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WOW, you guys. I’m in Tanzania, Africa right now — traveling with Compassion International — and this is the perfect prompt to be sharing about shoes while I’m traveling abroad!

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When we planned this post prompt I think I had a general idea of what kind of shoes {or lack there of} I’d be seeing in Tanzania, but now that I’m here I’m seeing a totally different perspective.

Most of the time we see sandals on the people here ~ many of the school kids wear black dress shoes. And some times they wear no shoes at all! We’ve visited Mwanza + Arusha {cities} — we’ve seen the people here go barefoot when they’re walking the dirt roads in their neighborhoods. We’ve seen shoes floating down dirty river water, off to the side in a field near the road, even tucked between sticks in the wall of a mud-wall house. And get this, Zack saw a man building a roof {!} and pointed out he wasn’t wearing shoes at all.

Shoes aren’t always a priority to the people that live here. Instead, growing the freshest fruits + vegetables, scooping up the freshest water from a puddle nearby, and having a solid roof on your home take precedence. And now that I’m here it makes total sense.

Below are a handful of my favorite photos taken by Keely Marie Scott. Gosh, I heart this girl. And her name. Isn’t her name cute?? She’s been our photographer for the week and she’s goooooood! :)

— shoes in Africa —

wanna know the secret to basket carrying perfection?
make a fabric roll and then set your basket on top of that.

a mattress made from scarves + fabric

handmade charcoal

a sweet boy from one of the Child Development Centers we visited this week,
and look at his shoes! oh, shoes make me happy!

having a nail polish party, this is HAPPINESS!

playing footsie with my neighbor

this woman is from a traditional Maasai tribe,
she doesn’t wear shoes but I think she likes it that way.

OH THE CHILDREN! this group of children was a bit older
than the other groups we visited and it was such a treat to spend the day with them.
I can only imagine how far they’ve advanced since joining Compassion’s sponsorship program.
And look at their shoes — again, HAPPINESS!

flip flops! my absolute favorite kind of shoe

look! this little boy’s outfit matches his shoes ♥

every day the kids dressed in their very best for us, and look how cute they look!
boys in collared shirts + girls in colorful dresses ~
Compassion truly does wonderful things for these children.

LET’S CHAT SHOES! What do they mean to you? Or is there another item you have that means as much to you as shoes do to the kids here in Tanzania? Did you know that if you sponsored a child for $38/month {the cost of two Starbucks drinks a week} you are helping to provide your sponsor child with a pair of shoes. If a child enters the program without their own pair, one will be provided — cool black shoes for school or fancy shoes for the girls, or sandals or tennis shoes. Any pair would be so inspiring for them, AND YOU!

And not only are sponsored kids ensured shoes, but simple things most of us probably take for granted: a safe place to play; nutritional + hot meals; education, including vocational trades like seamstress/tailoring, computer and bead-making; weekly/monthly/bi-monthly home visits by each Child Development Center’s social worker to check-in on the child’s home life.

* * *

This week’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt is SHOES!
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    Carly says

    I am going to Ghana, West Africa in less than two months {my fifth trip there} and your pictures are making me so excited to go again! The people and children are beautiful, some of the most beautiful and friendly people in the world. I’m so happy you’re having a blessed trip!

    • 3


      oh my goodness YES — so friendly! we’ve been here for almost 6 days and i haven’t heard anyone argue! can you imagine?? not even the kids argue :)

      i hope you have a wonderful time in ghana! ♥

  2. 4


    Ok. That little fella in the khaki shorts and white shirt. I need him. He is so cute! That face. All these children! So beautiful! Love these post and so look forward to your recaps each day! Blessings lovey!


  3. 10


    I’m not going to link up because every time I admit my Crocs addiction (I have over a dozen pairs … different styles and colors) someone points out my lack of fashion sense! :)

    Thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. 11


    I’m enjoying reading about your journey so much! I’m a longtime reader who is trying to blog (again, I hope it sticks this time) so this is my first time linking up… and shoes was the perfect subject. I’m not much of a shoe gal, except when it comes to little girl’s shoes for my daughter. I’m all over that! But I have to say that reading your posts from Tanzania is even more inspiring than all the beautiful shoes in all the world. Keep doing the great positive work you are doing.


  5. 13


    Hello Maggie, I’m stopping because I met you at SNAP. I remember you well because you’re SO adorable. I can’t believe you are in Africa. Amazing! I enjoyed seeing these amazing photos of the people there. Hope to see you again at another gathering!

    Warmly, Michelle


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