{On learning that “new” doesn’t always have to hurt. // #VDAYMUGSWAP}





coffee cup + saucer from Anthropologie

There’s no holding back, I love a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. But what makes this morning routine even more fun is sipping coffee out of a meaningful mug. When Zack + I decided to move to Los Angeles we knew we wouldn’t be able to bring too many of our personal, meaningful items. We held a garage sale and sold a lot of our things, but we ultimately gave much more away. This process of emptying our home for our next big adventure was an emotional one. Some days it seemed very easy to continue preparing; other days were filled with big, hot tears as we made brave decisions together. Letting go of things is hard, ya know?

Preparing for this cross-country move meant we were only able to bring a few of our items with us: clothing, my sewing machine, a couple dishes + silverware, 1 set of bed sheets + pillows, 1 towel (seriously), some things for Bauer and lastly any critical documents.

Our Jeep was packed to the roof as we left our Minneapolis driveway in search for our new Los Angeles driveway.

We did ship a few boxes of picture frames/home decor and Gussy Sews supplies, but in reality our Los Angeles apartment is filled with a lot of “new”.

And “new” can be hard. “New” can hurt.

The actual move wasn’t what made my heart hurt, it was the increased distance between us and our families (they’re still in Michigan). And — to be honest, parting with some of our possessions made my heart hurt a little, too. We seem to move often, and by often I mean in almost 5 years of marriage we’ve lived in 3 states, 4 cities and 5 homes. We don’t collect a lot of junk, so the items we end up moving with us year after year mean something to us.

Our new Los Angeles kitchen may be filled with new items…

…but it’s also filled with visual reminders of being brave, chasing adventures, the blessings God has given Zack + I.

Like how our fridge is covered in ultrasound photos as we anxiously away our first baby’s arrival in the next couple of weeks. Oh my heart, writing that out makes my blue eyes fill with those oh-so-familiar big, hot tears.

Yes, we are so blessed, even amongst the “new”.

But back to that pretty new coffee cup I tease you with in the photos above :) A few weeks ago I signed up to participate in my first ever “Swap Hop”, hosted by Caroline of Sew Caroline and Alissa of Rags to Stitches, with the idea that two bloggers would swap mugs + treats in celebration of Valentine’s Day. By the way, I love all the photos that have been #VDAYMUGSWAP tagged on Instagram :)

Morgan from Binks and Babe and I became Swap Hop partners and she gifted me with my favorite candies: sour patch kids + peanut butter M&Ms. And as we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow I find myself blessed once more. There’s a beautiful new mug sitting in my kitchen counter, reminding me that “new” doesn’t have to hurt. In fact, sipping coffee out of my new mug from Morgan will forever remind me of our braveness in moving to Los Angeles.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

Where does your heart settle with “new”?

[Sending you lots of prayers and warm thoughts, M.]


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    Andrea says

    In my 9.5 years of marriage I’ve lived in 3 states and 8 homes. I too, started my life in Michigan and now live in California. When my kids were little we packed our family and moved across the country to work in ministry. I know the pain of leaving behind my family to chase the adventure God has put before me. Although I’ve never downsized and gotten rid of the items in my home, I understand how and why that affects you the way it does, especially after moving across the country. Sometimes brave souls need comforting reminders that they are grounded somewhere and not just aimless wanderers like they sometimes feel. I hope these next couple weeks treat you well as you prepare to deliver your tiny new person into the world! I hope and pray for you that you feel at home in your home. I look forward to your posts to come, and hear your heart when you are able to pick up writing again.


  2. 11


    What a gorgeous mug. Yes, I hope this little “new” treasure will bring you some comfort as you sort out the days ahead. God is a great and might God and He has much in store for you, your husband and little bundle on the way. I

    I have walked in your shoes a time or two and it is hard, but God has a way of providing what, who, where, what and how when we needed the most.

    Blessings and take care of that mug of comfort!

  3. 13


    I see God in the new, because He is the creator of endless possibilities and the only One who can take our hopes and dreams and say, “I can take this mess and make it beautiful.”

    (I’m headed to San Diego in a few weeks, flying in and out of LAX. Want anything from Minneapolis?)

  4. 15


    That cup and saucer set is ace! I have soooo many mugs and cups to choose from when I’m drinking my daily cuppa – I should probably get rid of a few too. Although I think I would find it really hard as I tend to get attached to things quite easily.


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