{Oh, just a couple of life updates…}

Oh my, this week started out intense and it has! not! let! up! :)

With Zack working in the film production/media field, every once-in-a-while he works super long days + all weekend. And so was the case for us this week, starting on Saturday of last week. Both weekend days he headed to the office to help wrap up the files + details for the Superbowl commercials they’re working on. Pretty exciting! But it’s meant for a quiet-yet-crazy-busy week around the Whitley house. We’re hoping to make some progress with baby furniture this weekend since last weekend was, uhhh, non-progressive.

Not to mention the insanely warm weather, like 80* outside. Which is so so crazy, because our families back in Michigan are experiencing negative degree weather. YIKES! I was telling my mom on the phone earlier this week how thankful I am to be living in a state where I’m able to walk Bauer not only once, but twice, because the weather has been so gorgeous. This is seriously so different for Zack + I. We’ve been midwest people all our lives. Until now… I think we’re still adjusting :)

I am nearing the home stretch with this pregnancy and, ohhhh my goodness my emotions are all over the place. I’m super excited. Then I feel very nervous. Then I find myself absolutely unable to get comfortable, day or night. All I want to do is either walk, lay on my side or eat fruit. I still can’t get enough fruit. Pregnancy is an incredible thing… the way our bodies transform, that there’s a little person inside my belly, is incredible. Let’s just say I’ve been praying a lot, for peace for the remaining of the pregnancy + for help as I prepare to push Baby out. {giggles nervously} I’m not quite ready for that part yet ;)

And Mr. Bauer — he’s been the perfect pup. In fact, the other day I told him it was time for naptime and what did he do? Why, he brought me his bed. Oh yes. Once Baby comes, my guess is Bauer will be the King of naptime. He practically dances around my feet if it gets too late in the day and I haven’t laid down yet. This dog never refuses a good nap, ha!


Other interesting things:

…it is now raining. And from what I hear from the locals, it never rains in Southern California.

…we picked out newborn outfits for coming home with Baby last night. And they are SO SO CUTE! :)

…hoping to meet up with this friend over the weekend.

…BIG changes coming Saturday morning. Be sure to come by the blog to see what I mean ;)


So, what’s new with y’all? Are you experiencing freezing weather? Warm weather? Busy weeks? Slow weeks?  Share with me below! xoxo


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    It DOES rain in So Cal, just not very much! I love every time it rains. Picking “coming home outfits” was one of my favorite things with my babies. So very special. Especially when you get to pick out one for each gender. This is such a magical time!

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    I was obsessed with eating fruit too when I was pregnant! So weird, but better than craving hamburgers or pizza I guess (actually, I’m pretty sure I craved those too…)

  3. 9


    Wow! I can hardly believe that you are so close to meeting baby :) I just got to my 3rd trimester and already am feeling that time crunch–goodness, things really do start to move fast! (I also think I could live on fruit!). I adore that Bauer is enjoying a good nap with you too :) Here, in Texas, we are experiencing beautiful weather–75, not muggy, and sunny (I’ll take it because once it gets hot–it gets hot!). But, as a Minnesota girl (born and raised), I do feel a little bad that the rest of the family is enjoying -5 ;)
    Can’t wait to see that babe in his/her new outfit!!

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    I’ve been a lurker for a while now but I thought I’d comment on this one since I’m also pregnant! (with my second). I’m about 30 weeks along so we’re not too far apart ;) I just wanted to tell in hopes that it will bring you some peace (if you can find some peace from a stranger?), that I was nervous my WHOLE pregnancy with my first just for the delivery – HOW in the world would I push that baby out? I think though, that God gives us 40 weeks because by the end of that time we’re prepared to do anything to get this little baby out of us so we can be comfortable again :) I remember after the delivery thinking, “why did I worry about that for so long?” I don’t want to say it was easy, but lots of women share their experience like it was terrible. To some, I believe it is, but I just wanted to let you know that for me, who was also nervous about the pain and the pushing and all that, it was not bad at all compared to what I had expected :) This pregnancy, I’m not really nervous at all for the delivery! :) So, I hope that helps even a little? After the experience you’ll giggle at the fact that every day for 40 weeks you were nervous about it ;)

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      @Hope, You are a gem. Thank you so much for this… I actually laughed reading the line about after 40 weeks we’re prepared to do anything to get comfortable again. Totally true :) Thank you Hope… xoxo

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    Jennifer says

    I’ve been lurking too as well. I have two kids, 5 and 16 months, and I feel you on the phase that you’re in. You’re restless but you’re tired. You’re nervous and excited. You are a bundle of hormones and emotions and you have to pee all of the time. It’s just crazy. Crazy to believe, but I loved it. The hardest part is not the childbirth; that’s physical and you will recover from it. The hardest part for me was the lack of sleep because I felt like it altered my personality temporarily. I don’t know how to advise anyone to prepare for it, but just keep in mind when you nap now. Nap while you can and enjoy it. Enjoy this time! You have so many people who are excited for you!

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    I laughed out loud at your dog bringing you his bed! That is hilarious. Also, not gonna lie, I am a little jealous of your weather right now! I’m so ready for spring/summer…

  7. 17


    take all the naps you can! that’s the best part about a first pregnancy- next time around the naps are never as plentiful, even though the exhaustion and discomfort is!
    i am so jealous of your weather!
    i am a winnipeg girl and we have been in a cold snap since mid-december. colder than it has been in years. it’s been around -40 with the windchill every day for almost a week now. it is craaaaaaazy!! (yes, i did mean -40, NOT -4!!!) i have 4 kids and we’re basically leaving the house once every ten days- it’s too cold for me to convince myself to get out otherwise! i so want to move to california right now. our poor dog hasn’t been walked in months- she would kill for a little summer heat too i think!

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    I too was always nervous about delivery, but by the time your due date hits (and I went ten days over) you are just so desperate to have your body back you’ll do anything. :) I remember the anticipation, though. It’s quite exciting! I’m looking forward to finding out what gender the baby will be – I’m pretty good at guessing just based on pictures. Time will tell!

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    Oh my goodness, I can hardly wait for you to have this baby! You’d think I was the aunt or something. ;)

    My emotions have been all over the place this week, too. A popular blogger posted about a wallet she purchased from me, and my sales in just 48 hours have been nearly what an average month is for me. I alternate between jumping for joy and being terrified. Lots of praying going on for wisdom for the next step, especially since I feel like it needs to happen soon!

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    It’s been a pretty crazy week around here as well. We’re moving soon, getting the moving company in order & searching for a new place to live. On top of all that, we found out that our 2nd little is going to be a boy!!!! So excited, but such an emotional week for me :)

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    Alicia says

    My bets are on a little girl for you lovely!!! I craved nothing but fruit with my daughter, just like u.
    I ate 5 punnets of strawberries in a week!! Can u beat my record?? ;) haha

  12. 29


    oh that weather sounds divine, you escaped MN just in time, had highs of below zero, it’s just not right!! It may make me move to a tropical island, which has always been a dream of mine anyway… hang in there, the last weeks of pregnancy are the worst, I remember the pain. but it’s all worth every second, once your holding that precious baby. You are about to experience God’s greatest gift (besides his son)..

  13. 30


    It’s sooo cold over here, and for the past few days we’ve had everything from snow to rain, and it’s been really windy, so it’s definitely not easy to be outside. Other than that I’m not super busy, but I still have a lot of things to do, so I’m kind of busy – but with the ability to take a break when I want to. :) About Zack and the lack of time – I totally get you. My boyfriend’s a visual designer, so he often has to work at home to, and he comes home at 6PM to begin with. But you know, we’re young, and all of this better pay of one day. :)

    I’m happy you live in a warm place, dressing up has to be easier. Can you imagine putting on a coat and a bunch of other stuff to be able to go out if you lived in a colder state? :D


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      @Alice, When I flew home to Michigan I had to buy a coat, and I bought a regular jacket (non-maternity) because I wanted to be able to wear it post-baby. It felt weird to have my bump popping out all the time. I can’t imagine really needing a proper coat, like if we lived in Michigan. It would feel like a tent ;)

  14. 32


    Oh, forgot to explain it a bit more – the dressing up part – I think it’s harder because of the baby bump, especially if you have to put on a coat and all that.

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