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It’s been not quite 5 years since I taught myself how to sew, but when I sit in front of my machine the lull of it pulls me into a zone of comfort. It’s like we’re old friends. Since the beginning I’ve loved matching up fabrics and then watching the ruffles come to life once everything is stitched together.


This Kenmore has been in my husband’s family for over 30 years, and now it’s mine. It’s such a solid, reliable, well-loved machine. This past week I finished some new items for the Gussy shop. Want to see what I’ve been working on? Here’s a teaser…


There are a couple new large zips in the shop…



And of course new medium zips




Y’all are right, our medium zips are so versatile! I love hearing how you use your Gussy pouch :)

Together we could find a hundred uses for them, but my top 5 uses are:

– as a small wallet

– protect your sunglasses

– business card/coupon organizer

– organize your daughter’s collections [Polly Pocket, chapstick, stickers, etc.]

– as a small make-up pouch

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 click here to shop Gussy Sews. xoxo

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    Amber says

    I have the same Kenmore machine and it was my mom’s. I remember playing with it when I was young and had no idea what I was doing. I was so happy the day it came home with me. I need to get it in for a “tune up” so I can start sewing on it again. They don’t make them like that anymore do they!!!! Love the vintage sheet pouches! I have a huge stash of vintage sheet and love creating with them!

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    I love your wristlets ! Your shop is especially sweet to me because my dog’s name is Gussie. I signed up for the 3 month Gussy deal ! So excited to see what I get !! Blessings! Susan

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