Hearts of gold.

lovefeast heart gram maggie whitley

The month of May is nearly over, and for me that signifies a few things: Mother’s Day has passed, our wedding anniversary will be here so soon (seven years!), and my 30th birthday is the month thereafter.

Each of these events are like hearts of gold to me.

lovefeast heart gram maggie whitley

The women in our lives, the ones we gratefully call “mother”, “teacher”, “creativity encourager”, “mentor” or “friend” — they are a joy to celebrate alongside the changing seasons.

Steady hearts of gold to me.

These women add to our storyline. They reshape, renew, rebuild, restore something deep within. They can be constant, fleeting, or re-occuring. Regardless of how long we are with them, they hold a purpose.

lovefeast heart gram maggie whitley

These women have hearts of gold, and we love them dearly.

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A different kind of perspective.

table maggie whitley

It’s not so much about having too much or too little to do each day.

It’s not about cleaning up the living room once the babes have gone down for their naps

It’s not about having a multiple-page to-do list waiting for me.

It’s not about having the entire day scheduled out.

It’s not about feeling like I must be (!) in control.

It is about having the right amount to do, which changes from day to day depending on our family’s season.

It is about our home being a showcase of the precious lives it serves.

It is about having just enough to do that I feel inspired, but never too much that I feel overwhelmed.

It is about making plans and following through, and sometimes this means nothing is planned.

It is about knowing we were created by a loving God who desires for us to know, at all times, that He is in control. Recognizing this allows us to let out a slow exhale, dissolve the need for perfection, and absorb our blessings.

Day after day we must remember this perspective.

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Overcoming an impossible creative hurdle!

Max Natalie maggie whitley

GREAT NEWS! I’ve been working on all sorts of creative projects, mostly little things and mostly with my babes beside me, but it’s progress! Great, wonderful, fun, “making the day fly by so fast” progress. My desk is a mess with various materials, a little (folded) laundry, and my red journal. I love it!

Zack worked all weekend (sad face) but I didn’t let that get me down. Over the two days I was able to sneak in an awesome nap while the kids were napping, I used my sewing machine multiple times, I went on a solo run early one morning, we went to church, and Max helped me make the most delicious pizza dough on Sunday afternoon. Basically, we made the most of the weekend while our favorite handsome guy was away at work. Pizza party to the rescue! ;)

homemade pizza maggie whitley

I can’t stop thinking about Astrid’s description about mothers who create, that it’s a lifeline to make everything else that has to happen each day possible.” Her words are dead on, and I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear her perspective, until I did. So powerful.

By the way, I can’t believe I’ve overcome a once-impossible hurdle of pursuing more creative projects. I’m setting World records, folks! ;) Re-reading my list above of the projects we did over the weekend shows me my personal progress.

painted birdhouse maggie whitley

If I had to pick my three favorite hobbies I’d say painting my nails, working with color (sewing, embroidering, etc.) and reading a paper book.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on motherhood and creating. Do you make time for creating? How exactly do you create? Everyone has different hobbies and relaxation tips, that’s for sure — what are yours?

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A lesson from my neighbor on creativity.

sweatshirt maggie whitley

On Tuesday I shared that I have been feeling pretty empty creatively, but after reading through the comments I suddenly felt so rejuvenated. You are all so smart and encouraging, and I felt my spirits lift as I read through your words. It reminded me of this post from Astrid (her IG handle is @redredcompletelyred):

There’s this myth about mothers who create — that they have figured out the whole raising children thing, and so expand, in need of a new challenge. What I think is more true, perhaps, at least for me, is that the whole raising children thing is such a magnificent challenge in itself that in order to survive it, an injection of creativity is needed simply as a balance, a release, a bit of on-hand, in-home daily therapy. Sewing seems to have, for me, a magical ability to create more energy from the limited supply I wake up with — a sort of fabric-fueled alchemy — and so rather than being a bonus, an extra activity after chores, I kind of see it instead as a lifeline to make everything else that has to happen each day possible. #youaresewloved

And now I want to modify how I felt on Tuesday. Yes, I was (am still at times?) feeling creatively empty, but it’s something I have more control over than I had realized. Like with that striped sweatshirt up there, I have a re-discovered creative project in mind for it. Similarly with me running: I have the power to change my attitude and emotions relating to it. (I didn’t want to work out Wednesday night but I did anyway and I felt so so good about five minutes in.) And then just yesterday, the babes and I went on a much-needed morning adventure. We stopped at the craft store first (because I knew that would light a spark) before playing outside together.

We browsed the aisles and touched a dozen different textures: wooden signs and glass beads, fabric and elastic, candle jars and votive holders, embroidery books and plastic hoops, bird houses and cupcake wrappers, receipt paper and a bouncy ball. It was amazing.

maxwell natalie maggie whitley

Afterward we stopped to get lunch and then ate it picnic-style at the park. Natalie was fascinated with the trees and birds flying above; such a simple thing to see, yet so inspiring. After lunch I spent at least 13 minutes on the teeter-totter with Natalie on my leg while varies kiddos Maxwell’s size hopped on to bounce at the other end :) It was amazingly adorable. (Also, hello thigh workout.)

I think I need to push through these, “ahhh, this is sooooo hard” moments and be creative more often. And I need to involve my children more with my creativity. I need to let something take longer than expected because, well, who cares? The clock isn’t judging me. And I need even more outside-the-house time, even more adventures with the babes, even more moments of honesty so my neighbor and I can encourage one another.

Thank you, honestly, for being my neighbor. It’s a real joy to be sharing parts of my life with you.

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