An afternoon daydream come true.


Last week Maxwell and I were laying on our bed, reading books. I was repeating the baby babble he was muttering. Bauer was laying on the floor near the door, protecting us. (Or maybe he was supervising us?) It felt a bit surreal to be cuddling with my son who suddenly knew how to sit still for a couple of minutes. It was at that moment that I realized this is an afternoon daydream come true. Maxwell loves books, especially animal books (puppies!) and he looooves flap books where he can play peekaboo with the characters. He has one farm themed flap book that’s been getting a lot of lovin’ lately — and instead of focusing on how it’s “getting ruined” I’m thrilled he loves it as much as he does. A quote I heard recently at our weekly mom’s group bible study, I’m sure you’ve heard it too, “things can be replaced, but people can’t.” I want to always live like that. Sometimes it’s hard to let things get ruined, but when we stop to think about the memories imprinted on our hearts from these “moments”, they’re worth it — right? It’s a real dream come true to be staying home with Maxwell. It’s definitely not easy breezy, but it’s completely worth it.

PS. The flowers you see above? Maxwell picked those for me while out on a walk with daddy and Bauer (love).

Have you had an afternoon daydream come true? It could be a mommy moment, a friend moment or work related. I’d love for you to share below.

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    well, i wouldn’t say it was a daydream (in that it was cute and fuzzy and made ya feel good). but lately i’ve been feeling like there’s more to life than what i’m getting out of it now, and yesterday i had one of those “oh, crap” realization moments. so, it’s hard, but at least now I know what i gotta do to start moving forward!

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