The two things I need every day.

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Every Wednesday morning I meet with a group of women at church for Bible study. One of my girlfriends, Joanna, introduced me to this group of women (over a year ago) and I’ve been going ever since. Our weekly time together is so precious to me and I try so hard not to miss a week — especially because they have excellent daycare and it’s so cute to hear the girls say, “Hiiiiii Maaaaaxwell” when we walk in :) It totally melts my heart (and simultaneously makes me feel so old, oh my gosh). Honestly, Bible study + brunch + daycare = I’m so there.

Just recently our table leader asked me how things were with the babes, how is Zack’s job, and is there anything I wanted prayer over? And here’s what I told her… [Read more…]

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A tip for achieving “the best”.

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There’s no non-embarrassing way to share this, so I’ll just be brave and say it: sometimes I’m shocked over my ability to make a task overly difficult. Of course I have seasons where I don’t struggle with this, but take heart, I do struggle. It happens the most often when I consider the day at large and then decide something feels overwhelming (thus unachievable). Does this happen to you, too?

I once had a friend share she can get through anything if it’s written down on paper. So, I tried a new approach to being more productive…

[Read more…]

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On wanting more patience.

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I took these photos weeks ago. We were so “in the moment” here; me snuggled up with Natalie (she’s about 8 weeks old here) and Zack chasing after the always-exploring Maxwell. When I look at these photos I whisper thanks to God that His plan is always better than my plan.

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natalie maggie whitley

The babies and I had such an amazing day yesterday. To be honest, my only goal was to have more patience for the entire day. Does that sound silly? It felt a little silly at first, but I know it’s something I struggle with as Max gains more independence and bravery. He is so eager to do things himself, and he’s so smart, that sometimes I expect more of him. Yesterday was a good first day of becoming more mindful of this, I decided.

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When I step back and let us all just “be” I find our days to be more beautiful. Have you ever experienced that? And really, I see that in these photos. They’re so candid, so very “in the moment” for our little family.

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I want to have more days of simplicity through having more patience — where I learn from my mistakes, and instead of feeling guilty over them I move forward with a changed heart. And so I did just that yesterday, and the day was so good. Have I mentioned that yet? :)

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I want to remember…

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I’ve really been into podcasts lately and last week I shared a few of my favorites. But, I have a new favorite on my list: Grace Talks|Inspiration & Encouragement for Women by Edie Wadsworth (her blog is Life in Grace). Because podcasts are strictly audio I’m inspired in a totally deeper way, especially compared to reading a blog post (with photos). This has been a huge welcomed change for me, mostly because it’s so easy to hitch a ride on the Jealous Train when online.

Something I didn’t expect to happen as a podcast listener is for me to change so much as an individual.

I usually listen to podcasts during naptime a few days each week. They’re a really wonderful way for something new to spark inside me, especially if I need a perspective-change. Being at home with two babies is one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever had, probably because I love our children so much and want the best for them. It takes a lot of intentionality and consistency to raise children well. So, podcasts have quickly become my naptime BFF.

I want to remember this chapter of life I’m in. Like all past chapters, it’s fleeting; it won’t last long, and I’ll often remember it as easier than when in the thick of it. My current chapter of life is one where affirmation for myself as a parent will come to me in the future.┬áMy current chapter is one where I get to live out the awesomeness of parenthood. My current chapter is one where I get to nurture, feed, and encourage my children on a daily basis.

For Christmas 2014 I received a red leather journal and it’s one of my favorite gifts. (I’ve gotten smarter as I’ve gotten older, and any gift that helps me refine who I am or better serve my family/friends is what I wish for.) Within this journal I write down my prayers, ideas and daily musings. But I’ve also been taking notes on the podcasts I listen to.

In Edie’s first podcast, A Life of Calling, she describes our calling as “that thing I do when I daydream”, which is such an interesting perspective. How many times do we daydream about X but actually spend our lives doing Y?

It used to be such a struggle for me that I hit pause on my handmade businesses so I could focus on my family — but after I spent some time reflecting on what Edie shared I now think differently.

Isn’t what I daydreamed about exactly what I’m doing with my life? Taking care of my babies, creating things (remember when I shared how I used to paint rocks with nail polish as a kiddo?), and my best friend is my super handsome husband. So what that I’m not designing new product or sewing ruffles. OF COURSE I miss that chapter of my life, but I don’t see it as fully closed. Besides, I’ve happily accepted that creating can happen in the kitchen, in the nursery or in our neighborhood. A bonus, for sure.

I have many struggles and one of them is (has been? could this really be behind me?) wondering what my purpose is. I often thought I had to continue with my handmade shops in order to feel like a creative person, when really I’m still living a creative life I’m just also surrounded by my children.

I want to remember these times as great times. And the next time I need to be inspired in a deeper way you betcha I’m going to find myself a podcast to listen to, because I know I’ll need to be and I know there’s one out there ;)

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