{weekly Gussy shop update + holiday order deadlines}

our medium zip pouches are super versatile! organize your lip-gloss collection, jewelry while traveling, store sunglasses, use as a small wallet — the uses are pretty much endless :)

Our small zips are equally as versatile! One of my favorite ways to use one is for my iPhone, and pssst! when I’m traveling I like to fill it up with business cards.

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I am loving the busyness of work life lately. Every morning when I pass by my desk to pour a cup of coffee I smile. Seriously, I smile! Work has been super exciting for me lately — all the updates and sewing {YES, ME! sewing product!} and constant work in preparation for the holidays has me nostalgic of years past. And these weekly shop updates are definitely helping bring those moments back :) When I started sewing almost four years ago I was constantly shifting from one project to the next. It made me feel alive with purpose and all the ideas I had were consistently coming to fruition. It’s good to be back in that kind of mentality…

And not only do we have a handful of new items in the shop, but I have two holiday order-by deadlines to share with you.

click here to shop Gussy Sews this holiday

SHARE WITH ME: Do you own a Gussy? What is your favorite items from our shop — or which items are on your holiday wish list? xoxo

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    Gussy, you are such an inspiration to me! I am just starting sewing and it is my dream to make it a business, which I could stay home with my twin girls. I know it takes a long time to get established, and I am keeping that in mind! I just ordered a small pouch for my iphone and can’t wait to get it in!! Thanks for all your inspiration!

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        @Gussy Sews, Right now, we have crocheted baby items (sweaters and blankets…hats coming soon, just need to be photographed); car wallets, crayon rolls, banners, bibs/burpies, etc. We have so many things half finished, but we want to have several in stock, and it takes time and both me and my MIL work full time and with have the girls, so it is a work in progress!!! :):) We are also working on Christmas applique sets…I want so bad to get a really great stocked shop, but it is taking forever!!!! :) And we have so many ideas. We need to work on just focusing on a few items, but we want to make everything! ha! I am learning, so it is so much fun to create new things. I have a really cute diaper/wipes case I have been working on, but havne’t perfected yet! Anyway, thanks again for all your inspiration, and I can’t wait for my small GUSSY!

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    Amanda says

    I own a small handful of Gussy fabulous-ness! The Topiwo zip pouch, the mint wristlet, a tangerine plaid small zip, a headband… I’m hoping for some new Gussy totes to pop up in the next week or two, as I’d love to see one under my tree for Christmas! =)

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    I <3 my zipped pouch with birdcages and red ruffle on it! It's my go to bag for my purse-I store lipstick, chapstick, keys, money, gum/mints, bobby pins, credit cards/bank cards, and anything else that I need to get to quickly!

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    Oh my Gussy products…how I love them! Two totes (I get TONS of compliments on them and pass out your website info!), and three (or four?) pouches. I even have a “vintage” Gussy checkbook cover that my hairdresser just commented on today! :) I’ve also given Gussy gifts to my girlfriends…can’t wait to see what all is coming out between now and Christmas!

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