{scenes from the past week ~ also known as “I’ve done so many fun things!”}

It’s early Friday morning — the weekend is almost here, yippee, woohoo + yeow!, and what am I doing? Sitting on my bum while the fan blows cool morning air inside our home. From the backyard. The sun has risen and it’s flooding our living room, warming that darling pup right up while he takes a nap. Snort. No shower for me yet {wink!}, just pajamas + coffee + nerdy glasses.

Like I said above, it’s early Friday morning. My in-laws are coming to visit this weekend along with our cousin + aunt. We’re going to a wedding a bit north of the city {I hope I don’t come back home with a Minnesotan accent, I hear they talk crazy up there} and then will spend the rest of our time together around the house. I love being at home, around the house. I think it’s something I’ve recently come to love, but who cares? I love it now :)

This past week went by so fast. Probably because my mom was here the week before and we spent so much time gabbing + making memories — did you know it had been FIVE MONTHS since I saw her last?! Unacceptable.  So while I prepped my work so I could take last week off-ish, this week greeted me with something fierce. As you may or may not remember, our cousin Alyssa lives with us, so Sunday evening we skipped off to dinner in Uptown. Monday’s shop update was super fun {eeek! y’all keep us busy!} and then Tuesday I worked in the studio on a fun, totally new project. Wednesday — nothing too crazy happened. I don’t think. Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary {hearts, confetti, smooches, happiness!} and today is FRIDAY.

This past week I really worked hard at planning more fun things. Ughhhh I am so bad at this!!! Normally I stick around the house to blog + work in the studio, but I think it’s good to change things up. I need to get better at doing more fun things throughout the work week. It’s helps to keep me sane, ha! :)

Here are some photos from the past week :D All are taken from Instagram, follow along — my username is GussySews!

* * *

 ^ A small collection of the empty spools we’ve collected over the couple of years.

Last year I wrapped fabric around them + created a cute garland for my home studio {DIY}.

^ Zack + I watched Compassion videos last night.

And I cried. I love these Tanzanian kids and can’t wait to go back.

 ^ Every day I read my Bible. We’ve created a neat way for you to read daily, too — visit #SheReadsTruth for all the details. You can read with your iPhone or through the YouVersion website.

 ^ Earlier this week I felt super stressed over work.

So what did I do? Hide in the kitchen with a cup of coffee of course! ;D

 ^ Creating fun new things in the studio! Neons — you’re too cool.

 ^ On Tuesday, Mary + I met up for coffee + croissants at Patisserie 46, then we skipped over to Sugar Sugar — the cutest candy shop I ever did see!

 ^ Working on the back patio with Bauer nearby :)

^ Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Shop Lady Like’s hair accessories? I lover them. Here I’m wearing their Valentine Crocheted Heart headband in red. Sassy!

^ Dinner out with Zack + Alyssa at Uptown Cafeteria. Good golly they have yummy drinks + dining. We sat on their rooftop patio as the sun set, so fun!

^ Just one of the new items in the Gussy shop — click here to see our Floral + Mint wristlet ;D

^ Last Saturday Zack + I scooted out of the city to a water park for the day. Sunshine = happiness!

^ Most of the time I read my #SheReadsTruth devo in the morning, on the front porch, with a cup of coffee. Where + when do you read?

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* * *

What does your weekend look like? Are you laying low or do you have a few things planned? And if you work from home like I do, do you think you plan enough things, or could you benefit from changing things up a bit like I did this week? Share below! xo

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  1. 1


    for the first weekend in quite a while, we have NADA planned for saturday. i’m going to get caught up on my shop stuff and do some work for the farewell dinner for our pastor sunday night. it should be a nice relaxing weekend hopefully!! xoxo

  2. 3


    Looks like a great week! I work from home too with two kids chasing behind me or maybe it’s me chasing them, I’m not sure! Anyhow, it is tough and I am constantly reevaulating my schedule. I am an obsessive list maker and yet somehow I still forget to do things. Oh well, I’m only human right? :) Headed over to follow you on Instagram!

  3. 5


    Happy anniversary one day late!

    Tis the season, we have a graduation open house this weekend, so not much laying low I guess! Gonna be a HOT one too!

  4. 7


    I’ve been totally trying to arrange more fun things into my family’s life. I’m a total homebody, but came to the conclusion that that wasn’t creating any real memories for my kids. Now I seek out more local excursions, road trips, and just special things we can do at home. I think life becomes stale and repetative as we become comfortable in our routines. Sometimes we need to seek out fun that will actually put smiles on our faces.

  5. 10


    I really like going and being busy till I just can’t take anymore. But over the last year or so I have learned to actually enjoy (even crave) days where I don’t have anywhere to be or important things to do. You know, put on a pair of comfy jeans, a tshirt, and read, garden, bake, fix dinner LEISURELY, clean the house…..Just a nice quiet, slow day at home. It’s just a balance and it is super nice that way.

    Enjoy all of your company! Your weekend sounds lime it will be great. I honestly don’t have a clue what mine will be about yet….I think it is going to involve jumping in the car and heading somewhere, we just haven’t decided where it will be.

  6. 12

    Anna says

    I had a dream about you, actually your shop, the other night. It was London fashion week and the models were walking down the catwalk with yellow polka dot purses and it was announced they were by Gussy Sews. It was really cool!!!

  7. 13

    Jacquelyn says

    Hey there beautiful lady!

    I just want to tell you that I (and I know sooooo many others will agree!) really enjoy your blog :) I am sure that everything that you have to do/handle/juggle can, at times, be overwhelming but you do it FANTASTICALLY! Even on the days when you may not feel like you are making a difference, there is SOMEONE who is being changed because of you!

    Thank you for pressing through when it feels tough! You are an inspiration :) Have a good weekend!!

  8. 14


    Working from home can be so challenging! I do find that switching things up helps me stay motivated. I have also found that scheduling things other than work during some days somehow makes me more productive. I went for a two hour walk with a friend yesterday and ended up getting way more done than if I had stayed at home all day- crazy!

  9. 16


    we have a busy weekend. my oldest is going to a youth all nighter, gotta pick him up at 6am. i am the morning person, so not a big deal. he has his last soccer game tomorrow. hope he doesn’t fall asleep on the field. each child has a pool/bday party to go to tomorrow. it’s going to be perfect weather & 90! sunday we have a soccer picnic and i’ve made plans to skip church and let the boys rest. fyi… i never skip church either. ever.

    oh and i have 90 cheerleader bows to make, 10 gifts to make for teachers & staff plus normal orders.

    no worries, it’s going to be fun!

  10. 17


    <3 the cute pics!!! i'm doing the #shereadstruth devos {mostly} at night :) lovin' it!!! thank y'all by the way ;)

    anywho…my weekend plans are pretty much finish cleaning the house (purging, throwin' out, cleanin', etc) and gettin' ready to go on family vaca :)

    hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

    p.s. <3 the mug!!!

  11. 18


    Fun post! We won free tickets for a year from KTIS, so we’re off to the Joyful Noise Family Fest tomorrow in Blaine with the babes. Lots of family time:)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. 19


    looks like lots of awesome stuff going on! & happy anniversary to you & your mister, how exciting!

    we kicked off our weekend with a frozen yogurt to celebrate 8 months of marriage (as of today), and then I’m going to fold a bunch of laundry…that part isn’t so exciting! ;) we don’t have much planned for tomorrow, but Sunday we’re heading to church early so I can play piano for service, lunch with my brother & sister-in-law, and a trip to Joann’s for sewing & cross-stitching supplies. I think it’ll be a fun weekend. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend yourself, Maggie!

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