{fun photos from snap!, a handmade conference}

well, i’m home from snap! and am already implementing a few things i learned. maybe not all the stuff on SEO, because let’s be real, that’s a BIG topic to implement ;D but fun things, inspiring things, restful things ~ i’ve already started on them and i’m sew happy.

snap! took place near salt lake city, utah at a location called thanksgiving point and was fabulously beautiful + amazing! i loved the location… the mountain view… the warm sunshine… the weekend full of friends. highlights included laughing so hard with jess + lindsey that i couldn’t breathe, speaking on a panel with gina, susan and becki {topic: inside a thriving creative business} and of course meeting/seeing bloggers like heather of just lovely things, ashley of lil blue boo, lizzy, alissa + meg.

* * *

so i left minneapolis around lunchtime on wednesday, my flight was at 2:30 and i needed to take the train from the city to the airport. yeah, that was a lot of work carrying 2 suitcases, 1 duffel bag and 1 carry-on {my Gussy tote}, hah! i was super tired like three minutes into my travel journey ;D and here’s poor bauer below, snoozin’ while i packed ~

OH, guess what! i chopped my hair wednesday before my flight ;D yeow! totally loving my new angled bob! sorry long-ish hair, i had to quit you. // once i landed in SLC, jess and i met at the airport and picked up our rental car. it was SO GOOD to see her + lindsey! we got a hotel that night in SLC before heading to thanksgiving point/snap!…

and once i got to snap! i met a cute, new friend danielle! i loved her style and think she needs to come to minneapolis to shop for me!!! *nudge, nudge* // i bought these cute sandals from target before i left! everyone kept asking if i made them… but i did not… i bought them :) // one of the sessions i went to was on SEO, here’s dennis from @thenextcorner making my head spin around + around ;D // and then friday morning i attended a breakfast by michelle with simplicity patterns, LOVED that! ♥ do you see my pink lipstick on my white coffee cup???

here’s a close up photo of danielle from above with her Gussy headband, she paired it with a little bow headband from just lovely things ~

B E A U T I F U L tulips planted all over thanksgiving point ~

CUTE balloons from whippy cake // a super fun print from livy love designs // paper straws from bake it pretty // dinner, yum!

leaving town wouldn’t feel right if my nails weren’t painted ;D

the last night at snap!: a delicious dinner, dozens of raffle prizes and a dance party ~

such a cute print, also from livy love designs

and now for the market! this was my first queen bee market. i don’t do a lot of markets — i feel way more comfortable selling my products online than face-to-face, but i thought i would give this one a try since my pal mique was putting it on! even though it meant 2 extra suitcases with me on the plane i’m soooo glad i did. i surpassed my expectations for my booth design, yeow! i browsed flickr, pinterest, and my brain and came up with this for my booth ~

yep, LOTS of new product in there! and a few things i haven’t added to the Gussy shop just yet. click here to see the new items that are in there right now :)

call me a dork, but i’m super duper excited that our small zip pouches are back in the shop! they debuted at the queen bee market, you can see them below. i took them away in january when we re-launched but i thought it would be fun to add them back in and see how they do. we have had a few requests for them, and friends have shared their small zip is one of their favorite items from our shop. i suppose you could say i gave in to peer pressure here ;D

small zip pouches are perfect for coupons, as a small wallet, storing chapsticks/other small trinkets, business cards + MORE!

friendship shadows! lindsey + gussy + jess ~

jess and i went to forever 21 wednesday night and i found myself a new pair of sunglasses! {which i store inside here.}

and… this was my view back home monday morning when i waved goodbye to zack as he walked to the bus stop. my flight landed sunday at 9:30am so i had a full day with zack and bauer, which was fabulous!!!! i always love coming back home :) i was so tired from the weekend that i went to bed at 8:30pm. monday was a beautiful day… i unpacked my bags, organized the studio, kept it pretty easy.

…and of course, snuggled with bauer ~

* * *

it’s so good to be home. even though i miss my blog + crafty friends terribly, it’s super great to be unpacked and having dinner with my man at night :)

have you been to a blog conference? if yes, which one was your favorite? if no, which one would you LOVE to attend? xoxo

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  1. 1


    Oh I LOVE all of your fun pictures!! :) You did a wonderful job setting up your booth, all the bright colors make it such a happy spot! :) I hope to go to a blog conference maybe next year?? I’d love to go to Blissdom or SNAP!! :)

  2. 4


    Well this was my first and if nothing else, I’m hooked just for the fun of time away with like minded creative women that ‘get me’. What an encouragement to me and my business.
    I love that I got to meet you and some other very special gals. This first experience will probably be tough to beat ;).

    I’m so glad you got some good rest! I still haven’t gone to sleep before 11:30PM and threw in a baby shower and Bunko just to see how exhausted I really could get, LOL. I just got back from a run and am planning a NAP this afternoon ;).

    Happy Wednesday!
    Miss you!

    • 5


      good gravy, you ARE busy! i am a sucker for rest ;)

      and seriously, i am so glad we finally met :) we’ll have to chat soon… maybe next week or once i get back from tanzania. ya know, to make sure that i make it home a-OK!!! haha :)

  3. 12


    Your booth looked beautiful! I haven’t attended a conference, but I hope to maybe next year (2013). I started blogging in September, and I’m going to be opening an etsy shop in June, so by this time next year I’ll have something AWESOME to market :) At least I think so! Hehe! It’s great that you had such a wonderful time!

  4. 13


    I haven’t been to a blogger’s conference yet, but I really want to go to one within the next year. FIngers crossed that the financing works out!

  5. 14


    Your booth set-up looks perfect! I’m glad you had such a good time, sounds wonderful :) Also, I love the new things in the shop!


  6. 15


    your set up looks fab! i organize a couple craft fairs/art fairs & i have a table set up too. i have a girlfriend who runs it and sells me out. but i find when i actually have to run my table & am very insecure & shy about selling my products face to face. it’s comforting to know that i am not the only one! i have a ladies night out next friday that i hopped on board and i am going to be a vendor there. now that i have recognized my shortcoming in this area, i am really going to push myself to over come this hang up.

    i have never been to a blog conference. but would love to if one is close by.

  7. 19


    awesome pictures! i sew wish that i had an online sewing shop! i would love to go to blogher, snap! or sits :) i live in mpls…do you know of any blog conferences around here that are good?

  8. 23


    i don’t see my original comment, sorry if this posts twice!

    I love your work! I am really wanting to order a headband. I have very blond hair and need bright colors or it blends in. I see many bright ones in your booth pics. Any leftovers? Or maybe an orange one??
    Thanks! Janelle

    • 24


      OHHH — got it ;D

      yes, i have three new headband prints coming to the shop. check back either over the next few days or on monday. i’ll be doing shop updates every monday!!! xo

  9. 25


    Hey Maggie! You are a true inspiration. Love your Snap! set up. Looks amazing! I just ordered that print…..It’s going in my sewing room. Thanks for sharing your goodies :)

  10. 28


    Okay, how is it that we are at so many blog conference together, but I never really get to sit down and talk to you?!! Can you explain that?!
    Next time, I’m gonna kidnap you! :)

  11. 29


    Oh, it looks like it was so much fun! :) I kept seeing tweets & Instagram pics of SNAP all weekend and kept telling my hubby – “I wish I had gone!” I went to Creative Estates this year but REALLY wished I had chosen SNAP instead. *sigh* It’s on my wish list for next year and I’m considering attending Allume in October. :)

    • 30


      hey tricia! yes yes — come to Allume :) i’m speaking and i’d love to meet you!!!

      and SNAP! was fantastic, i really home to attend next year too :)

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