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Whew, last night was a rough night. Little puppy Bauer was up twice and wanted to play. Silly puppy!
Note to self: No more late-night naps for him ;]

And it’s been so chilly here lately that I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. But… it’s worth it. Hello, look at this little guy:

I usually carry him outside after he’s been in his house for a few hours {we’re crate training him}. When we get to the back door he tries to help me open it by lifting his paw straight out front. It’s the cutest :]

Every morning we walk with Zack to the bus stop, then Bauer and I go on a long walk. He comes inside and is ready for a nap {ha ha!}, which is great because I’m able to get some work done. Then he comes out, we play, he takes another nap, and then he goes back in his crate. It’s making a huge difference in his behavior — we’re really proud of his crate training progress. He eats in there, plays, takes naps, etc. I’m able to work a bit more in the afternoon while he’s resting in his crate.

Soon it’s dinner time and Zack is on his way home… Which makes us all happy :]


Tomorrow morning — bright & early — I fly out to Relevant. I’m rooming with Allison, Nish and Molly ♥. I’m excited to meet up with the amazing bloggers that will be attending. I love meeting new friends and seeing everyone ~ yay!


I’m working on a few “business” posts right now: a studio tour, studio organization tips, and something fun for the holidays.

If you have questions about organization or the like, please leave it in the comments (or email me). I’ll be finishing up the post soon and can include your questions if you leave them by tonight! xoxo.

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    Can’t wait to meet you at Relevant! :-) I really really would love to get a picture with you sporting my GUSSY TOTE BAG :-)

    I’m having a “Relevant Week In Review” next week and a doing a week full of giveaways. I’d love to have a spot to giveaway one of your bags? Whatcha think?

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  2. 2


    Oh I’ve been meaning to ask you about your studio… I’m curious about organizing ‘works in progress’. I have a ton of projects that I’ve started but haven’t completed and they always just get piled on top of each other… which makes going back to them and finishing SUPER inticing (not). Tips, suggestions, examples? Gracias!

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    have such a great time at relevant gus! :) i wish i could have gone but something else came up. i do get to meet up with a fellow blogger this weekend as well though as she is visiting philly for work:)
    smiles, safe travels, and it will be so fun to hear about zack and bauer’s weekend without mama gus around:)

  4. 8


    Bauer is just adorable! I keep saying it, but he really is!

    I need to take my dogs on longer/more walks. They definitely don’t nap nearly that much!

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