{saturday craft: finger knitting // garland & necklace}

Hello, Saturday — it’s time to get your craft on! :] Today I’ve got two CUTE projects for you to make using one {easy} tutorial >> finger knitting. It takes about 10 minutes to master and has a materials list of two items: yarn & scissors.


Project #1: Create a knit necklace to wear.
I love, love, love this! I want to make one in every color *wink*

Project #2: Knit a longer strand and make some garland for your home! Again, totally loving this! Garland knits up in no time flat {is that the phrase?!} and I love how “thick” it is even though it’s suuuuper light-weight.


Tutorial: How to finger knit:

Trust me, it’s suuuuuper easy :]

To start, create a knot with a 6″ tail {to make a necklace, make sure you have a 12″+ tail}.

Loop the knot over your pointer finger.

Swing the loop to the back, so the knot is touching the backside of your hand.

Using the long strand of yarn, weave the yarn around your fingers, ending at your pinky, then bring it back so your strand ends at your pointer. Pay close attention to where the yarn is placed {in front of the finger vs. behind the finger}.

Weave it back to your pinky, then back to your pointer. When you’re done, you’ll have gone back & forth 4 times {2x each way}.

Starting with your pointer, careful slip the bottom loop over the top loop. Move on to your middle finger, slip the bottom over the top — you’ll end at your pinky, and at this point you’re ready to weave the yarn upward and then backward over your fingers.

This is what the backside looks like:

Repeat the weaving one more time {down & back is 1 time}, then slip the bottom strand over the top. Once you’ve done two rows of “slipping”, this is what your backside now looks like:

Repeat the weaving & slipping a few more times, and soon you’ll see this ~

When your garland is the perfect length, it’s time to stop. I know, it’s hard to stop :]

Carefully slip all four fingers out of the loops. Pick your desired end-strand length {for a necklace, remember to leave 12″+ of yarn for a tail}.

Make sure you can see each loop, because…

…You want to weave the end tail through each loop.

And it will look like this:

Loop it through once more:

And tie a few knots to secure & finish.

You can make so many cute things — what if you loosely wove 3 different garlands together like a braid? That would be so pretty! You can make a strand of garland for your Christmas tree, to wrap over a wreath, to wear as a necklace, to drap over a mantle, mirror or entryway.


Share with us: If you were to finger knit, what color yarn would you work with?

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  1. 1

    Belle says

    My 10 yr old, Catie, finger knits all the time! Apparently it is one of the popular crafts with her classmates this year. Catie will fingerknit in any color and makes all kinds of things too. Can’t wait to show her your site!

  2. 4

    Kristi @ Creative Kristi says

    could you be any more adorable? Lol totally off topic but is your hair naturally wavy/curly? I might try this and make a little headband for my 7 month old. She needs a new accessory to wear at Blissdom lol :)

  3. 5


    SO cute!!! :)
    Since I have a TON of yarn from failed & procrastinated crocheting/baby blanket projects…I have a really pretty burnt orange or cream I can use! Yay! !yippy skippy! I can’t wait until my kids take a nap today :)

  4. 7


    My kids and I just made a bunch of scarves for their stuffed animals by finger knitting earlier this week :) Love it! Such a fun project… we’re moving in a few weeks, and the first project I want to do is garland to spruce up the place!

  5. 12


    You’re totally bringing me back to my childhood with this one!! How cute would it be to knit up garlands in different colors and hang them together?? Love!

  6. 13


    I did some finger knitting this morning!! Even taught one of my roomies, first one didn’t turn out too good (way too loose on one end) but the second was pretty good!

  7. 14

    Lindsey says

    I just did this! I love it, I have a feeling I’ll be doing this all day, making headbands, thin scarves, braided scarves… You’re fabulous Gussy!

  8. 15


    The little girls I nannied this past summer were all obsessed with finger knitting! Something we would do everyday together. Never thought of actually using it as a garland!

  9. 16


    My daughters 11,10, and 6 were looking for something to do today. This is perfect! It’s snowing here and only 15 degrees! Thanks ! BTW, love your new items in the shop!

  10. 17


    I soo used to do this with those tacky stretchy colored bands….I never knew that was what finger knitting was! I will have to try this!

  11. 20

    Lacey says

    Great tutorial, I learned how to fingerknit last year and made skinny scarves for a few friends for christmas (sparkly white “christmas” crinkly yarn). They were a hit!

  12. 23


    I love this! I cant wait to try this…I have some purple and cream yarn that is now SCREAMING my name from the closet!
    Mind if I feature this on my blog? I will give you all the credit and glory. I am new to this blog thing and trying to get some traffic over there. =)

  13. 24


    Love it! Just made two cute necklaces…a rustic pink and a mixed reddish….fun!! Something to do while watching a bazillion episodes of Bones!

  14. 28

    Rosi says

    Yes, I think that is it, I am using really thin yarn, it is all I have on hand :(
    Also, wanted to let you know I *love* your ruffles and they are cuter than any copycats!

  15. 29


    My daughter’s (6,9 & 12) finger knit all the time! I have all diff colors that my girls make for me. they make them often for friends’ gifts too! My 9 y/o wants to sell hers anywhere we can! Have you tried using 2 colors yet? My 9 y/o can tell you how if not! ;)

  16. 30


    Ok….so I’ve read the instructions like 50 times & I just can’t get get the “slip the botton loop over the top loop” part…..I’ve tried it several ways & can’t figure out what you are doing!! :( roar.

  17. 32


    awesome! i definitely want to make some garland to put around our house, it’s so cute & i love that it will cost me nothing & take little time. thanks for sharing maggie!

  18. 33

    Cristy says

    I love this idea. I would like to do one in a mixed yarn color (you know the strands that start out as one color and fade to another) in various shades of red for valentine’s day… I think it would be super pretty going from red to pink to white and back.

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. 34

    Abbie says

    Oh my goodness!! This really takes me back! My grandma taught us to finger knit when I was maybe 9? And we did it ALL the time for a few years – especially on long car trips. Yards and yards and yards of every color yarn. :) It hadn’t occured to me that it might have a grownup use, too. I’m liking the idea of garland for next year’s Christmas tree – especially using yarn I already have,or sparkly yarn, or even two colors together – because it’d be so easy to make it super-long. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  20. 41

    Ann Hathaway says

    Finger knitting is great and all…but the real question on everyone’s mind is…holy cow, are those your real eyelashes??!! I have to know. You are darling. Bookmarking this post! ;)

  21. 44


    Randomly found your blog today, and I love this idea! I’ve been knitting for years, but never heard of finger knitting before. This would make super cute head wraps for my little girl! Going to my basket of yarn to try it right now!!

  22. 46


    Ack! This is so cute and mine is turning out awful! I must be finger knitting impaired. I’m gonna lose my religion trying to figure this out.

    • 47


      keep trying! and give it about 10 minutes or so of constant knitting before you give up! it takes a little while before it starts to take the right shape :) at first it will look so weird but once you have about 12″ of garland it magically turns into garland. xoxo

  23. 48

    Jane says

    LOVE IT! I used this for my presents and it turned out great!
    I tried to do finger knitting with only one finger, but my yarn was too thin and it sorta–blew up in my face…. as in, it looked like clumped up yarn….
    But when I tried this it was amazing!
    Thank you so much!

  24. 50

    Joanna says

    Hope this helps… even though this is about a year later, here goes nothing– you have to slip the bottom loop over the top loop and over that specific finger you are doing… is this in any way helpful?

  25. 51

    Andrea says

    I loved to finger knit as a kid. I taught my 7yr old step-daughter how to do it and lets just say our house looks like a yarn convention lol.. I like to do 2 or 3 colors at the same time it’s a great craft for kids.

  26. 52

    Xia says

    I started last night and haven’t stopped since. I’m making chains and chains of them …. I am only 12 …. but I have a poster on the side of my bunk-bed, and its Selena Gomez with a multi-stringed necklace/poncho. So I think I’m gonna try finger knitting that sort of thing. Thanks for the idea!

  27. 53


    Wow, who knew you could knit with your hands? I sure didn’t! So crafty! Let’s see if I can convince my 11 and 13 year old daughters to take up hand knitting!

  28. 54

    beverlee says

    I am so tickled to find this…just what I am looking for. I’m old! and I never heard of this…thank you so much…just darling!

  29. 55

    Lori says

    Okay – I completely love this and will try it (thanks for posting), but I HAD to comment on something totally different…are those your actual eyelashes? They’re gorgeous!!!

  30. 57

    Lori says

    Hi again- I just thought I’d share that I really did try it and it is a super-easy as you said! I churned out a whole bunch in very little time – the only problem is when to stop. :)

    Thanks again for a fun tutorial – I’m going to teach my little girls to do this.

  31. 58


    This is so fun. I did 11 yards of knitting in Snow White tonight in very little time. I want to use it on my Christmas tree next year! Thank you so much for the tutorial. Hoping to teach some 5th grade girls how to do this : ) janita

  32. 59

    Alexia says

    Sooo cool, I love it! I’m gonna have to read this through a couple more hundred times before I attempt it (I’m horrible with instructions LOL!)

  33. 60

    Julie says

    Adorable! Thank you! It’s just 8:30am and I’ve already made a garland and a necklace! Teaching my daughters this today!

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  35. 62


    Hi Molly, you could definitely use a cmoomn colour! I’ve sewn totally “random” blankets before with a wide mix of colours, and others where I’ve used just a few colours and done diagonal stripes of squares across the blanket. If you search my blog for “blanket” you’ll find a few examples :)

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