Hello from Michigan!

…how are you doing? It’s been a few days since I’ve written on here and the little break has been refreshing :)

On Christmas Eve we packed our bags and flew from Los Angeles to Detroit. It was such an easy day of travel, and I’m sooooo thankful. We had a direct flight, and on the plane Maxwell napped and confettied a magazine. And you know what? I was even able to watch Home Alone (yes!).

We landed on time and then drove a couple hours north west to Zack’s grandma’s house. We had a very merry Christmas with his extended family before driving even further north to Petoskey. Michigan has blessed us with some gorgeous snowy weather… very cold, but gorgeous.

We then met my parents in Cadillac so we could continue downstate to Grand Rapids. My brother and nephews have been with us and my heart is so full. It’s a totally new experience being here now that Maxwell is here. Every time I think about my childhood home I now think about last summer when I told my family I was pregnant. Its a very sweet memory :)








We were even able to sneek away for a Zack & Maggie coffee date… complete with pie. It was glorious! We talked about our family goals for 2014 including some business goals. Very exciting stuff! I’m really looking forward to sharing more about my new handmade shop, too :) After our coffee date it became clear that my focus for 2014 is to be more brave…









…I don’t want to beome too placid, ya know? I have a lot I want to try and accomplish this year.

Can you believe it’s the start of a new year? My goodness.

Well, I better get back to playing with my nephews and son. Happy New Year to you, and hello from Michigan. XO

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    Erica says

    I love the socks on Maxwell’s hands! Also, is the striped carpeting in the 4th picture from the bottom neutral or multi-colored? We had the multi-colored version in my childhood home!

  2. 13


    So glad you are having a nice visit home! And your pictures make the snow look beautiful! Here in Philadelphia it’s muddy and brown – love that fresh white stuff! Happy New Year to your little family! :-)

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