8 DIYS for adding color this Thanksgiving.


It’s crazy to think just a year ago we hosted Thanksgiving. We had moved to Los Angeles only a couple months before, but we hosted and we had a lovely time. Our home was filled with new & old friends, it was imperfect, but our hearts and tummies were full. Isn’t that part of what Thanksgiving is about, anyway?

As the holiday nears once again I can’t help but think of the table decorations and little ways to make guests feel welcome and at ease. One tip I have, that I learned from this dear heart friend is instead of apologizing for the way something looks in our homes we should be putting the focus on welcoming others in. I just love that, don’t you?

So let’s talk about one of my favorite words: color. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year — great news :) — I’ve gathered 8 of my favorite DIY projects from Pinterest (and they’re so easy, let me assure you!) that will add color to your home in a flash. They’re low-cost, multi-purpose and so fun. Even if you don’t think about decorating for Thanksgiving for another week you still have plenty of time to complete these projects.

8 DIYs for adding color this Thanksgiving:

  1. no-sew burlap polka dot table runner
  2. monogrammed pumpkins place setting
  3. gourd flower vases
  4. painted mason jars
  5. mini pumpkins & pistachios centerpiece
  6. kraft paper place mats
  7. popsicle stick napkin holders
  8. ombre fall fruit table decor


Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? How are you decorating? Not hosting this year? Share something memorable from years past.

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