{A peek into our nursery…}

NURSERY ART: You Belong With Me c/o Livy Love Designs, Elephant print c/o Mandipidy, Do Small Things With Great Love c/o Pen & Paint, customized/embroidered maternity silhouette, Mrs. Pate Makes, “loved” embroidered hoop c/o Home For Hire, stenciled/wooden art c/o Little Penelope Lane, Be Still & Know c/o Pen & Paint

itty bitty onsies, handmade crocheted blankets from my mama, bath towels + washcloths…

some of Baby’s toys: a sock monkey from MI friends, elephant rattle/blankie + Little Alouette

It’s been so fun to see different parts of the baby’s nursery come together these last few weeks. Even though we’re in a one-bedroom apartment we’ve been able to create a little corner for Baby, and I have to admit ~ it’s the sweetest sight to wake up to in the morning :) And soon, in just a few weeks really, there will be a baby sleeping over there!!! Ahh :) so so exciting!

With our move in September to California we started fresh with our bedroom colors {we brought minimal bedding/blankets}. We decided to mimic the colors we picked for the nursery, which is lite gray, cream + orange so the shared space was complimentary. So far we have the changing table + heirloom baby cradle assembled and art hung on the wall. Baby’s clothes have been washed + organized, too. Ohhhh my gosh, I can’t believe how miniature everything is :)

Next on the to-buy list is a dresser for babe. We totally lucked out, our personal closet has a huge built-in storage unit inside — which means Zack + I don’t need a dresser for our clothes. Whew! Talk about a space saver…

I’m really looking forward to these final weeks leading up to my time away from work. I know it’s going to feel so weird to step back for a few weeks, but hey, I have the best excuse possible: our baby to hold + family close by. I’m finalizing some amazing things to publish on my blog during that time, including shop updates {wink wink}. It’s going to be so different, but so so great. I’ll share more photos of the nursery in a couple of weeks, once we have everything in place.


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    I can’t believe it’s almost time!!! Everything looks so precious Maggie! I love it all! You’ve done a great job minimizing your space! Way to go! Enjoy every moment just you and Zack and then REALLY soak in that baby time! It goes so so so fast! I’m so excited!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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    it was so hard stepping away from Funky Vintage Lovely when we got our foster baby at 6 weeks old {he was so so tiny…only 8 pounds}. but I knew he needed me. All of me. I have taken pretty much a year off and don’t reget one single minute. Our finances have been tighter without Funky Vintage Lovely money…but I have not one single reget. That first year goes by way too fast. Take your time and enjoy that babe. Your Gussy Sews community will be there waiting for you when the time is right to return. Love your heart Maggie!

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    Casi says

    I am so happy to see the changing table is getting lots of love already!! I am so happy I was able to get it for you. well, on behalf of cupcakeMAG! Everything looks sooooo great. You have one very lucky baby!!!! Can’t wait to see more!!!

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    SO fun! I’m getting so baby hungry, my baby turns 4 tomorrow! So excited to find out what you are having, enjoy this sweet time : )

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    Alicia says

    Hi Maggie!!
    I know your living in a 1 bedroom apartment, but to have your baby so close is awesome!! We have 5 bedrooms but still made a gorgeous corner in our bedroom for our baby Nate. Hes 7 months old and I love that hes so close, has his own little space but still share with us..
    I cant wait to hear your exciting news.. not long to go now!!
    I love all your prints by the way!! gorgeous
    take care xxxxxx

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    Love the artwork…so adorable!

    I noticed you have some baby products on your dresser…have you heard of the site http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ ?
    You can check the chemical levels of the products you use on yourself & baby. I did this with the Mustela products that we were using and was shocked when they had certain carcinogens and fragrances.

    good luck, lady–you are SO close to baby day!


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    Angelle! I had no idea you were specializing in bihrts! I am so glad I came across your blog. Now I have someone to refer everyone that still emails me from Louisiana. Love love love all the pictures. It’s such a magical moment to capture for families and I am sure you feel about it the same way I do. Yay! I have answers now.


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