Why I deleted you from my iPhone.

About two weeks ago I felt like my head was going to explode. Not because I had a headache, not because I was angry or confused, but simply because I was overwhelmed with social media. Like, super crazy overwhelmed with it.

It is HARD running an online shop and writing a blog. And before I even do those two things I need to be a wife and a mama first. I have my people to take care of, and I love taking care of my people. We learn together, laugh together, go on adventures together. I like waking up in the morning without an alarm clock (well, I take that back. My alarm clock has a really cute grin and claps when I pick him up from his crib). I like having a slow morning with my people before Zack heads off to work. But, so much of the work we do requires us to not only plan ahead but to be follow up so we remain in community with one another.


(all photos from a recent trip to our neighborhood Farmers’ Market)

For me personally, I find time in between naptime and playtime and mealtime to do my online work. Mostly it’s done while Maxwell is sleeping, but occasionally I’m able to work during the day when he’s awake.

But way too often I found myself feeling like I was going to burst — I didn’t feel present in the current moment — so I did what any smart creative/handmade/entrepreneur/mama would do…

…and I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my iPhone.

Yes, (probably) the top social media apps in the world, and I deleted ’em!

And here are a few reasons why:

I refuse to have my life run by social media.

I refuse to feel like I have to “check in” all. day. long.

I refuse to feel like I’m going to burst from an overload of information, when really this “information” isn’t anything I’m going to store in my long term memory bank. And to take this one step further, as a newly appointed mama, my memory bank is very little and I just emotionally couldn’t take it anymore. Social media is AMAZING and is hands down a huge part of my space online, but there is a time and a place for work and I needed to feel like the Boss Lady again ;)


So there!

I’ve admitted it. I’ve typed it out and I’ve published it: I deleted social media from my iPhone.


Now that they’ve been deleted, here’s what my days look like:

– I’m sitting on my front porch during naptime

– I’m giving my son a bath

– I’m waking up in the morning and reading my Bible first

– I’m falling asleep at night with a tummy sore from laughing with my husband (instead of falling asleep with my iPhone nearby)

– I’m watching my son take his first assisted steps

– I’m LOOKING where I’m going when I walk

– My mind feels refreshed more often

– When I have a couple of minutes of downtime, instead of grabbing my phone I’m sitting quietly resting my mind.


I’ve been way more productive, I’ve been sleeping better, and I feel like I’m fully present with my people. And you know what else? I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

Whatever so-called urgent status update I was clogging my mind with is still there, but I’m reading (or posting it) when it’s most convenient for me. When I want to pop over to Facebook or Twitter I do, but I rarely use my iPhone to do so (Sometimes I use the web for Twitter, but I’ve found it’s way less convenient this way which has helped me to stop the compulsive urge to click on that blue little square (I know you did this too).

My time spent on social media is now more intentional and quite honestly, way more fun.


Would you ever wholeheartedly consider deleting Facebook and Twitter from your phone?

Ask yourself if you really, really, really need it on there.

So, would you?

I dare you :)

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  1. 1


    This too has been on my mind lately. I feel like I am spending to much time on social media. In need to put more time in the more important things, like you said reading the bible daily. Thank you so much for posting this.

    • 2


      @Sherry, I hope you’ll try it out. Give it a few days to sink in. For me, it was almost a compulsive habit to check certain apps on my phone. Did it even REALLY matter? I hated the feeling of feeling overwhelmed by what I was reading, when these words really didn’t impact my life at all. Social media is super fun and important — it’s helped my business in huge, huge ways, but it doesn’t need to be #1 in my life. xoxo

  2. 3


    When I first started VAing, I had all my clients’ emails and social media accounts on my phone. That lasted about 2 weeks. I could never turn off! So I deleted all of it and turned off all my notifications too even for my personal accounts. Now I only check them while I’m pumping during the day (and yes that’s what I’m doing now!) and it was so, so freeing! Later I took the time to delete everyone from my Facebook friends that I did not interact with daily or wasn’t related to. That made all the difference in the world!

    People view social media as a must these days but it really just hampers our day to day lives with other peoples drama and problems. If it was all positive, all the time, I think we would have a different point of view. But eliminating negativity and being more positive is my focus this year and getting rid of the debbie downers in my life made a huge difference!

    • 4


      @Skye, Friend. I’m nearly having an anxiety attack reading your comment. I am so proud of you for deleting that stuff from your phone. I know the value of social media, but my goodness, the people in my home are my #1 value. If I’m not taking care of them, WHAT IS MY PURPOSE? I think I am just as effective online without those 2 apps on my phone as I was before, possibly even more. So all this to say… I’m proud of you. XO

  3. 6


    I think it is fabulous. I have been thinking recently how I seem glued to my phone, and thought I might do a social media fast at least from my phone. I feel like your post further reiterated what I had been feeling. Thank you!

  4. 8

    Teri says

    Oh Maggie, I love this post! Over the past six months I have found myself less and less engaged in social media. I don’t know the last time I have gotten on Twitter. I only check Facebook every few days and Instagram seems to be checked every five days or so. My family has needed more of me than my “online life” has. It has happened slowly over time but it feels so right and freeing. :) Instead of filling my down time with status updates and overwhelming amount of links, I am filling it with things that make me feel full and inspired. Thank you for reminding us that it’s okay to step back and fill our days with the life right in front of us!

    • 9


      @Teri, THIS >> “Instead of filling my down time with status updates and overwhelming amount of links, I am filling it with things that make me feel full and inspired.” << is beautiful. Yeow! Great, great job.

  5. 10


    Maggie, I wrote something so similar a few weeks ago (for me, I turn it all off on a Sunday) – I don’t have a smartphone, but honestly the pull of social media on my laptop is just as strong.. and yes, it’s exactly what you said – so heavy on the mind! I feel so free on Sunday when it’s all off.

    • 11


      @Devi, Oh, you’re stronger than I am! I tried doing a Sunday only fast but didn’t feel like it was enough. I’m not on my computer as much as I’m on my phone, or near it… so deleting the apps was enough for me to make a big enough impact in my life. I hope you can feel the same :)

  6. 12

    Jesslyn42 says

    I would, wholeheartedly, delete FB from my phone and I DID … quite some time ago!!! :) I was rarely on FB or Twitter as it was, but found myself just clicking on it (for no good reason) and wasting precious time. It was doing me no good and I haven’t missed it AT ALL. Now, IG is a different story!!! ;) I can’t seem to break myself away from that little piece of social media. :)

    Love you, friend!

  7. 14


    Thank you for this. Right after I read your post I deleted Facebook, Pages, and Pinterest off my phone! I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, but just needed this extra push! <3

  8. 16


    I bet it was a good feeling. I don’t even have a smart phone, or a usable cell phone, for that matter. My cell phone is a $3/month emergency phone no one knows the number to. It’s for 911 on the side of the road. I don’t regret not having a phone, ever. (We use google phone–free–online for our ‘landline’.)
    No one has convinced me yet I need one!
    Sarah M

  9. 18


    I don’t own a cell phone at all, but my ipad is just as addicting. I’m torn about what to do. Deleting Facebook could help, but it is how I communicate with several important people.

    • 19


      @Stacey, Can you move the app to a different page so you don’t see it every time you use your iPad? If that’s how you communicate with a lot of important people then don’t delete it… and I haven’t deleted my accounts, just the apps on my phone. I felt like it was more of a subconscious act, checking Facebook and Twitter allll theeeeee timeeeee and what did it really matter that I was reading from these sites? It didn’t. I mean, not in the big picture. Nothing matters as much as being 100% present in the current moment. If it’s time for Facebook or time for Twitter, then yeah, I’ll be online :) But if it’s time for dinner or coffee with my girls or gasp — quiet time for Maggie — then I don’t need to be on those sites. XOXO

  10. 20

    Jez says

    Isn’t it a relief! I deactivated my Facebook account nearly a year ago now. Best thing I ever did. It was using up my time and making me cross and intruding on my daughters time (how rude) so I got rid all together. I don’t regret it, not for a second. I know have to monitor my time on Instagram. So I turn my wifi and 3G off. And the only time I can use it is when I’m at my parents. Saves me lots of time and money…next on the list, Candy Crush!!

  11. 22


    I have never had FB or Twitter on my iPhone but recently discovered Instagram and need to put some boundaries on that :) With a website and business that run simultaneously and intersect often it’s really difficult to separate. I want to be completely in the moment for my family – everything is clearer and priorities have a way of shaking out when you strive for that. Thanks for a great post!
    xo, Becky

  12. 25

    Erica says

    You didn’t mention Instagram….I’m curious if you deleted that too?? I need to do a thorough clean out of my FB list ASAP, just deleted the app last week and already feel better, though the temptation to open itin the web is so annoying. Feel like an addict!

    • 26


      @Erica, I didn’t delete Instagram. For me, it’s not a problem. IG actually inspires me. (Don’t feel like an idiot, we all have different things that irk us. It’s important to recognize that and take action.)

  13. 27


    I so love this. Sometimes when the hubs and I are supposed to be watching a movie together at night, we’ll realize we’ve both been scrolling through our news feeds for 15 minutes!! It makes me feel like such a zombie and is such a waste of time. I know social media is supposed to keep you “connected, ” but it causes such a disconnect in home life. I think I’m going to delete fb from my phone. :)

  14. 29

    Anthea says

    I don’t have a baby but I have been feeling the same way for a long time. Laying in bed reading posts for hours of nothing crazy important, hanging out with loved ones but everyone on their phones not really interacting. This is something to truly consider doing myself as there is nothing to say that I can’t check something on my PC occasionally. Thanks for the insight Maggie :)

  15. 30

    Joy says

    I actually deleted my Facebook app from my iPhone about a month ago, but for different reasons. I still have Twitter, but haven’t ever used it much, so that’s why I kept it. Not compulsively checking Facebook throughout the day gives you a refreshed feeling!

  16. 32

    Tiffany says

    When baby #3 came along, I down sized my ‘friends’ on FB. Those who I would actually have a phone conversation with. It was good, then I was having issues with a family member just being rude and stupid. One family member even posted a picture of her first credit card. All of it. Seriously??!!?? Who does that??!? I was busy protecting someone else’s kid while I had three littles at home. I realized that my kids would grow up to be that kind of young adult if I didn’t take the time to be with them and teach them the most important things. Christ Jesus and His sacrifice for us.
    So I deleted FB for good. I worried if I didn’t delete it altogether that my account would get hacked and my friends would somhow get hurt.
    Yes! I love not having that extra burden I was putting on myself. As soon as my kids are old enough to do social media, like in 7 years, I will get back onto whatever site is the new thing. But this time I will be wiser about navigating the pitfalls. Praise The Lord we can learn from our past and mistakes!!

  17. 34


    Great article Maggie ! I have to confess that I fill the same. In my case I always carry 2 cell phones, one personal and one from work, and I have notice that I spent almost all my afternoon looking at the social media, spending valuable time instead of doing nothing. Now I realize that the days I forgot my phones at the office I feel FREE, and can do a lot of things at home, spending more time with my loved ones and having full free time to cook, to clean, and to have my mind stress free to accomplished all my shop work and with inspiration running through my mind.

    Great article. Congratulations on your decision.

    Blessings XO

  18. 35

    Allison says

    Yes!!! I have done it several times and I can tell you it is so freeing! I started with totally checking out of social media on the weekends so my family could have all of me and did not do it once the kids were home from school. So on the weekends when we are all in the car we are talking and not staring at phones. In the evenings my husband and I have time to talk and hangout with no phones. We are both enjoying it. I feel like if I truly needed to know something that I would get a phone call and not read it online. I believe you are doing the right thing and putting what is important first. keep it up!

  19. 37


    Challenge accepted. I just deleted both Facebook and Twitter. All that is on my phone right now is Instagram because when I have an adorable photo to share with the world it needs to be shared, haha! :)

    Thank you for writing this. I’ve been slowly turning my life away from being addicted to social media.

    Deleting Facebook from my phone should more than help!

    • 38


      @Shelbey, Ya know, I had a thought… I don’t have an issue with Instagram, and I think it’s because I understand how it works. IG inspires me but FB and Twitter can feel… way more overwhelming. I’m so glad you commented. xo

      • 39


        @Maggie Whitley, I SO agree! Instagram is inspiring and really easy to “catch up” on if needed. I’ve never been a fan of Twitter and honestly don’t know why I even waste the time on checking it several times a day. And Facebook….that’s the most overwhelming of them all. It truly sucks you in and before you know it you have wasted so much time and energy on nothing. Since deleting Facebook and Twitter I haven’t even really missed it on my phone. :)

  20. 40

    Jamie F says

    Last night I was considering deleting my Facebook all together, but didn’t because I have so many dates and stats and pictures on there – it’s become my digital scrapbook. What you have done by deleting it off of your phone is perfect for me! You see, about 3 weeks ago we lost our fourth child due to a miscarriage and molar pregnancy. And now everyone I know is pregnant. I’ve spent the last 3 nights sobbing because yet another person is announcing their pregnancy with a due date around what ours would have been. Now, I have a plan. I will delete Facebook from my phone so that I can only easily access it on my computer and then will need to be mentally prepared for what is to come. Thank you for being brave enough to tell us what you did. It’s providing me with relief!

    • 41


      @Jamie F, Hi Jamie, I wanted to encourage you for knowing your boundaries so you can properly take care of yourself. I’m so sorry to read about your miscarriage. I know great plans have been made for you and your family; keep Hope nearby. xoxo

  21. 42


    Maggie, I’ve been thinking about this very thing the last few weeks! Last night I actually came up with a reasonable timeframe for me to do so. (There are a few reasons why I can’t do it right this second.) I used to be more balanced about my social media consumption but I’ve noticed the scales have tipped lately and this seems like a reasonable next step.

  22. 43

    Jessica says

    Good for you!!!! I’ve tried it a few times and, like a smoking addiction, they always make their way back. I took it one step further the other day though. I canceled my data plan!!! *gasp* Now I can’t use any kind of internet unless I can access WiFi and it feels so liberating!!! I’ve turned my multipurpose iPhone into a glorified iPod and I LOVE it :-D I want to start reading again, I want to focus my online attention to blogs and the like. I want strictly use Facebook as a means of simply staying in touch with friends, not abusing it as a time waster. I love having those quiet moments when I’m doing aboslutely nothing. :-)

  23. 45


    This was so perfect to wake up to this AM! I had just recently had this very conversation with my husband that I thought I should delete Facebook from my phone. (I don’t have Twitter). I constantly click on the FB button for no reason, in fact it is so habit, I would click on the app even though I was meaning to click on a completely different app. Terrible! Sometimes I will leave my cell phone at home when we go out so I am not tempted to be staring at my ohone rather than enjoying my LIFE with my husband! Today is going to be the day, going to delete FB, and maybe some other apps from my phone, thank you for the encouragement! It’s so refreshing!

  24. 46


    Did this awhile back and it felt great! Only thing is that I added it again! I am going to delete it once and for all!!! Thank you for sharing this! I think I might almost get rid of the smart phone all together!

  25. 47

    liz says

    I hear ya!! I deleted my facebook account back in July and I haven’t looked back. It’s been so refreshing, and I find myself enjoying life more instead of feeling like I need to know what’s going on in other’s lives. It’s been a beautiful thing for me, and it sounds like for you as well!

  26. 50

    lindsay Alstott says

    I was just considering deactivating my fb last night! It takes up too much of my precious time from my kids and hubby! I am honestly sick of carrying my phone around and checking it all the time! Sometime i feel like i am going to miss something, but what i am missing is moments with family! I am going to try it (but keep my IG) and spend more quality time with the ones I love! I told myself If people want to know what happening in my family’s life they know where I live &/or have my number!!

  27. 51

    Nicole says

    I never signed up for social media in the first place! I’ve never felt like I’ve missed anything. I feel like I have deeper personal relationships because of it, as well.

  28. 53


    I often delete my social media apps for weeks at a time! It feels amazing. 😊 it’s so good to get rid of that “thing” that always calls to you as soon as you sit down.

    Good for you!! (and now I’ll go delete mine again for awhile- it’s amazing how quickly I begin to get too attached)

  29. 54


    I deleted all social media apps from my phone, a couple of months back. Another thing I deleted was most news apps – another time suck for me. I only kept one broadcast and one print. However, like most addicts, I added them back. This post has inspired me to try again. Thanks! :)

    • 55


      @Bree, Those news apps can be a total mood killer. My husband has the CNN app on his phone and all it ever shows are bad news stories. What happened to showing exciting and happy news stories? (boo!)

  30. 56

    Hannah says

    I deactivated my facebook account just after I got married 2 years ago and it felt great, but my husband still had it and then when his phone broke for a few weeks he put it on my phone and I became addicted again even though they were his friends not mine. I have just deleted the app from my phone and logged out on my computer and whats great is I can never remember his username or password so I can’t get back in unless I go on his phone. I’ve had a few recent experiences when I’ve been left out (like my friends forgetting my birthday because there was no FB reminder) and not getting invited to things, but it still feels so good to not have it!
    I’m looking forward to getting more house work and sewing and cooking done and have more reading-the-bible-time now that I don’t have that distraction hanging over me :)
    Thanks for your post today. You’ve really inspired me to be more in the moment and not worry about what other people are up to all the time. If I am meant to know something people can call me or come over for a cup of tea :)

  31. 57

    Lissy says

    I deleted my entire facebook account a few years ago and I have never regretted it. I was wasting so much time on facebook looking at pictures of people I hadn’t even seen or kept in touch with for like, 10 years. I also felt like I was comparing myself to people I had on facebook and feeling bad because I didn’t feel as successful as they appeared or felt I didn’t measure up to their “perfect” lives. For me personally, deleting my facebook account was a great decision!

  32. 58


    Great post and good for you Maggie! I haven’t been as brave deleting FB and Twitter off my phone, but I have the same problem with the general problem of being distracted by my on line life.

    Especially lately, my head feels the same exact way – Like I’m going to explode from information overload. It is seriously stressing me out to the point where I feel stiff and not well.
    Not just social media, but the sheer volume of emails that I am receiving are just killing me.

    I started with all good intentions so I could reach and help more people, but now I find myself bookmarking things that I never get a chance to come back to, doing things half way, because my brain is in hyper-drive never finishing one thing. I need to write a post on overwhelm and why I am now completely drawn to all sites talking about SIMPLIFICATION and living a simple life. We are starving for it.

    I have two little ones at home (6 and 3) and I feel like they think my lap top and phone are physically attached to me. I have been really trying to make an honest effort to step away from the screens and just be with them, be present. I know how hard it can be when you just want to finish something you’ve started. I feel like I live my life in complete distraction. It’s a problem, but I guess the first step is being aware.

    PS- Meditating and yoga (as many know) does wonders! Highly recommend.
    xo best of luck to all!

  33. 60


    LOVE this. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    I actually shut down my old blog last year and took a huge break from social media for many of the same reasons you describe here. I’m writing again, but on my own terms. Same goes for social media. I want to be present, especially with my kids. It was hard at first, getting rid of that reflex to grab my phone to document every single little thing. But now I can honestly say that I hardly ever think about social media, especially when I’m with my kids. And it’s awesome.

    I’m wondering though … with social media being such a big part of running an online business (I help my sister promote her Etsy shop), how do you walk that line? Has deleting Twitter and Facebook from your phone impeded your ability to publicize your shop, communicate with your customers/fans, etc.?

    • 61


      @Suzanne, We schedule updates to post to Facebook and Twitter. Then usually once a day I can pop over to each site and respond to comments or posts left. It hasn’t been a problem, even before I deleted the two apps from my phone. My team helps me with those sites, and usually if there’s anything semi urgent we receive an email about it first. But, to be totally honest, there is very little urgent about running an online business — which is really nice. Instagram is one of my favorites and it’s something I can use throughout the day without it overwhelming me. You asked some great questions! XO

  34. 63


    I did it. This post was the final nudge from the Lord to just do it. So Facebook is no more on my phone. (I did keep the messenger app just bc when my hubby is away that is sometimes the only way for me to hear from him). Thankful for the push. (check back in a few days to be sure I’ve survived the withdraw, haha!)

  35. 64


    This is SO unbelievably inspiring! Kudos to you for putting it out there and putting us all in check!

    I REALLY try to only sit at my computer during certain hours in order to at least TRY to maintain some sort of family/blogging/biz balance. BUT the phone is an entirely different story. Sometimes I grab my phone to call someone & I’ll catch myself automatically clicking that little blue square instead! It just has become such a habit, and like you said, keeps us from being present with those that are really important.

    So THANK YOU! {I will now be deleting FB from my phone!}

    • 65


      @Nicala, Someone once shared with me how they deleted Facebook from their phone and honestly, just hearing this friend share that they could do it made me realize I could, too. It’s so silly, but it’s super easy to feel like something HAS to happen — don’t you think? Like we have to be online, or we have to take 10 photos every single day, or we have to stay busy and not let ourselves get bored. Being bored is good! Having feelings is normal. When we try to stuff feeling bored or lonely or sad (or even super happy) into a box is when we run into problems with our people. –stepping off soap box– xoxo

  36. 66


    After reading this I deleted my buzzfeed app. It’s such a time waster, and it truly has no purpose. Even on my computer, I haven’t let myself go on yesterday or today – which might seem easy, but it’s been a decent challenge. Yet it feels good.

  37. 67

    Stephanie Kirk says

    It feels so impowering to makes ones own decisions. I got off Facebook about a year ago. It was taking over my life and I was thinking bad things about people because of the stupid things they put on. I haven’t missed it at all. I think it’s interesting how much more advanced we as a culture we get the more it starts consuming us. Thank you for sharing. It’s kinda a big deal! :)

  38. 69


    I love Gaim.tv but also there’s a ton of youtube channels with Yoga. AND I have to say I’ve been following a great blog and program by Marianne Elliott called 30 days of Yoga… gets you started and in the habit plus is great resource/inspiration– check it out! :) http://bit.ly/1euok6p

  39. 72


    Working for yourself is extremely difficult – I constantly feel the pull of the internet all the time (which is why I ended up here ;) I have also deleted Facebook from my phone and still have not signed up for Twitter. I need to focus on my children too and allow myself to be bored more. I have my Bible app on my phone and I make a point to it being the first and last thing I look at on my phone everyday, even before my email. If you are like me, I always think some earth-shattering, wonderful, amazing news or opportunity is going to pop up in my email inbox…but it never does. But His word always leaves me feeling fulfilled.

    Now I just have to be more disciplined when working on my computer all day long :) It’s a constant balance, being a mama, being a dreamer, and taking care of business.


  40. 74


    I did this the day you posted about it on instagram. I had already stopped using facebook as much on the computer, but taking it off my phone was more important than completely stop using it.
    It’s weird to wake up and not see notifications from FB, but I also sleep better because I’m not reading pointless updates in the middle of the night from half the people I don’t really care to know pointless stuff from! I do have an addiction to instagram… but that’s a whole other issue! It’s CRAZY how social media/technology has changed this world. I think back when cell phones were just for the rich business men.. now 8 year olds have them and it’s scary!

  41. 76

    melissa says

    Two weeks ago I updated my iphone software and just didnt put facebook back on. Dont miss it and others negativity or nonsense no longer impact my mood, day, or how I interact with others. Its awesome being free.

  42. 77


    I was thrilled when I purchased my iPad this past holiday season, because it allowed me to transfer all my social media and “work” apps from my phone – to the iPad. Since I don’t tote the iPad around with me, I’ve noticed how much less time I spend browsing FB & Twitter. And it feels so freeing.

  43. 79


    I recently wrote something very similar on my blog. I hadn’t thought of deleting the apps all together, but it’s certainly a good plan. I’m just really trying to be intentional about what I’m doing with my time, not just grabbing my phone to fill dead air. It’s funny because I read your blog and follow you on instagram and find we are walking very similar paths in life. Though I don’t know you face to face I kinda feel like I do and it’s nice to know someone else is surviving and thriving in this stage of life. :)

  44. 80


    I totally did this a little more than two weeks ago. I felt so overwhelmed with everything in life, something had to go! It’s so freeing to not have it there. I’m finding free space during my day, and my creative energy is recovering. Thanks for sharing your struggle with it as well. I don’t feel so weird if I’m not the only one! Lol

  45. 82


    I love this post so much. God has been working in so many women’s hearts about this issue! We allow ourselves to be controlled by social media and not filled with adoration for Jesus. I have done this so much and have also deleted Facebook from my phone. It is freeing in so many ways! I just wrote a blog post about this earlier this week titled #JesusOnlyJesus.(http://www.lifelivedbeautifully.com/jesusonlyjesus/) I pray the that people don’t see me first through social media, but they see the One who made me and loves me. Thank you for sharing this! You are an encouragement!


  46. 83

    Jessica says

    I gave up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for lent and its been wonderful! A little hard at first (especially instagram, I love looking at pictures), but I agree the benefits are wonderful! Resting my mind is what I have noticed the most as well as less procrastinating. I think when Easter comes, I am going to keep them off my iPhone and just use them on the internet!

    Great post!

  47. 84

    Val says

    I randomly deactivate and delete the fb app every few months whenever I feel that I’m becoming “dependent” on it. It amazes me how many people get in their feelings and call or text me crying “you deleted me on fb!?” To which I calmly reply “no, I deleted ME, see how much it matters to YOU when it really shouldn’t? You should try it once in a while too.” It removes stresses from your life you didn’t even realize were there and it’s nice to worry about you and your own life instead everyone else’s. It helps you focus on what’s really important versus what just, ISN’T. It’s a breath of fresh air you didn’t realize you needed and once you make it past the first few days of “withdrawl” you’d be surprised how easy it is to mind your own business. However as of recently I’ve been compensating with Pinterest and have gone from about 200 pins to roughly 1.3K lol.

  48. 85

    Maggie Mae Montag says

    Hi Maggie,

    I have been scouring your blog and biz tips for the last week or so as I most recently had both the sudden determination and realization that I am I going to start up my own store. I feel you and your site will be a great inspiration for me as I noted that the first thing you do in the morning is read your bible (my faith gets me through many trials) and that you deleted facebook/twitter off of your phone. I actually did this just over a week ago before I had discovered this blog as I was finding the same bad habits and just simply did not want to go another day feeling I “needed” to be on the up and up of everyone’s, sometimes over share, of life events.

    I’m sure I will find much more great advice as I read on and look forward to gaining what I can from your blog!

    Maggie Mae


  1. […] It’s funny… Like, the interesting version of funny. When I shift my focus of engaging through social media I enjoy my life so much more. When the priority is to live my life and then share what’s been learned, that’s when I’m the happiest. That’s when life feels the easiest, the smoothest, the most fulfilled. It’s been an amazing process, one that started a year ago this month when I wrote Why I deleted you from my iPhone. […]

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