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Recently, my husband and I made a huge decision to simplify our lives for the winter before a big move next spring — pretty close to what Maggie & Zack just did, getting rid of everything they owned and driving across the country.  Yes, this is the part where you can say ‘YIKES!!’. To say the least it’s interesting to take everything you have owned since your first apartment at age 17, and as you turn 32 just have 4 boxes of belongings!  With this more intentional way of living comes some simple life dreaming.

As I think about what our new city and home will be like, I can’t help to daydream of all the things I would like to do with our home.  We get a fresh start and with that our intentions of living simple will remain with us.

Today I’m sharing an easy project with you that I know will be something I use in our new home.  Do you have any home projects you will be working on soon?

Since Instagram is all the rage and the photos are already a square I decided to save a few photos from my feed* and print them on the paper.  Cut your photos to fit the frame of your tile and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge directly to the tile and place your photo on top.  Project tip: allow your printed photos to dry completely or use Mod Podge for paper for the first layer to prevent ink bleeds.

Smooth out the print to remove bubbles and allow for an even coverage, then apply another layer of Mod Podge over your photograph.  Allow some drying time and repeat to build up a few layers.  Once completely dry use clear sealer (spray or liquid, your choice) to prevent drink condensation or spills from ruining your work.  Project tip: I used clear spray sealer. Simply place tiles on paper and in a ventilated area spray each piece following the manufacturers instructions.

To prepare the bottom for table top use you can purchase pre-made felt sticky pads, some cork board or just make your own like I did.  Cut small circles of felt for each corner of the tile or a square large enough to cover bottom then adhere to tile (I used hot glue). Project tip: to get the best use out of your new coasters, lightly wipe clean or gently hand wash when needed.

This project is not only easy to make, but totally customizable, which makes it a fun project to do with friends or to use as a gift. You could snag a couple photos from one of your friends Instagram feeds and surprise them with a new set of personalized coasters.  

If you end up making a set of these tag Maggie (@gussysews) or myself (@thingslovely) on Instagram so we can see how they turned out!

*To print photos from your Instagram feed, use an online Instagram viewer like Ink361. Right click & save the photos you want to print — easy!

Heather Dawn is our DIY contributor and resides in Oregon. She stays busy juggling many roles: writer of JustLove.ly, full-time designer for {just.lovely.things} {an accessories line where she creates wardrobe accessories for magazines, tv shows & some amazing customers}, co-owner of the shop Fawn & Flora, and an indie subscription service called Love❤Club. She’s a huge fan looking at pretty things and attempting to make them.

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    Very cute idea! I’m going to have to look through my photos to see if I have any that would be perfect for this project. Now I’m really curious where across the country you are moving to? :)


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