On getting off-track, and self-care.


the constant pull of the waves on Easter Sunday, taken just after sunrise

Even though I’ve been blogging for more years than I can count on one hand, there are still times when I get super off track when I sit down to write a blog post. And even though I always have a running “things I should work on when I have a spare moment” list, also known as a to-do list, sometimes I get off track. I don’t know about you, but knowing these kind of things about my favorite people encourages me. Knowing my friends aren’t perfect? Yes, let’s chat about that over a big bowl of homemade macaroni & cheese. (She writes, perhaps from experience.)

So this morning started out on the best foot possible, considering I was up more times that usual with Maxwell. I’m sure it has everything to do with waking up at 5am yesterday for an Easter sunrise service on the beach, but really it could be that plus he’s getting a few more teeth. Regardless, last night was super un-restful (is that a word? I’m getting a red squiggly line) for me. But cinnamon rolls in the oven, hot from the oven, and a cup of coffee made it so much better.

And so as Maxwell takes his morning nap and I sit down to type out this post, I’m reminded of my random thoughts and how easy it is to get off track. Like how instead of writing a post I should be doing ______ , when really writing this post is what would be the most refreshing for me.

Lately I’ve been focusing on more self-care for myself. Not fu-fu self-care, but practical/necessary/important self-care.

Getting a haircut (this actually helps me spend less time on my hair in the morning (because when it’s cut well my hair curls 100x better, and then all that’s really required is a spritz from the water bottle)).

Sitting down to prep our meals for the week and buying yummy produce and energy-giving snacks.

Reading a devotional in the morning, before the day really starts.

Making plans to meet with my girls, so conversations with volume can be had.

Reading this (again).

Learning how to embroider.

OK. I can feel myself getting off-track here ;) If you’re interested in even more self-care chatter leave me a comment below, or join the conversation happening over here.

Enjoy your Monday, for real.


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    It’s always a struggle to remember self-care. I saw that you’re starting to take up embroidery. I’ve just made a new line of embroidery kits that are super fun, a bit quirky, and great for beginners! You can see the sleeping foxes and kissing pigeons here: http://www.studiomme.com.

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    Ah, self care! I totally agree. I like how you point out that sometimes we have to do what’s refreshing for us–not necessarily the next thing on the to-do list!

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    Hannah says

    Totally needed to read this! Thank you for being beautifully real! <3

    I'm rereading A Million Little Things too!!!!!

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    I am a perfectionist, I work from home, and I don’t have children yet. So it’s very easy for me to dive head first and get borderline [ok all the way] obsessive about whatever I’m working on. That is usually some part of my business. If I’m not deliberately careful about separating my work life from my home life and making sure I take part in some self-care activities like a walk with my pup, reading, or heck, even a shower… I would work all the time, all day long.

    Self care helps us be more productive and happy when we do work too, so we get more done in less time. Win-win!

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    i am a believer in self care. it’s hard for young moms to get away to get a hair cut. but as my kids have gotten older, i can now leave them home etc. hello, i just had my first pedicure a few years ago. my only manicure was for my wedding. i just found the secret to long lasting nail polish. i clean houses. plus my own, + dishes + so on, so i never painted my nails only for them to chip off a day later. i don’t have time for that. until i started doing gel/shellac nails. i now bought everything to do it myself, so that saves me time from going to get them done too. (must be a professional to buy everything) but if you can escape to get them done, it’s so worth it!

    life is a balance and we are always rebalancing depending on what our family needs and how much of us that they need.

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    Sarah Milligan says

    Oh my goodness, Maggie… my shop (which has been ‘almost ready to launch’ for about three months now but it really is almost ready now!) is about fresh embroidery kits and patterns! Wild Olive’s site is so great. And I’ve seen miss Megan’s shop as well (first commenter on this post)… so fun!

    I’m with you on the self-care. It’s funny how much harder it becomes when children enter the picture; yet it is so much more essential! Hair is definitely crucial for me too – I don’t have the curl volume that you do (so pretty, your hair!) but I do find if I make the time to do my hair properly (which for me involves a careful blowdry and flatiron) then it’s good for 3 days. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

    I appreciate that you always inspire me to do devotions in the morning. I need to get back into that habit because it is definitely crucial to self-care also. :)

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      @Sarah Milligan, embroidery totally makes me all googly eyes these days!!!! How fun that you have embroidery kits for sale, ooooohhhhhhh! Love that so much. And girl, whatever’s holding you back, I pray you can take time to evaluate.

      Also… I have so much to comment on, haha… I’m proud you take the time with your hair and devotionals. Those little things are important to maintain, if they are important enough to us in the first place. XO

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        Sarah Milligan says

        @Maggie Whitley, I just honestly had no idea how much work goes into developing a product/starting a shop – a subject you’re familiar with. :) I keep thinking of other things that need to be set up (info sheets etc) and wanting to have everything ready to go but I’m realizing at some point you just have to open and figure out the rest as you go. Did you find that? Was it tons easier launching Caroline-Made because you’re more familiar with running a shop now, or was it easier back when you launched Gussy Sews and you were just excited to get going?

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    I definitely need to find some devotionals to read, and make time for it of course. Any good suggestions? A million little ways sounds like a great book!

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