{Reflections of Motherhood.}

My dear friend Anna in Minneapolis sent me this link the other day. When Zack came home from work I still hadn’t played it; a part of me was wanting someone near by when I clicked that triangular button, I knew this video would be a beautiful prelude for what’s to come…

To all the moms out there — no matter how many children you have, on Earth or in Heaven; no matter what brought you to becoming a mom — we have so much to celebrate :)

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    Diane Taylor says

    Thank you for sharing this video. I have to admit that I sobbed thru most of it. You see, I became a mom on April 25th 1987 to my miracle boy Jonathan Paul Daily. On March 1 2012 God called him home when his apartment caught fire. Life has not been the same for me since that day, but deep in my heart I am still Jonathans mom. I still remember vividly what those last few days before he was born were like. The smell of all those clothes freshly washed and waiting for him. Baby power and diapers. Jonathan was my only child, and I always tried to teach him by example. Now it is him that is teaching me to live my life without fear, to celebrate who I am, and praise God for letting me be a mom.

    Blessings to you Maggie as you wait for your little one. It will change your life in so many good ways!

    Xxooo Diane

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    Franchesca says

    I cried. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. You are going to be one amazing mama, I just know it. Xoxoxo

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    Julie says

    Whata great video! Made me a little teary as this morning we are going to look at a preschool for my baby (almost 4 yr old).

  4. 10


    This is so beautiful! My advice to all new moms: listen to advice but do what works for YOU and your baby. Every baby is different and every momma is different. What works for one momma may not work for you and that is OK. You can only be the best momma that YOU were meant to be. And besides trusting your own instincts – trust the One who gave you this precious gift and let Him lead the way. You will be a wonderful momma! :)

  5. 12


    I just watched the video and then saw the comment from my sweet friend Diane. Love you friend!

    My journey into motherhood had quite a few bumps but I came out on the others side a better woman, wife, mother and friend. It is the ultimate blessing to be a mother. :)

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    Beautiful video – so many truths there to absorb – but I would add an important addition and that is THERE IS A MANUAL – for each and every child, made in the image of God. The Manufacturer (God) has got a comprehensive Guide Book (the world’s all time best-seller) complete with amazing illustrations, straight talk and guaranteed results for every child born on this planet. If only parents would take the time to read it and take it to heart there would be so many less frustrations, disappointments, and stresses for parents and their children – it’s the Word of God and it is still absolutely relevant, applicable and reliable. I don’t know how to be a mommy aside from the principles for daily living I find each day in the Bible.

  7. 14


    That was so beautiful and true!! Loved watching that. Might have to share on our Annie & Isabel page too:-)

    Wishing you the best of luck on your upcoming delivery. You will be an amazing mom!!


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    Love the one about how Google doesn’t have children :] I would add..love God first, your husband second and your kids third. This is really hard to do once you hold that little bundle, but it is God’s design! Also, pray over your child daily! God has a plan for that little nugget of yours!!!

    Prayers for you Gussy in your final days :] Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!!!!

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    Cindy C. says

    I loved this video! Everything they said is true. I agree that kids come after your husband only because if you nurture and keep a good,loving relationship with your hubby this will show your children how relationships should be. This is a lesson me and my hubby have learned. Also cherish every single moment no matter how exhausting because before you know it they will be grown having their own children. My oldest is now 14 and so wish I had cherished more of her moments when she was an exhausting baby, toddler and now teen. In four short years she will be leaving us for college. Just thinking of it makes be cry. LOL

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    Jen says

    Oh, my heart. I’ve been a momma for 4 years. All four of those years as a single mom. I’ll be married in 6 weeks and hoping to become a momma again sometime next year. Even though it was challenging and I didn’t think we’d survive, I’ll always cherish the time we had together just her and I.

  11. 23


    I love this video. Everything every mama said is so true. Before watching the video the first thought that came to my mind was – “Get ready to love like you have never loved before. You will feel whole, you will feel complete and like you could burst with love.” Enjoy this new journey! Oh, and, it’s hard too. It’s ok to cry. A lot. After baby comes. And, go through a period of resentment and disbelief that this is your new life. Once you accept those feelings – you’ll go right back to falling in love.

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    Rachel says

    Loved this video!!! Just became a new mom 3 weeks ago and it’s been amazing and tough all at the same time! This video was a sweet blessing to watch!

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