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ONE OF MY PASSIONS IS ENCOURAGING OTHERS TO DO WHAT THEY LOVE — and make a living from it, which is why I’m so excited to offer mentorship for your blog and/or handmade business. I’ve been blogging since July 2008 and have been a full-time Indie Biz owner since May 2010. I’m self-taught in many areas including sewing, as a handmade shop owner, blogging, and social media growth.

It can be a constant challenge to turn your dreams into a reality, so let’s do this right! I’d love the opportunity to chat with you.



How should I divide my time between my blog and shop? * How do I know what to price my items? * How much do I pay myself, and how often? * Etsy vs Big Cartel? Which cart is best for me? * How should I spend my money? (blog design, photoshop, hired help, advertisement, conferences, etc.) * What is the best way to be efficient in production of handmade products? * What types of goals should I set for myself + the business? Where do I begin with goal-setting? * How do I ask a blogger to host a giveaway for me? * What are reliable solutions to wanting to advertise my products? How much product stock should I keep at all times? * How can I get my blog noticed by bloggers? By other business owners? * What conferences should I attend? * How can I get my husband/partner on board with supporting my handmade shop? * How do I balance my LIFE with a handmade business? * Can you offer an outsider’s opinion on my shop + blog? Design, content, pricing, etc. * How can I find a “tribe” of mentors/friends? …PLUS MORE!

Are you ready to book a session? Email maggie AT maggiewhitley DOT com



I offer one-hour Skype audio calls (not video) where we’ll discuss your Mentorship Worksheet, a detailed worksheet you’ll receive (and fill out) prior to our call. Through this worksheet we’ll review your business start-up story, what a typical workday looks like, your short term & long term goals, and your strengths and weaknesses. My mentorship calls are full of growth, encouragement and tangible action plans.


— 1 (one) – 30-minute Skype call, $65

— 1 (one) – 60-minute Skype call, $115


— 1 (one) – 30-minute Skype call + 1 (one) – 60-minute Skype call, $160

— 2 (two) – 60-minute Skype calls, $200


All Mentorship Sessions are paid in USD via PayPal.





We were so excited to be able to have a chat with Maggie about our shop. During our mentorships call, we set a lot of short & long term goals to help grow our business.  She challenged us to make strategic business decisions & really helped us focus on how we can could make The Vintage Honey Shop the best that it can be! Thank you Maggie for being a support to our handmade business!

— Jen & Mel @ The Vintage Honey


A huge thanks to Maggie for doing these mentorship calls! She challenged me to look at things I was doing different, while also encouraging me to try out some new things.t Since talking to her I have set new goals and looked into things I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of! I love reading books on business topics, but it is even better to get one on one time to help you with your specific needs! Great job Maggie!

— Darcy @ The Ruffled Stitch


I’m so glad I signed up for the mentorship program with Gussy Sews! Gussy inspired and motivated me to finally take the necessary steps to start my new blog and gave me direction when I was feeling lost. I now feel excited about my business and blogging journey rather than scared!

— Allison @ The Golden Sycamore


The Gussy Sews mentorship call was an incredibly valuable resource for my business! I have researched online and read a lot of blogs about owning a small creative business, but having a personalized chat was definitely worth it. I made a big list of specific goals after my call and got to work on them right away—in just two weeks I’ve already seen positive results. Maggie was very helpful and I felt super motivated after our call. It was definitely the right step for Yellow Elm.

–Elizabeth @ Yellow Elm


I had such a wonderful time chatting with Gussy during our mentorship time! She was kind, encouraging and knowledgeable; answering all my questions while giving great feedback about my site and biz. I love this quote, “Take advice from people who have what you want… Otherwise they are just guessing…” YES!!! So I’m thankful that from Gussy I can get exactly the advice I need from someone who already has a great indie biz :)

— Christine @ Great Oak Circle


Hey! Thanks so much for the mentorship session. When we finished talking I felt so positive and inspired. I immediately mapped out some short term goals that I do believe are achievable. Thanks a bunch for you time and also for the helpful links. Thanks again! Who knows… I may need another session (or two)!

— Autumn B. @ The Pickled Poppy


We talked last night and I was completely overwhelmed by my huge to-do list at the end of our mentoring session. I walked away from it, came back this morning, spent 15 minutes writing a plan of action for the day/week just like you recommended and now I’m on fire! I am so motivated to just do it now that I know which way is up! It’s awesome working with you. Before the first time we talked I dreaded the meeting because I felt like you were going to point out all of the things I was doing wrong and I’d feel deflated. It’s been the exact opposite. You share resources, suggest solutions to my roadblocks, and our conversations spark new ideas. I’m so glad I took the plunge.

— Kasey M. @ Buttonwood Cottage


Ready to book a session? Email maggie AT maggiewhitley DOT com

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A NOTE ABOUT CANCELLATIONS: The mentee needs to notify Maggie via email (; please put CANCELLATION in the subject line) 2 hours prior to the booked session time if they can’t make it, to reschedule. If there are less than 2 hours to go and the mentee cancels or doesn’t show the option to reschedule is void. The mentee will need to complete a new registration and submit appropriate payment. By submitting your payment you are confirming your booked session with Maggie and are agreeing to these terms. Sorry, we do not offer refunds on booked sessions.

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