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Oh, just a few scenes from around our apartment. I feel like life has been hitting me at full speed, it’s busy and intense and full of yawns. We’ve been on the go for weeks now and I’m starting to slow down. We’re hoping to sneak away for our anniversary this weekend, crossing my fingers we can make it happen. And tonight Max + I are headed south for the VIP opening of a new Land of Nod store :) Back to all those yawns, they are a reminder I can’t keep up like I used to [hello, newborn!]. That’s OK, it’s a good reminder to stop + rest… yes? Yes, definitely yes.

I’ve snapped a few photos to share with you, little snippets of what our days are like — plus a list below of a few things I’m thankful for. When life is this busy it’s important to write down our blessings so we can savor them.


Good friends that let you just be you. When you talk on the phone you’re able to pick up where you left off :)

– A comfortable couch to rest on at the end of a long day…

– Our small apartment, filled with all the things we need + just a few things we want. There’s simply not room for too many wants, which is such a blessing to us. And honestly, sometimes I have to remind myself of this. Instead, our focus when at home is on the people that fill the rooms: our family + our neighbors [we have amazing neighbors!]

– Handmade in the home. Have you heard of The Tethered Crate?

– Sunshine. Los Angeles gives us a lot of sunshine. Every day I’m able to soak a little up when I take Bauer + Max for a walk, when we run errands, when we chat with our neighbors outside.

– A husband that loves me, and loves me intensely. Yesterday he put a notebook for me to use on the kitchen table [I like to scribble ideas down when I’m away from home] and inside he wrote, “My sweet Maggie, I cherish you.” LOVE!

– New products. Yes, even more new Gussy products. It’s been a slow transition balancing work + mamahood. So when a new idea strikes it has me feeling thankful. I love love love my job; it’s a real blessing to our family.

– Our upcoming anniversary. Five lovely, adventurous years with my Zack…

– A pitcher of iced-tea in the fridge. A new obsession!

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Tell me, what “things” have you in thanks?


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    I sometimes stop and remind myself that it’s the little things to be grateful for in everyday life. It really puts everything into perspective. As for me, the most thing I am super-grateful for is my family :)

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    Mama Gus says

    I’m thankful for God’s love and grace which surround me every day; for the good health of our 3 grandsons; for good friends; for children that rank family as highly as we do; and for so much more.

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    I’m thankful for my hubby Dave and my sweet baby Charlie! For all the little blessings and provisions God has given us over the past three years of marriage and for the beautiful day after several days of rain!

    Your pictures and your posts are always so inspiring!

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    I started a gratitude journal in March where I’ve been writing down at least three things I’m grateful for as close to daily as possible. The nice thing about the journal is that no matter how many times I “fail” by missing a day I find that I still come back to it again (unlike a certain 52 weeks project that’s been on hiatus for a few weeks now…).

    Right now I’m grateful for:
    -Running (I’m still a newbie at only 4 weeks)
    -New beginnings (We have two big changes come up for our family this year)
    -Family vacations (I’ll be spending a week with Mom + Dad soon)
    -A supportive partner

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    What a sweet hubby you have! Love getting thoughtful messages, little gifts from my fiance too:) I honestly get where you are coming from with life being crazy busy (though I don’t have a newborn on top of it!). I’ve been feeling stretched pretty thing lately. There’s still so much to be thankful for though, like you said. Thank you for the reminder! Oh and SO excited for new Gussy products! I’m thinking of giving one of your zippered pouches to each of my bridesmaids!

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    Leah says

    Very busy, indeed!

    Happy Anniversary to the both of you! We are celebrating 21 blessed years in just a few days! -So it seems like we are close in our dates!

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