{Minneapolis meet-up, 10/2: let’s build a Terrarium together!}

Did you know I’m kinda obsessed with Terrariums?

Well I am.

There’s a local floral shoppe named Amelia’s that I LOVE to visit, and when I found out they were hosting their first-ever Terrarium building class I signed up right away! I even turned my blog post about my new, pretty Terrarium into a DIY post.

Then Amelia’s hosted a second Terrarium class, and of course I signed up for that!

And then I had the genius idea to host my next bloggy/twitter meet-up at Amelia’s. I asked Christina, the owner, how she’s feel about that ~ and lucky for all of us she said YES! :]

That’s Liz up there in the yellow cardigan. She helps teach the classes, and she’s so sweet & adorable and I secretly want to be her friend.

I’ve hosted a few bloggy/twitter meet-ups before. Mostly local ones here in Minneapolis, where I live, but I even planned one in our home state of Michigan for Christmas 2010. And I’ve BEEN to other meet-ups. I just love meeting my online friends in real life. And actually — pretty much all of my in real life friends here in Minneapolis were first met online. Yeow! Isn’t the internet fabulous?! ;]

Here are the details on the class:

Amelia’s Flower & Garden Shoppe ~ Sunday, October 2nd from 2pm – 4pm
910 W. 36th St. | Minneapolis, MN 55410 | 612.208.1205 | Google Map directions

It’s $20 for the 2-hour class, and that price includes all materials you’ll need to make & bring home your own Terrarium. Plus, they’ll have a cheese & wine tray out. Yum!

To RSVP: please send me an email [gussy AT gussysews DOT com] by September 27th {Tuesday} with how many friends you’ll be bringing! Maybe collaborate with your friends so you don’t double or triple book your reservation? hah.

I’d LOVE to meet you — hope to see you in just a few weeks, October 2nd!

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    Elizabeth says

    Hey Gussy!! If I lived near you, I would SO be there! It sounds so fun!! I have a fabulous idea! Why don’t we put together a SF Bay Area meet up? I will help you plan it!! Let me know! hehe ;) PS: I emailed you….PS#2 my son made me laugh so hard today at Target that I started snorting haha and totally thought about you! Then I looked around to see if anyone heard me. ;) hehe. Good times!

  2. 13


    OH MY!! I want to come so much (from Fargo)! I’m in a wedding the day before…but…this could maybe work – I’ll be in touch if it does! I would LOVE to build a terrariums (great idea!)…been wanting to for awhile – and meet everyone!


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