{Baby Bump — 23 week update}

outfit details: orange striped top + yellow ring, c/o Francescas | gray wedges, Payless | skinny jeans, Motherhood Maternity | gray tank, Target

So much has changed since last week — except looking at these photos + comparing them to last week’s bump update I don’t think you could tell. One big change is my growing belly. Trying to find a comfy position at night has been so hard!!! And I feel like it takes me two whole minutes to get out of bed, which is a long time when you need to get up in the middle of the night ;) And I’ve been feeling the baby kick multiple times a day. Baby’s movements feel like tiny explosions, and what’s crazy is Zack can feel them too. I LOVE IT! The beginning of my second trimester I found myself taking naps almost every day, but since we flew home to Michigan in late-September I haven’t been napping… which makes me fall asleep pretty easily at night. But yeowwww!, I’d sure love a nap now and then ;)

We built the cradle + changing table last weekend and it’s official: our bedroom has turned into part nursery.

And then with clothes, I am getting more + more limited with what I can wear that’s not maternity. This orange striped shirt… oh it’s my favorite!, but I’m going to have to swap it out for a longer shirt soon, ha!

Tonight I’m headed to a Madewell + Pollinate Media event in Costa Mesa. I can’t wait for girl time + shopping! If you’re in the area you should stop by! xoxo

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    Oh I so remember those days of un-comfy sleeping and the rocking, 1-2-3 heave hoe out of bed lol can’t believe I’m considering it a 3rd time ;) haha I hope you either get a nap or can find a way to sleep comfy at night-the sleeping only gets worse the bigger you get. :(

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    What a sweet baby belly! Congratulations to you and your husband! Pregnancy is such an amazing miracle (love the kicks!) and then to meet the little person that has been knit together by our Creator…yes, the miracle! Happy day to you!

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    Your bump is adorable! Body pillows are a must and squeeze into those non-maternity items as long as you can! Wardrobe options will be more limited soon :)

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    You look darling. I remember those uncomfortable days. My favorite pregnancy story was being fifteen months pregnant with my first born (who was 9lbs, which means I was…um…laaaaaarge) and driving a little beat up truck that we named “The Pup.” We bought The Pup to haul stuff back and forth from Lowes as we were rehabbing a house. It was middle of summer and super hot and the only way I could comfortably wear my hair was in two long braids. I took it out one day (and you have to picture this truck. I was white and rusty and had a hole in the floor so you could see the road buzzing by as you drive. No joke, we bought it for about 500 bucks), and I was so big that I had to take a little running start to get in it and even when I managed to haul my pregnant behind up onto the seat it took 3.5 minutes to shimmy and move around until I was fitted snug behind the wheel. I got a ton of funny looks driving it around, until I realized that with my braids, no make up and no wedding ring (fingers were swollen) I looked like a poor little teenager who’d been knocked up and left behind.

    I did not drive that truck ever again. :)

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    this is my first time commenting, so first of all CONGRATULATIONS! i’m a little late to the game there ;)

    second, it only gets better from here! and when that sweet baby comes? your life as you know it is OVER in the absolute best way possible. God is so good!

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    My mom made sure she had some sort of bedtime routine so that I would anticipate going to sleep soon when I was in her belly (can’t say I remember, haha). Not sure if that helps getting in and out of bed but she said i would’nt be fussy in the womb while she was trying to get some shut eye when she did this =)

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    You are too adorable! I am taking outfit notes from you–since I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow. I’m definitely at that in-between stage where nothing quite fits (pants, mostly!), but I’m dragging my feet about going shopping for maternity stuff!
    ps. I love how cute your baby bump is!

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    Oh, you’re so cute! I had so many pillows to sleep with when I was pregnant! I had a small one under my belly (I had to lay on my side because I couldn’t breathe if I was on my back!), one between my knees, and one shoved up behind my back so I didn’t have to strain to hold myself from rolling backwards. HA! Maybe see if the couch is a comfy napping spot for you, too. Good luck, Maggie! Can’t WAIT to meet your little bean!! :) xoxo

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    Oh, and as for wardrobe? I lived in maxi dresses! Maybe by adding long leggings and a sweater, you would be warm enough? Plus, you can find them on sale since they’re ‘out of season’! :)

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    Dixie Torres says

    Just want to say that I LOVE your fun stuff! Also, I am a momma of two boys and we didn’t find out the gender either pregnancy. Best decision we ever made. It was so fun anticipating if we were having a boy or girl. It also made my “planner” friends mad so that was funny too. They couldn’t stand not knowing!! When the boys were born it was just the best surprise ever! I had breast cancer at 32 and so I know life is full of unhappy surprises……these two were the most precious of all! So kudos to you for being in the minority. I think it is awesome! Can’t wait to find out what your little doll baby will be:).


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      @Dixie Torres, oh yes — there are many emotions/responses sent our way: angry, stressed out, shocked, it’s a little crazy ;) but we have learned to enjoy more of life’s surprises! and so glad we can relate to each other! xoxo

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