{Do you need an excuse to show up to your neighbors house? Announcing (in)RL, your new favorite [local] conference.}

My friends over at (in)courage are hosting their second annual girls weekend // no need to actually get on an airplane to see these girlfriends // wanna meet new friends that already live in your neighborhood, you just don’t know it? // the perfect excuse to hang out with friends, eat chocolate + cry together {admit it, you love it} for a weekend, via (in)RL.

THE BEST PART: registration starts today, and it’s free!

(in)courage is a faith-based blog, linked to DaySpring. Since launching a few years ago, (in)courage has built an amazing foundation for community. So it makes total sense for them to birth (in)RL, short for “(in) Real Life” — dontcha think?

PS. Did you know (in)courage + Gussy Sews go all the way back to 2010 when I designed these laptop bags for each writer? #yeow

I hope some of my new Los Angeles friends are planning on attending (in)RL, because I’m planning to show up at one of their houses with a brand new snugly baby in my arms ;D



how to register: all you have to do is click here

the dates: Friday, April 26 + Saturday, April 27, 2013

what we will be chatting about: “Last year we explored the nitty gritty of community. This year we’re taking a closer look at what it takes to stay rooted in community when sometimes just walking away would be so much easier and tons more convenient. Women share stories of how they’ve chosen to stay through hard marriages, challenging parenting, worthwhile friendships. How choosing to stay has freed them more fully and unexpectedly than if they’d cut and run.”

bonus: everyone who registers TODAY {January 14} receives a copy of this daily calendar {US residents only}


So tell me — how many of you attended (in)RL last year? And how many of you are going to attend this year? And if any of you reading are in Los Angeles, PLEASE let me know if you’re hosting. that is, if you want me to show up at your house ;)


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    I hosted last year in Marshall MN….am hoping to host again, unless someone else really has the desire to do so! But we had 4 women last year and while it was small, we had a great time of fellowship! Didn’t take pictures though….will have to change that this year! :)

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    This will be my 1st year attending…in fact, it’s my 1st time EVER hosting a meet up. I must be out of my mind but this year is a new beginning and I want to come out of my shell and meet other ladies. It’s a good thing I have until April to prepare. :)

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