{yeow, it’s saturday! i’m excited to…}

…wear more spring-ish outfits {above skirt, tank + gray flippies are from old navy!}

…soap up more sunshine time with bauer {zack is in ohio for a long weekend, nerdin’ it up at a video game event. hotness.}

…sip my coffee –to the last drop!– before it gets cold ;)

sleep in a teeny tiny bit, but not too much that i regret it

…work in the studio for a couple of hours

paint my nails mint green + turquoise

…sew 2 more curtains for our bedroom. {i made one a few nights ago and LOOOVE it!}

…set a few more goals for the gussy blog + shop. i feel like i’ve found my little groove* again, which includes sharing more studio updates, more colorful outfits and spending more time crafting + creating. i’m so excited!

…find a fun garland tutorial to make for our mantle. here’s a sneak peek of our spring mantle {see below}, i’m looking for something neutral, textured, paper-y :D got any tips???

SHARE WITH ME: what are you excited to do this weekend? working on any fun projects? taking a nap? grilling or baking? snuggling on the couch + relaxing?

*do you ever find yourself away from your groove, your normal, “this feels right” groove? every once in a while i find myself far away from mine. for a moment another route feels better or smarter, when really the route i was on was the best route for me. when i break it down i think i was trying to follow a groove that works better for someone else {i wrote about how easy that is here}, but not for me. so i’m happy that i’ve found my little groove again and it’s giving me that extra pep i’ve been terribly missing.

so anyhoo, happy saturday to you!!!

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    Cuteness! Sounds like a full weekend. My mom, daughter and I are going out to see October Baby today. We rarely get the chance to go out together so I’m going to enjoy every minute.

  2. 7


    friend… I think you should make some sort of pinwheel with pages from an “old book” ;) And add color, but adding a colorful button or something to the middle to hold all the sides inward… it would be super cute!

  3. 13


    Cute outfit! I’ve spent way too much moolah at Old Navy this week. LOL

    I’m so in the market for some mint polish. Need to see how yours looks!

    Excited to spend some precious time with my little family.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. 14


    i am sewing up 50 lil’ alice items for PNW Meet up…. will you be there. i have everything cut out and started sewing them early this morning.

    soccer practice in a bit with oldest son.

    going to friend’s house tonight with the kiddos.

    church on sunday, then my youngest has a test at the gym for gymnastics.

    then hubby leaves for business next week.

    in between all that i will hide away and sew. a chilly wet weekend in michigan, so i won’t feel guilty!

  5. 18


    Hubby’s has work this weekend so it’s me against my 3 little men. Still exploring our new town will be in the plans, as well as a trip to the pool (Which I never thought I’d swim in March again LOL!) . Still getting the house set up is also going to be happening as well as a trip to a farm down the road where you can pick your own fruits and veggies! My boys love doing that :) I am working on some bag ideas so maybe I’ll sneak into my studio this weekend as well, but with 3 kids I’m having a hard time doing that so my sketchbook comes along with me on my adventures. Have a nice weekend! Cindy

      • 20


        We just moved to Bradenton, FL from Charlottesville, VA. I was born and raised in FL, but hubby’s job kept us in VA for 10 years. Wanted my boys to grow up close to family and when the opportunity came up, hubby jumped! I miss the mountains, but at the same time, I’m now 1/2 hr from the beach!! Cindy

  6. 21


    Maggie – I have extra paper garlands laying around I made from a book – more than I can use around here or for shows. (you know how you can get addicted to a craft, yeah, that, made way toooo many) Email me your mailing address and I’ll send it to ya!

  7. 23

    Amy says

    Love the outit, darling!!! Enjoy your Saturday! Love reading your blog. :0}

    Oh!!! This is early for me…7:27 am to be exact!! I’ve taken my teenager for a church event already, had myself a Diet Pepsi {okay…too early for one!!}, started some laundry, now relaxing before I REALLY start the day. Maybe a trip to Ikea, getting ready to go on a trip to Holland, clean the house!! Nothing too exciting but feel its gonna be a fabulous day!!!

  8. 25


    Love the outfit! I just actually got the blue and white striped one at ON and I almost got the pink one but wasn’t sure what i would wear it with. Your outfit is so perfect though! Love the color combo. This weekend I am excited to finish my project for my last grad school class (for the time being) and sleep past 5:30 (slept till 9 today)

  9. 27

    Shelly says

    Sounds like you have a perfect weekend planned.

    I am just getting ready to head to visit my 90-year old grandma for the day. She lives over an hour away and I try to get over there as much as I can. I LOVE spending time with her! She is still living in the house they built over 60 years ago so we are slowly going through all the items that had been collected over the years. I would love to be able to spend time at home sewing, cleaning my craft room, etc. but don’t want to pass up on these times when my hubby is home and can make sure the kids get to their activities. We can just sit and talk for hours.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    • 28


      yes, relish these times. i wish my grandparents were still around… they lived such fantastic lives and i would have loved to know more about them. when i was little i didn’t think to ask the questions that i’ve now thought to ask. what is your gandma’s name? names from their era are so beautiful — mine were Lucille, Margaret (great grandma) + Geene. anyway, enjoy your day Shelly! xoxo

      • 29

        Shelly says

        It was a wonderful day with my mom and sister there too. This is my only living grandparent and her name is Nellie. She is quite something! My other grandma’s name was Esther and my husbands grandma’s names were Gudrune (grandma Guddy) and Martha. My niece is named after a great-grandma – Aurora. Don’t hear of too many girls named Aurora these days. We also had a great aunt Olga who recently passed away. She had a good German name.

        We spent most of the day cleaning out the garage and uncovering the treasures that grandpa stored out there… We were sure grandpa was smiling and laughing watching us from heaven. Grandma was so full of stories behind what we found. I brought a whole stack of letters home that I will take the time to read through – letters in their origninal air mail envelopes with their 6 or 8 cent stamps on them. Those will be saved for a day that I can just sit in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and take my time reading them.

  10. 31


    Gus, your weekends sound delightful. And I LOVE the rose topiary vignette. Sweet!!!
    I moved to a new state (not of mind – LOL) in October and I haven’t found my groove yet. It’s hard to force. And the crazy thing….it’s just not like me. Can’t wait to see how God orchestrates my steps.
    Glad you had a great trip to the Nester’s and love hearing that your creative juices are flowing. Hope a few drops splash off on me.

    • 32


      my issue is i find a new groove because i think mine isn’t good enough or the best, when really it is the best it just requires a little extra work. sometimes i assume the extra work part means not working well. it’s silly, but i find myself falling away from what i know is best about 2x/year.

      i hope you find yours again soon, i know the feeling and it’s frustrating :) once you go back to what you know is best you should celebrate a little. many never know what this feels like. XO

  11. 33

    Leah says

    I would love to see your curtains AND whatever garland you decide for your mantle- that is one place I have such a hard time decorating! I am getting a mani/pedi (RARE treat) while my husband is home cooking w/our girls. Then we are heading out to find some home and yard inspiration for our new/first (yay!) house. Enjoy your day!

  12. 34


    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Loving your stripey skirt. ;)

    Saturdays are usually just our day to hang out at home, relax; the mister likes to chill since he doesn’t have to go to work. I’ll be prepping & sewing for an upcoming craft fair and tidying up around here, too.

    Happy weekend!

  13. 37

    Breanna says

    Hi! I’ve been looking at your blog the past few weeks (& have been through a good deal of the archives!) & thought I would finally comment. First off, I love your style & your beautiful spirit. You’re so talented & have really inspired me to delve into my “grown up” creative side a bit more– I work with pre-school children, so a majority of my creativity involves finger paints & paper plates. Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU & congrats on all of your achievements & success– I’m sure we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg with you!
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    • 38


      hi bre! oh you’re so sweet!!! i always feel a little bit shy when someone says they’ve been reading my blog archives but they help tell my story… so i guess i feel OK with it ;) it’s definitely been an adventure getting to this point but it’s so fun. (do you have a blog??) anyway, i’m so glad you commented and welcome to the gussy sews community! xoxo

  14. 39


    It sounds like you are going to have a good weekend. :) This weekend we plan on spending a ton of time outside – hello 80 degree weather & bbqing. :) As far as the groove thing goes – I definitely went away from mine but now I’m finding it again and it’s amazing!

  15. 41


    Soaking up the sun sounds nice! This weekend I’m excited to make some tasty soup, and break out my sewing machine! Sadly, it’s been neglected for a few months. Living in a tiny apartment doesn’t lend itself well to getting my craft on.

    Have you ever lived in a tiny space? Do you have any tips on making room for sewing/crafts when you have limited space?! I’d love to hear them!

  16. 43


    Girl, you’re not dressed spring-y, you’re all summer-y! You’re adorable, and I’m jealous since yesterday’s round of snow here just melted. :P

    I’m sewing, cutting lots of fabric for a four-creative retreat next weekend (Yippee!), and hopefully–finally–designing some tags to sew into my products. Dinner is already in the crockpot (it’s 11 AM here) and the sun is trying to peek through, so it’s going to be a good day.

    I know what you mean about the groove. I used to struggle with that regularly in the scrapbooking world until I finally stopped worrying about everyone else’s style and techniques. I had much more fun after that. And I think I learned a lot during that time, because I’m much quicker now to recognize when I’m starting to go there and get back on track.

  17. 47


    I’m reminded of the Teddy Roosevelt quote: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” There’s joy in the groove. And then we read or hear of a ‘better’ way and we think our way doesn’t measure up….and then…well you know. I think I need to make that quote into a sign and post it on my mirror, the fridge, my desk, etc.

    Related: Maybe I’d find my groove if I’d go to bed on time. It’s almost midnight! LOL!

    Since it is almost…Happy SONday!

  18. 49


    LOVE this!!

    Well…today is going to be work the rest of the day . But I LOVE my work, so its okay!
    Plus yesterday was lia sophia party and playing with the kids,
    Today was church and out to eat…

    So now its time to utilize the rest of the weekend.

    Happy Sunday!

  19. 50

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    Your outfit is so cute! I spent my weekend recouping some sore muscles from moving things around in my office/studio & taking more shop pics for some new things I’m adding to my Etsy store. Now I get to edit them…does it ever end?!?! Lol!


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