Relishing in the simple moments.

natalie maggie whitley

I’m learning from this mamahood thing with every passing day, and so far my two years of experience have taught me this: the easiest way for me to move through mamahood is by relishing in the simple moments. These notions are my bridge past the hard moments… or even, days.

I have vivid memories of conversations with my mom from her mamahood days. She always speaks so cheerfully about the years she spent at home with my brother and I when we were little. Even though I know she had hard days, the stories she’s shared with me have definitely been more positive and “go with the flow”. And now that I’m a mama I appreciate her wisdom and experience sooooo much.

Natalie has begun teething. (HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? She was just born.) She has one little tooth on the bottom that’s cut through and so that means a few things: lots of drool, sometimes she has trouble nursing, and it’s a BIG hit or miss how she’ll sleep at night. I typically don’t do well with little or poor sleep (remember this post?), but knowing my daytime hours have very little routine if need be makes the hard nights much (much) easier.

The other day I wore Natalie when I made dinner. Sometimes we snuggle and I nap with her after she’s done nursing. Yesterday I wore clean pajamas. In a few days I’ll likely wear dirty pajamas ;) Sometimes Nat doesn’t want to nap well. Sometimes I don’t put on any makeup. Almost every day we spend the morning hours outside so I can do my workout. These are just a few examples of how we go with the flow.

I’m letting time be of little focus and the real beauty of my entire day being the actual focus.

Simple moments make the days go by fast, and the months even faster. I don’t want to blink and realize Natalie is now too big for me to wear her. I don’t want to sit in that icky moment of regret because at the time I felt too tired or too hot or too [blank] to do [blank] with my babies.

No, I say, the time is now. We are surrounded by simple moments… always. All we have to do is slow down so they can settle in close, so they can fill our hearts with more love than we ever knew could fit. Just like she taught me.

Happy Birthday to you, mom!

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The two things I need every day.

lovefeast heart gram maggie whitley

Every Wednesday morning I meet with a group of women at church for Bible study. One of my girlfriends, Joanna, introduced me to this group of women (over a year ago) and I’ve been going ever since. Our weekly time together is so precious to me and I try so hard not to miss a week — especially because they have excellent daycare and it’s so cute to hear the girls say, “Hiiiiii Maaaaaxwell” when we walk in :) It totally melts my heart (and simultaneously makes me feel so old, oh my gosh). Honestly, Bible study + brunch + daycare = I’m so there.

Just recently our table leader asked me how things were with the babes, how is Zack’s job, and is there anything I wanted prayer over? And here’s what I told her… [Read more…]

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A tip for achieving “the best”.

new LR maggie whitley

There’s no non-embarrassing way to share this, so I’ll just be brave and say it: sometimes I’m shocked over my ability to make a task overly difficult. Of course I have seasons where I don’t struggle with this, but take heart, I do struggle. It happens the most often when I consider the day at large and then decide something feels overwhelming (thus unachievable). Does this happen to you, too?

I once had a friend share she can get through anything if it’s written down on paper. So, I tried a new approach to being more productive…

[Read more…]

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On wanting more patience.

maxwell natalie maggie whitley

I took these photos weeks ago. We were so “in the moment” here; me snuggled up with Natalie (she’s about 8 weeks old here) and Zack chasing after the always-exploring Maxwell. When I look at these photos I whisper thanks to God that His plan is always better than my plan.

natalie maggie whitley

natalie maggie whitley

The babies and I had such an amazing day yesterday. To be honest, my only goal was to have more patience for the entire day. Does that sound silly? It felt a little silly at first, but I know it’s something I struggle with as Max gains more independence and bravery. He is so eager to do things himself, and he’s so smart, that sometimes I expect more of him. Yesterday was a good first day of becoming more mindful of this, I decided.

maxwell maggie whitley

When I step back and let us all just “be” I find our days to be more beautiful. Have you ever experienced that? And really, I see that in these photos. They’re so candid, so very “in the moment” for our little family.

maxwell zack maggie whitley

I want to have more days of simplicity through having more patience — where I learn from my mistakes, and instead of feeling guilty over them I move forward with a changed heart. And so I did just that yesterday, and the day was so good. Have I mentioned that yet? :)

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