{what i wore wednesday}

this week has gone by so fast! here it is wednesday already — whew! yesterday cambria and i had a great morning planning blog post conceptions and gussy product ideas. i don’t feel like i checked many things off my to-do list but i do feel like i spent a lot of time planning for the future, which is just as important. sometimes living a creative life means doing just that.

here’s what i wore yesterday…

heather red 3/4 sleeve tee, yellow + gray tank, gray leggings — target; gray flip flops — old navy; army green cotton skirt — gap; teal bitty flowers headband — my shop; white sunglasses — forever 21; handbag — made by me & coming to the gussy sews shop SOON!

lisa gifted us this sunshine necklace at our Party at the Nest weekend + sassy ruffle headbands make me HAPPY! :D

i can’t remember the last time i didn’t paint my toes! it’s silly, but seeing them without polish seems weird. do you feel the same way about your toes?

even though i spend most of my daytime at home it’s still important for me to wear fun accessories that make me happy. i like to wear handmade because it inspires me to learn more about that type of product + business. and i’m always up for making new friends! i may not always wear every accessory i have but i do see them every day while getting dressed and that’s just as inspiring for me! to think about the friends i’ve made makes me feel happy ~ and i carry these feelings with me throughout the day.

for me, the blog friends i think about are heather, lisa, jess, casey + ashley. these girls have either sought me out for friendship or i sought them out! it’s like we knew we’d be friends, the other person didn’t know it just yet ;D these ladies each bring different gifts to our friendship, but overall they are the same kind of good: sweet, encouraging + inspirational. OHHHH, i am so blessed to know them. i’m so thankful for their friendship and the little texts sent back & forth and being able to see each other at conferences throughout the year. having good friends is SUCH a gift!

SHARE WITH US: do you have a friend that has inspired you? tell me about her and include a link to her shop or blog, too! xoxo

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  1. 1


    My toenails are ALWAYS painted. I don’t like having them bare anymore – it’s funny that I don’t remember how that happened to me.
    I always get online on Wednesday mornings to get outfit inspiration for work, guess I’m going to be wearing my Gussy headband again today. :) But I am going to be having casual skirt and flip flops envy since I can’t wear either of those. :(
    I made a great handmade friend shopping on Etsy. I found her adorable, foldable shopping bags and saw she shipped reasonably from her home in Japan. I contacted her and lo and behold! She is not only from Oregon like me, but lived only 20 minutes away from me when she was here! She likes to travel around her home in Japan and take photos of the beautiful countryside as well as all her crafty projects. And she’s had her family who still live in my area come visit me when I’m selling at craft shows. She’s a sweetheart and a real inspiration to me.

  2. 6


    I absolutely have a bloggy friend that inspires me all the time, Manda Jane (http://elfhousechronicles.blogspot.com/)!

    We haven’t meet face to face, but we are always texting, chatting or emailing each other about things other than blogging. Even though we’ve never met in person, she seems to really get who I am & believes in me + my dreams almost as much as my family does. We are always introducing each other to new things & learning some great things together. Only one thing would make our friendship better, living closer so we could visit each other regularly.

  3. 9


    Cute outfit! Yes, I’m so grateful for inspiring friends – especially in the blogging/creative arena! Writing about deep friendship at my blog all week – and YOUR posts (from a few weeks ago) were of the many that inspired me to do so. Thanks for being an inspiration to me! Happy Wednesday to you…

  4. 10


    I feel the same about my toes! Always painted!!!! Fingers, mostly…but toes…ALWAYS! Can’t stand naked toes!

    Your outfit is so cute. It’s already too warm here for leggings. We totally missed Spring. I’m not complaining about warm weather though. NO WAY! NO WAY!

    And, as for your question. YOU inspire me. You always challenge me to be craftier, to think, to smile. I would LOVE nothing more than to one day have a handmade business and stay home with Easton. LOVE NOTHING MORE. When I think it’s impossible, I think of you. YOU DID IT. Every time I get one of my zippered pouches out it’s just a reminder that I can do it too. So, for that, THANK YOU! SERIOUSLY!


  5. 11


    Your cute outfit just encouraged me to take a shower and get dressed for the day! Somedays not an easy task!

    I always have my toes painted. My feet just look weird if they aren’t!

  6. 13


    You are too cute. I really need to get my toenails painted. They look so naked and sad without polish on. Also, I want that handbag! :D

  7. 14


    What a happy post – and great outfit. Your hair looks great with that headband – the way it’s all curly around it.
    Making me think maybe I should head over to your shop…

  8. 16


    Squeeee! I saw the handbag in your picture and thought “OMG I want that right now!” So excited to see it will be coming to your shop.

    This post made me smile. It also made me want to sit down and do some business brainstorming. Thank you for both of those things.

  9. 19

    Jennifer Appleton says

    I get so happy when I find out that I’m not the only one wearing nice bright colors together :) You look SO cute!
    I need to paint my toenails… I haven’t painted them since Christmas! They are quite bare, but I have a neck injury so I can’t paint them right now :( So sad! So, I’m stick with flats at the moment haha :) Can’t wait to get some hot pink or coral on them!

  10. 20


    I’m completely inspired by my girl Chelsea over at LittleStictch. (http://littlestitch-shop.blogspot.com, http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlestitchshop).

    She and Morgan are a fantastic crafty business owning duo, but Chelsea and I have really connected over at shared sense of humor, love for our fur babies, and mutual encouragement. Now we just have to meet in real life – we plan to do just that this September at a little blogger/handmade business owner retreat!

  11. 24


    Thanks for the shout-out, Molly! You know I absolutely adore your handmade jewelry. Your cherry blossom earrings are perfect this season. http://www.etsy.com/listing/84512173/turquoise-flower-hoops
    I rarely paint my toenails or fingernails, for that matter. As a housewife with no dishwasher or dryer (yes, Japan is way behind the times when it comes to domestic technology, can you believe it?!?), any nail polish disappears in a matter of minutes.
    I LOVE your handbag. So impressed with your bag making skill. It looks very professional. I made a bag today but it didn’t turn out as I pictured it… Will head over to your shop now and see what other goodies you’ve got! I’m all for making new bloggy friends, too!

  12. 26

    caseymaree says

    I feel exactly the same way about my toes! I feel naked if they’re not painted, lol. Happy to hear I’m not the only one :)

  13. 30


    My friend Theresa inspires me – she just quit her day job as a teacher to focus on her two boys and the adoption of her daughter, Finley Grace. She is also currently launching a new Etsy shop to help raise funds for their adoption. Her story reminds me a little of yours – she is completely self-taught and setting out on a new path, casting fear aside. Her Etsy shop is called un.tied and she beautifully explains her story on her blog untied4orphans.blogspot.com.

    P.S. I’m a Park grad too (’97). Our paths crossed briefly when I coached freshman/JV and I think you were cheering Varsity with Kate.

  14. 31


    My inspirational friend is Carol. She doesn’t have a blog or shop, but she is an AMAZING lady. I wrote about her here. Get to know her a little :) Everyone one of us needs someone like this in our life!


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