{Handmade Business in 31 Days: series recap}

For the entire month of October I published a post on Handmade Business. Some posts included tips to share, others addressed topics we personally have had to work through the challenging way, and other posts were a bit more simple yet thought-prov0king. Participating in this series was a brand new experience for me, however I know many of you have participated before in this annual series The Nester started {y’all are brave!}.

day 2: The importance of a blog.

I knew writing a business post for 31 days straight would challenge me in unique ways, and of course I had that moment of doubt — Did I really want to commit to this? — right before October started but, I kept at it. And I’m so glad I did. Writing this series ignited emotions I forgot I once inside me. When you own a business, and specifically a handmade one where everything we do, make and share feels so personal, you invest so much of your soul into it. And sometimes it’s easy to forget about those investments.

day 15: Developing your product/style.

Side note: yesterday I watched a biz video on amateur verses pro and the simple concept shared has me on my toes once again. I seriously LOVE when that happens!

Handmade Business in 31 Days was an amazingly successful series and I am very much appreciate of all the interaction + feedback you have provided. I wrote this series with all of you in mind, but I walked away from it with a few new ideas/realizations, which I very much appreciate. Your feedback throughout the entire month of October was amazing. Thank you :)

day 27: Holiday Tips.


Day 1// Knowing when to say ‘no’.

Day 2// The importance of a blog.

Day 3// Gaining support from your spouse/partner.

Day 4// Creating goals.

Day 5// How to handle copycats.

Day 6// Where to buy materials.

Day 7// Managing your email.

Day 8// Find quotes that inspire you.

Day 9// Addressing your biggest issue.

Day 10// Linky Parties: To participate or not.

Day 11// What to do during your slow seasons.

Day 12// Shipping madness.

Day 13// Do something: Having the courage to make mistakes.

Day 14// Taking time to rest.

Day 15// Developing your product/style.

Day 16// Work vs. Family Time

Day 17// How to network via email.

Day 18// Perfecting your elevator speech.

Day 19// My thoughts on moving a business across the country.

Day 20// Tackling writers block.

Day 21// Creating an editorial calendar.

Day 22// Having grace towards others.

Day 23// Is it still handmade if I don’t make it myself?

Day 24// How to move forward when you have a lot going on.

Day 25// Working from home.

Day 26// Trapped: On being courageous.

Day 27// Holiday tips.

Day 28// How to creatively package an order.

Day 29// Traveling to conferences.

Day 30// Hiring help.

Day 31// How to accurately price your handmade products.

+ + +

What post(s) spoke to you the most? Which post ignited a fire inside of you — one that is challenging you to follow your passions + purpose? I wrote this above, but just so you know — I’m really so appreciative + thankful of all the interaction, questions, feedback you left. xoxo

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  1. 1


    All these posts were so helpful & perfectly timed!
    Some that really stood out to me are: Days 9, 15, 17, 18, 29, & 31.
    I’m still learning on the networking email portion {sometimes I feel silly} but when the right blog/shop comes along I’m ready :) Thank you for all your indie biz advice/encouragement.

  2. 3


    Each post gave me SO much to think about. I need to go back and read them again and really do my homework. But Day 4 (Creating goals) & Day 15 (Developing you product/style) are things I really need to work on asap!
    p.s. did you happen to get my email?

  3. 6


    The pricing post (day 31) changed my business. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m just beginning, but to be able to start off considering all of these things is so helpful. If not for that post, I would be selling at my first craft fair next week and only breaking even (and barely paying myself; I just guessed on pricing). Now I’m pricing at a point where I can look ahead and have money to reinvest in my business! I can never thank you enough for explaining so clearly how to price. Best small business article I’ve ever read. As Dave Ramsey says, you have the heart of a teacher!

    • 7


      @Jessica, OH my goodness, what a testimony you have left here!!!! Thank you so much Jessica!!!!!! But more than that, I’m so glad you’ve figured out the pricing “monster” — that is so huge and I can’t wait to hear how your craft fair sales are!!!! :) Having knowledge over your business is such a powerful thing, don’t forget that :)

  4. 8


    Thank you so much for putting it altogether in one place! Networking via email, making an editorial calendar, and perfecting my elevator speech really spoke to me and gave me a little push to take some action. Thank you again for this amazing content!

  5. 10

    Jenny says

    Hey girl!! I know I’m a little late BUT Thanx so much for spending the time to share your wisdom with others. (Oh and your baby bump is cute too) I have a question I’m not sure if I just missed a blog about it or not? So…. I feel like I have so many ideas for a great shop based on my favorite things. But my questions is two part: how many different kinds of items makes a good shop and if items aren’t related is it weird? ( for example can I survive with just one item with different designs to start out then expand later?) thank you so much!

    • 11


      @Jenny, Work towards having a collection in your shop. The relating theme to your collection could be type of product, type of material — that sort of thing. Maybe you have a seasonal-themed shop which allows you to transition through the products you offer a bit more often? xo

  6. 13

    Christine says

    I just finished reading the whole series and I just want to thank you for all the tips you’ve shared. I’m now more ready to work hard on this new venture of mine. Such a great guide! Thanks again and you’re awesome!

  7. 14


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