will get tucked away in his baby book.


Are you a memory keeper? My guess is yes. Lucky you, because someone is going to win a $50 gift card to order their own set of custom Valentine’s from Pear Tree Greetings.

When Pear Tree Greetings said they wanted to work with us again I knew saying “yes” meant we’d be able to gift a reader from this community with some items from their super adorable Valentine’s Day collection. I mean, for the sake of your baby or memory books — this is super important stuff!


Pear Tree Greetings has traditional photo Valentine’s to choose from, as well as “classroom” style Valentine’s — they even have photo booth Valentine’s. And I will admit, I went a little crazy and ordered some stickers to include on the envelopes. I also had our home address pre-printed on the back of the envelope. I feel like I over-sharing? (wink)

If you won a $50 gift card to Pear Tree Greetings print shop, what style of Valentine would you choose?


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Other noteworthy “first” photos: my very first Mother’s Day, Maxwell’s first Fourth of July celebration, his first Halloween, picking out his first Christmas tree, and our first Christmas together with Maxwell.

Good lucky entering, and an extra special “thank you” to Pear Tree Greetings for making this mama super happy. Maxwell’s Valentine’s are darling and something I’ll treasure forever.


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  1. 11


    The always heart paper chain is my favorite… and then you get to include more than one photo.

    I did New Years cards this year and put one away for my daughter with a little note on it.

  2. 16

    Alexis says

    I like the photo booth stacked snapshots. While not entirely festive, I like it when people can keep the pictures up longer than the given holiday season. I tend to cut out the family pictures from Christmas cards to keep up all year. This helps our daughter (16 months) remember the names/faces of some of our long-distance friends. It also allows their thoughtful and beautiful pictures remain on display for much longer than the holiday season!

    That said, the paper chain is super darling too! :)

  3. 17


    I’ve never been to their website so I don’t know what I’d order… but based of what you’ve ordered it looks super cute and I’d love to win!

  4. 33

    Melanie C. says

    I love this card! And I know just the picture of my little 11 month old I would use for my card, if I won. Doesn’t time just fly?!


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