{Handmade Business in 31 Days — Day 20, Tackling writers block.}

Day 20// Sometimes I sit down to write — I have an editorial calender prompting me to get going on a few posts, but NOTHING comes out the way I want it to. Instead of spending an hour writing, re-writing, reading, editing + re-writing, you know what I do?

I walk away from my computer. I take Bauer for a walk. I read a book {this one or this, or even this*}. I watch a show online. I outline new ideas. Anything that is fun is game, I say :) There’s absolutely no way for me to perform well with a blog post if I am having writers block. Oftentimes it’s a sign I need to be living life in a more present way, instead of with my MacBook or iPhone under my fingers. Too much time watching {instead of doing} = confidence + enthusiasm dwindling = every idea I have seems like a boring idea. And that’s when writers block sets in.

So… Close your computer and go do that thing you’ve been wanting to do for some time.

PS. Dine and Dish created an amazing Summer bucket list that you should definitely refer to next time you have writers block {they may be geared towards kids but aren’t we always supposed to be channeling our childhood spirit?}. And here’s a Fall bucket list by Shabby Apple — oh my goodness, I’m actually excited for the next time this hits me! ;)

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Homework// Make a list of things you want to make, accomplish, write and keep it handy for when you experience writers block.

What’s your typical go-to solution for writers block? Be honest ;)


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    I used to love to write letters to my future husband, when he lived in California and I lived in Buffalo, NY. I still love to write emails to friends across the country. But when it comes to blogging, just the thought of a “subject matter” makes me shudder. It flows in my mind, but can’t get it on the screen. I’m going to work on it this coming year and try to start blogging at least once or twice a month. I “think” I mean it this time. hahaha

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    I just started my first blog(business related that is!) and other than jewelry I am not a very creative person, so I was just sitting down with my notebook trying to figure out WHAT exactly I was going to blog about lol.

  3. 3


    I get this often. I have trouble blogging about my personal life on an intimate level. I try to keep it biz related and I will add personal bits in the post.

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    “Oftentimes it’s a sign I need to be living life in a more present way, instead of with my MacBook or iPhone under my fingers.” THAT is exactly what it is for me too. My typical go-to these days is baking! I am blaming little girl on the way for that too, because I’ve never been a cooker/ baker but oh, so enjoying it these days!:)

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    I am a crafter but have a business that involves a long time passion with horses. I never thought I would be blogging about ‘horse products’ but I am. I have hit writers block so often lately and could not figure out why! After 2 moves in 2 years and getting just a little ‘resetteled’, I feel like I can start to find my roots again (that seems to help me – need those roots for some reason :). You have ‘hit the nail on the head’ with spending too much time on computers, ipads, etc. rather than doing. I love sewing and having on-going projects, I love riding and doing my bible studies, besides working at our office. So thank you for helping me to see that I need to get away from my work station to ‘go do’! I have an editorial calandar to go work on, some books to find and start to read and as well as balance work…. this is more than 5 lines.. need to work on that too! :) Thank you!! Debbie

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    When I have writer’s block or even difficulty during a brainstorming session, the only thing that can break it & get the ideas flowing is crafting. I’m deep into a knitting or crocheting project I’m off in my own world & for some strange reason that is the ‘place’ where all my thoughts magically come together.

    I wish I knew what the trick was when I was in college! Then maybe I wouldn’t have had so many late nights struggling on that one problem that I just couldn’t get to work out.

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    I’m not surprised that so many of you turn to crafts and creative play to get around writer’s block. Manipulating things with our hands engages the sensory-motor areas of the brain (not surprising) but also engages cognitive areas that involve creativity (that find was a surprise to a lot of brain scientists). My favorite way through resistance is to use 15 Magic Minutes — short, frequently repeated sessions reduce anxiety, which allows the creative cortex to contribute. (If you’re curious about the connections between brain science and writer’s block, check out my blog http://www.BaneOfYourResistance.com or my new book Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance.)

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    . Ain’t no ange limit on gorgeous. They have som fine old ass out here that can take them deurntes out n rick your world. Sanaa belongs on this post . Thank u.

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