{Baby Bump — 27 week update}

outfit details: skinny jeans + purple shirt | boots | bag + cowl, my shop | orange ring, flea market

eeeeek — in 12 weeks we’ll be holding our baby!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Saturday morning coffee + evening Peppermint tea

Yesterday morning I woke up to a text from a friend, wondering if we wanted to meet them at The Grove. OF COURSE we did!, so we got ready as fast as we could. It was so fun to spend the afternoon outside together. I kept one hand on my tummy and the other wrapped around Zack’s. We went into a couple of kiddie stores and looked at their stuffed animals/dolls, ornaments + bedding. It was so warming to think about the little baby tucked inside my tummy like a basketball.

Baby is about 16″ long, weighs almost 3 pounds. Baby’s hearing is progressing and s/he can probably recognize our voices. Any guesses whose voice baby hears more often? ;) Baby’s taste buds are developed and is probably hiccuping inside me as a reaction to what I eat. I haven’t felt any hiccups yet {that I know of} but the kicking is in full force! It’s amazing to see my tummy jump out of the corner of my eye. Did you know it takes about 2 hours for baby to taste the foods I eat?

A couple of months ago I was sure we were having a baby girl, but lately I really have no idea. Zack keeps asking me what I think we’re having and I just stare at him, looking clueless. Ha! I don’t know if this is normal but I am feeling so uncomfortable lately. Like an old lady. To put on my shoes I must sit down or hold on to something… ha! It’s going to be so different to have a baby in my arms in about 12 weeks instead of inside my belly. Inside my belly is all we’ve known. Makes me so excited!!!


Friday night we had Zack’s work holiday party. It was so fun to get dressed up and sip Shirley Temples and mingle with his co-workers. My mom bought me a black/silver sparkles tunic back in September ~ I’ve been waiting for a chance to wear it! I dabbed on some lipstick, Zack wore a bow tie, and we headed out. I think we need to have a couple more fancy + fun date nights like that before baby comes in March :)

fancy + fun date night on Friday // outfit details: Heidi Klum top | leggings + cardigan | wedges


My two aunts are throwing me a baby shower in Michigan in just a couple of weeks. And oh my goodness, I am soooooo excited to fly home, spend time with my family, and giggle over cute baby gifts. My week at home is already planned out: I’m going to sit on the couch with my mom and spend a lot of time talking about baby Whitley. Perfection.


Being this far away from our family has been really hard for me, especially because Christmas is nearing. I know California is the right place for us to be, but sometimes it feels extra sad to be away from Michigan. I didn’t even want to decorate for Christmas because it felt so different! Being in Minneapolis we could easily drive home, but now that we’re in Los Angeles it’s an expensive plane ride home. Zack’s going to stay in LA while I’m gone the week before Christmas. I’ll have to bring home back a little jar of {melted} snow :)

bits of handmade Christmas decor around our home/my workspace…

But, after feeling like I didn’t wanting to decorate for a couple of days something changed and I realized it was something we needed to do. I don’t want to miss out on experiencing joy just because something is different. When we moved to LA we brought our nativity, a small box of precious ornaments + three little felted trees. The rest of our Christmas/winter decorations were sold, given away or sent to MI with Zack’s parents. So one evening last week we put on some Christmas music, our jammies, and together Zack + I made some decorations.

It all started with wanting to add a bit of red, green + gold to our home, and I love how everything turned out.

I’m so glad I didn’t hold back on adding a bit more joy to our home just because things are different. Traveling to Tanzania was different, and we all know the blessing God poured into our family because of our obedience.

PS. Did you see this announcement?????


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  1. 1

    Mummylala says

    Yay, 12 weeks to go! :) I know that uncomfortable feeling well! Ha ha, I’ve had 5 pregnancies, 4 singletons and my last – twins! I only made it to 32 weeks with the twins but they are healthy 13.5 month olds now! Enjoy your date nights and baby shower! And co grays on sponsoring a child, it’s a wonderful feeling to know you are making a difference!

  2. 3

    Heidi says

    I have 3 kids and never found out what they were before they were born. In the very beginning of each pregnancy I had a feeling about what each baby was (boy or girl). After a while though, the further each pregnancy went, the less certain I became, making me feel clueless! In the end those early twinges were completely right though! Enjoy this precious time!!

  3. 5

    Stacey says

    Hormones can make your emotions all over the place, that’s for sure! I have two small pieces of advice… First, tell yourself that baby is NOT coming early! Most first babies come late, and any day around and after your due date will feel like an eternity. Hopefully you will be blessed with a baby that is not late, but there is very little guarantee.

    Second, find someone who you will feel totally comfortable with being around you right after the birth and for the first few weeks. You will need emotional support, if nothing else. No matter how excited and thrilled you are for this babe, the baby blues are very real and can make you feel hopeless, in the midst of your joy. I learned that the hard way when I had my first, so I set myself up with lots of support for the next two babies. I’m hoping to do the same this time. Most of it is because your hormones are on the crazy cycle of trying to regulate after birth and with breast feeding. It’s completely normal, but feels awful!

  4. 7


    You look adorable!! Can’t believe that the wee one will be here so soon–so fun + exciting! I can totally relate to feeling like it’s a little hard to get into the mood when you live so far away from family, friends, and snow! Even though this is my 5th Christmas-time in Texas, I still miss being up in Minnesota during this time like crazy! This morning, when I read that it had snowed 8 inches in my home town, I got a little teary-eyed. I blame that on the pregnancy hormones! hehe :) But, you are right!, you can still enjoy the season–even far away! Each year, I get better and better at enjoying the season–even if it is different than what I grew up loving :) have a lovely day!

  5. 15

    angeljoy says

    I love what you said about missing out on joy because things are different. ..wise words, ms Gussy!
    Remember I told you I found you by your finger knitting post? Well, I’m trying to teach my 9yo to knit and we followed your instructions and she made her very first skinny scarf! Oh she is sooo proud to have been able to make something, and it knitted up quickly! Any tips on teaching her to knit with the needles?
    {P.S. I’m hippychick_on twitter.} :)

  6. 16


    I to experienced moving during a pregnancy. {I struggled with loneliness despite knowing God desired us to move}.
    Stay positive despite it being hard at times. And stay busy!

    Also, I was convinced up until 20 weeks that my baby-to-be was a boy {supposedly I carried like the baby would be a boy} & behold a sweet baby girl came forth!

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