How to love on your children.


I’ll never forget it — we were sitting in church a couple months ago and Pastor Brad was speaking on the importance of making sure we encourage our children (specifically fathers) and how powerful simply loving on them is, verses always parenting/correcting them. He gave many examples and it was seriously soul touching to see Zack absorbing the pastor’s wisdom.

One of my favorite examples shared that Sunday morning was about a little boy who had just finished playing a game of baseball. The coach was recapping some points from the game, and afterward a father met up with his son. I really enjoyed watching you play today; you did a great job, he told his son. And that was all he said. Pastor Brad made sure to emphasize this father could have repeated the coach’s points, reminding his son of the mistakes made during the game. Instead the father knew the importance of loving on his son through encouraging words.


As a mother, you desire for your husband and children to have a close relationship. And I love so much that Zack and Maxwell are developing their own special bond… through tool time. Zack has such a leadership heart, and when Max points at the toolbox in the closet I know it is a proud moment for Zack to have such a special “man activity” with his son.

One by one they pull out each tool, and Zack explains what its called and what it does. Max usually puts it down quickly and focuses on holding the next tool, but he’s starting to hold on to them and use them correctly. But what I’m noticing is how Zack encourages Maxwell, regardless of whether he uses it correctly.


Maxwell is at the age where he’s really beginning to notice things: the way we speak to each other, how we take care of our toys, our routines before a meal or at bedtime, etc. Actually, the other day I noticed Maxwell was putting his little LeapTop computer in the same drawer Zack stores his wacom tablet. He’s watching our every move (especially daddy) and I’m just so thankful Zack is exactly the man he is.


These are hard years as parents. Very impressionable years. But the reward when we take the time to invest in our children is immeasurable, that’s for sure.


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    Jamie says

    This brought tears to my eyes. I love watching my husband with our 12 week old son. I often hear him explaining the rules of baseball as they listen to the game on the radio. Such special moments.

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    Great encouragement! Maybe its all the hormones, but I always tear up when I see fathers playing with their kids. My daughter is lucky enough to have a stay at home dad and their relationship is so adorable.

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    Maggie, you said that so beautifully‚Ķ It’s so very important to take every chance we can to slow down and enjoy these moments that are priceless. Keep loving on your little man! :)

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      As I read your comment I couldn’t help but think that focusing more on the relationship will indirectly help us focus on the rules, but in a more organic/powerful way. Thanks so much for taking a minute to share your thoughts! :)

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    This is so true! What a beautiful post! And Max’s curls are beautiful.

    My husband is awesome with our 2 boys, 14 + 12, they adore their Dad!
    I always say we are raising men. I am NOT raising teenagers.
    And it’s working, they are such awesome boys, I love these years!

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