{Maxwell’s birth announcement, plus a giveaway from Minted!}


Zack and I are currently in Michigan showing off our happy, chubby baby Maxwell to our families. For most of them, they are meeting Maxwell for their very first time, and it’s totally making our hearts swell. I mean, we are so proud to call him our son… it’s absolutely incredible to watch him grow.

Maxwell’s birth announcements arrived recently and its been a joy to hear from our families they’ve received theirs in the mail. Can you tell I’m loving all these first “mama moments”? :)


I mean, it’s been a true J O Y.


Selecting which photos to use for the announcement and then entering Max’s birth details brought back those precious memories of our first couple of weeks home. It was a very sentimental moment for me, especially since it’s so easy to only have digital memories of big life moments. We saved a copy of Max’s birth announcement for his baby book, which I know I’ll treasure forever.


Since his birth we’ve powered through a few rough patches, like short nights of sleep and a baby swing-only napper [whew!].

Some things that have stayed the same? Max’s love for bath time and his furrowed eyebrows. And they say babies can’t talk to you… snort.

Do you have a recent [or nearing] life event you’d like to celebrate? Well good news, Minted is offering TWO $50 shop credits to their site, which features independent graphic designers across a multitude of celebratory events: holidays, weddings and babies + kids. Yeow!

To enter, please follow the Rafflecopter prompts below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and enjoy browsing the Minted site. XO

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  1. 2

    Erin says

    My oldest son will be turning 3 late September so I would love to pick out one of their super cute birthday card invitations. Since it is a train themed party, I especially love the “choo choo! All aboard the party train!”

  2. 3

    Lu says

    I love the Hola Margarita print in grey. I love typography & margaritas…perfect match! It would look great in my kitchen!!

  3. 6

    Julie H. says

    I am having a little girl at the beginning of December, so I would probably order baby announcements with the giftcard. I love the New Born Poppy Birth Announcements. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. 11

    Leslie says

    I am getting ready to have my first baby in November. I love the chalkboard stats announcement. So sweet!

  5. 12

    Ashley says

    My husband and I have always done a photo Christmas card but this year’s will be extra special because beyond the two of us and our furry buddy, Jameson, we will have our brand new daughter to include! Their designs are gorgeous :)

  6. 17

    Cara Otten says

    The Christmas cards are beautiful!!! Also one of the art prints would look lovely in my little girl’s bedroom.

  7. 18

    Whitney says

    I’m due in about 7 weeks and would LOVE to send some adorable boy birthday announcements! I dropped the ball with my other two – so this would be amazing! :) P.S. Maxwell is so adorable!!

  8. 23


    Your little man is growing so fast! We have two boys (ages 9 and almost 6) … the time goes so fast. So good to see how you are treasuring these moments! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I’m a big fan of all things paper, and Minted is full of serious eye candy! :)

  9. 32

    Amy says

    I love my babies’ birth announcements, something to treasure and tucked away in their baby books. Did you send one to the President? You get a card back!

  10. 34

    Amanda W. says

    I am having a baby boy due any day now and would definitely need some birth announcements! So many great ones to choose from! :)

  11. 39

    Bethany S. says

    Would LOVE to win this and get a jump on our Christmas cards this year! :) GORGEOUS birth announcement. Enjoy him. They grow up SO quickly!!!

  12. 41


    I love all the Christmas cards – especially the year in review options for them! Love to let everyone know what has happened in our past year in a simple and easy way!

    Thanks for the giveaway Maggie!

  13. 44

    Laura Moffat says

    I love everything from Minted! Their journals and calendars are some of my favorites but if I win I will use it for our own baby announcements! My baby is almost 5 months old and I have yet to get them out :( it’s never to late though….right??! Ha!

  14. 46

    Debbie W. says

    I love the return address labels! I have been seeing them all over the blogsphere and have been wanting to get them! Thanks for the opportunity to win a wonderful prize.

  15. 47

    Misty M says

    Oh how stinkin’ sweet!!! I never tire of seeing his sweet face on your blog posts…nor do I tire of hearing about your love for him!!! Congrats, again!!!

    After gawking over ALL of the fun items that are available, I would so snag those fun “21st Century Girl” Momma cards up first!!! TOO CUTE!!!

    Thanks for sharing this fab ‘n fun giveaway!!!

    Happy day to you and your little fam!!!

  16. 50

    Rihanne says

    Soooo excited about this giveaway! We used minted for our wedding invitations and are expecting our first baby in a very short five weeks! I would love to use them again for birth announcements! They also have super cute art for the nursery!!!

  17. 59


    I would go back and actually do birth announcements for my now 7 year old and now 3 year old so that when they are 20 they don’t say “what the heck, Mom! Why is EJ the only one with a birth announcement!” It isn’t too late, right??

  18. 61


    Those are so cute. I love the pictures you chose for him. I sent out my birth announcements prob 2 months ago and it was so exciting.

  19. 63

    Krista Goff says

    I love their wedding announcement – would use them this winter after I am married to send with our address!

  20. 68

    Whitleigh says

    Hey Maggie!
    I used to baby-sit a little girl who only ever took a nap in her swing, well only ever slept in a swing or vibrator seat really – even at night! I ended up helping her Mom make a little doughnut shaped spot out of blankets under her fitted crib sheet to create the feeling of the seats, since that is what she seemed to be drawn to. Now she sleeps in her bed every night!

  21. 70

    HM says

    I used them for last years Christmas cards but after delivering Baby #2- 7 days ago- I would love to pick out an adorable birth announcement!

  22. 73

    Christa says

    I love all of the Minted baby announcements. With a little boy on the way I would love to use the Vintage Label design.

  23. 77


    Hi there! I am the designer behind the birth announcement you selected from Minted and just wanted to say I feel so honored you chose my design to announce the birth of your darling son! Us “Minties” (Minted designers) have formed a wonderful virtual network via Minted and Facebook and often post “sightings” of our fellow designers and where their designs appear on the web. While many others have many sightings, this is my first. So again, thank you thank you thank you for choosing my design for your very special announcement…it made my day. And from one mom to another, congrats. Motherhood is a very special ride! Cheers!

  24. 79


    Our little guy is turning 2 soon! Birthday invites or thank you notes would be awesome!

    On another other note, he also only swing napped until he pretty much out grew the swing. I was so nervous about it, but he transitioned easily to his crib for naps (he was already in there at night) and now naps at least 3 hours most afternoons! Sometimes I even have to wake him up because he naps so long! He’s a rock star sleeper! You gotta do what works and worry about what comes next later!

    I also have a small handmade business and you are such an inspiration! :)

  25. 84


    Oh my word…I am so thrilled for you! Boys are amazing and yours is going to grow up with so much love! Enjoy every moment and take a TON of photos and videos…they grow way too fast!

    Hugs to you and you sweet baby boy!


  26. 91

    Bree C says

    How sweet, I wish so much I was organized enough to send announcements. Would still love to organize some beautiful Christening announcements.

  27. 96

    Bree says

    I pretty much love it ALL. The birth announcements are appealing because were having a baby, but the Christmas Cards are as well because she will be due right around there, and i could kill two birds with one stone. lol. Thank you for the giveaway.

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