Maxwell and his supervisor.





So, this pretty much sums up our lives right now. Maxwell is into EVERY.THING and basically needs to be supervised at all seconds of every moment. I’ve found that anything cardboard (an empty paper towel roll or an empty bolt of fabric) is super cool in his book, as well as my metal whisk from the kitchen. We have tile on the floor in the kitchen so “oh, a new sound!” is experienced over & over. It’s pretty amazing to be able to experience life through the eyes of a child.

And Bauer, let us not forget about him. Many of you have asked how he’s doing with a baby in the house. I think this sums up his experience with Maxwell, from birth to present: What is “this”? >> He’s crying. >> He came with a squeaky toy? Let’s keep him. >> Give me your squeaky toy. >> HALP! He’s rolling across the floor! >> Is “this” a snake? He’s crawling on his belly really fast. I think he’s going to touch me. >> Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. He’s pulling my fur. >> I like when he drops food on the floor. Let’s keep him. Again.

Life sure is busy these days! :) It makes me appreciate all the small things, from finishing a hot cup of coffee in the morning to seeing my child smile. It’s truly soul-bursting.

Bauer likes to pretend like he’s the supervisor. You should see how he reacts when Maxwell tries to play with his food. I’ll spoil the surprise: Bauer scarfs his food like there isn’t a giant bag of more in the pantry. (Max has never eaten his food, although I know that day is coming. Shudder.) And if Max has something he shouldn’t, like Bauer’s ball or a diaper from the diaper bag, Bauer runs over and (gently) takes it from him. I’m trying to appreciate it, although to be honest it’s kinda frustrating having to maneuver around the dog ;)

But we love Bauer. And we know he loves Maxwell.

And to help life not seem quite so busy, Zack and I have been getting up a bit earlier to try and steal a few quiet minutes together.

Did I mention Maxwell turned 9 months last Thursday?

Oh my. It feels like just yesterday he was born and we were celebrating our first week as a family.

Max brings us joy, daily. And that photo of him doing baby splits (above)? There are no words.

Motherhood is the greatest.

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    I am savoring each and every moment of having a baby that isn’t mobile yet ;) I wasn’t prepared for the way my heart grew with Jett and each day having something new and different to discover has been such a joy for me. I can’t believe it has been nine months for you and nearly six for me! Crazy!! :)

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    I remember those joys! I most loved the part when Kristy started walking at 9 months. She was tall for her age and I couldn’t carry her anymore. One day she decided that crawling wasn’t for her anymore. It was great! Everyone thought she was 2! Enjoy these precious moments. There’s so many more to come. Blessings

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    He’s the sweetest. Just had lunch with Tiff and Cindy today and they were going on and on about how Max isn’t a “floppy little baby” anymore!


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