{2-day pop-up Gussy SALE — yeowww!}

Oh yes, oh yes! It’s really true — we had such great responses to our recent sales that we want to offer them for two more days, starting today!

We’ve been in Los Angeles for 12 weeks and since arriving I’ve designed nearly 50 new items for the shop {48 to be exact, snort}, which is amazing! And with the holidays approaching -and- our Domestic order-by deadline quickly approaching, we want to make sure everyone that wants to order a Gussy is able to place an order :)

Some of my very favorite new products, although it’s sew hard to choose —

^ they’re handmade, crocheted, cozy + seriously sooooo CUTE! have you seen our infinity cowls?

^ if you’re a Tech Geek {hey, that’s totally OK!} be sure to add a Gussy Sews iPad Mini case to your wishlist

^ our small zips are perfect for protecting the little things inside your purse, like your iPhone or lipgloss collection ;)

^ it would be wrong of me to hoard our new market totes, right??? because, oh goodness — they’re darling.

So go shop!!!

And please share this code with your friends — every girl needs to own a Gussy ruffle ;)


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