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so i feel a bit silly writing this, but moving along on the “let’s be more real with each other” blog post wagon… here’s another real-life confession: I AM TIRED! all the time. exhausted. i feel like i’m running at only like 37% and i can’t figure it out. ha ha, it could be that i’ve got a dozen things on my plate now instead of just a few things. perhaps that’s it? probs. it could be that bauer’s been really naughty lately ~ which is exhausting me. he pulls papers out of my desk trash non-stop, chewing on his crate blanket {that’s a no no!}, doesn’t listen when we call him to come inside. we go on walks nearly every day and i’m not sure if you’ve seen my instagram feed?, but the pup definitely gets a lot of attention.

i was gone for about 6 days a couple weeks ago and i don’t think i’ve bounced back since coming home. also, on friday i fly to the nester’s house to spend the weekend with my girls. i’m pumped! so that reminds me: i need to find my energy before friday.

here’s what my schedule looks like right now: sewing, blogging, general biz management, project plan with cambria, fabric shop, scheduling more time to meet with friends, walk + play with bauer, family time {zack + alyssa [our cuz lives with us, yay!]}, cook dinner, sleep. prepare for tanzania.

not too crazy, right?

do you have any tips on how to get my energy back? long-term, healthy tips. not just “drink a mountain dew”. that would be tasty but i don’t think that is a good solution, drats! i know i haven’t been that into eating breakfast which probably plays a large role. so if you have a tip or three, leave it below! i’d love to hear from you ♥

PS. no “maybe you’re pregnant!” comments. i’m not, but that sure would be fun!

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    Erin says

    I’ve felt this way too — a lot! The best thing that works for me is to wake up at the same time every day, no matter how late you went to bed the night before. And you’ve got to give it a good two-three weeks.

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    I wish I had some “magical” answer for you…I will be praying that you will have time for extra rest this week though and that God would restore your energy!! And oh my how excited I am for you about your Compassion trip. What an AMAZING opportunity!! I can’t wait to see what an impact this trip will have on you and Zach!

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    Health-wise, start taking a pre-natal vitamin every morning with your breakfast. Even though your not preggers LOL! The extra nutrients will pay off in the future plus maybe you’ll get some ones you’ve been low on. Keeping a solid morning routine is helpful I agree. I have 3 kids now, so I forgot “energy level” actually is haha :-) If you can find time in the day for a walk or some stretches then a small snack will give you a boost too. Cindy

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    Get a good breakfast in! Something like a bowl of oatmeal. It seriously keeps me going all morning. I have mine with peanut butter (natural, unsweetened) and honey. It’s yummy!!! And then have fruit and veggies around to snack on when you need a little something. Whole grains and fresh produce will make a huge difference. Maybe iron? Whenever I start feeling super sluggish, I take Floradix (you can get it in pill form) which is a natural iron supplement. It really helps, and it’s not constipating like regular iron. I’ve taken it during pregnancy, and it was the best I ever felt during a pregnancy!

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    You’re not alone! I feel exhausted all the time too! My personality is to want to do it all, no matter how tired I am and no matter what else is going on, and once my mind is made up, forget about trying to convince me otherwise. It sounds like you may have a touch of the same feelings! Aside from living off the adrenaline of being so busy, take time for just YOU. No computer, no phone, no company, just you. I actually noticed this this morning going out to my car and saw how pretty the sun looked and I realized it had been so long since I noticed that. I have a pup too and I don’t know about you but sometimes taking him for walks is just exhausting in itself because he is so curious! Sometimes I take walks by myself, just to clear my head and re-energize. Sometimes, some alone time is very energizing! None of us have “extra” time but make sure to make yourself a priority too. I would love to spend more time with my fiance, my puppy or my friends but if I don’t get time to myself, I am a cranky and exhausted fiance, puppy-mom, and friend. Hope that helps a little! :)

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    Diana says

    This will probably sound a little kooky, and definitely won’t help you gain any energy by Friday, but for the long-term…have you ever considered an integrative medicine physician? I know not everyone believes in “holistic” medicine, including myself for a number of years (I’m an RN). But stress increases your body’s production of cortisol which can have many harsh effects on your body (including fatigue). Integrative medicine docs tend to check for things like this, along with vitamin D levels, hormone levels, etc. When I’ve seen my regular MD he just tells me to exercise more.

    Besides a good quality multivitamin, I’d consider taking a probiotic. And soak up some sun for that vitamin D! Hope you’re feeling refreshed soon!

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      I’d second this! I am an RN as well and after recieving NO answers from my MD: “just exercise more”….I started seeing a clinical nutritionist chiropractor in my area who specializes in integrative medicine and functions as a naturopathic MD. My MD reviewed all my labs and thought I was fine, but this guy saw my labs and asked if I was utterly exhausted all the time. He put me on some supplements (iron, methylated B vitamins and a few others) and within weeks, I was feeling better, sleeping better and had more energy than I had had in a LONG time. Highly recommend this! Everyone is different and it’s nice to have someone who knows what they are doing look at your labs/life and tell you how to feel better. Amazing. Well worth every penny! (As it’s usually not covered by insurance!)

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        Lisa McGriff says

        Ok, I’ll join in here.. I see a chiro here in my home town who is a kinesologist.. He has changed my life. A few adjustments and added some supplements, removed a belly ring that was throwing my energy flow off and I’m like a new person.. TRY IT!

        • 10


          Lisa – did the chiro say why the belly ring was throwing off your energy flow? I’m so curious now! I’ve had mine for probably 12 years, with no purpose – it’s not like I’m walking around in a bikini haha! but now I’m thinking maybe I should take it out!

          • 11

            Lisa McGriff says

            Michelle it was the strangest thing. We kept doing adjustments and they would not hold. So he started going through a list of questions and that was one of them. We took it out and tada adjustments started holding. I have not put it back in. You really have to have an open mind when you go to a kinesioligist.. But our Dr. here in Dothan, AL is a fine man, a very spiritual man who believes in God and I trust him.

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        Loretta says

        I’m a chiropractic student with an 8 month old and I will say that nutritionally, nothing drains me faster or makes me more sluggish than sugar and grains. I have a very low tolerance for grains and almost none for sugar. The key is to cut them out cold turkey or you will continue to have cravings. This only lasts 1-2 weeks, so you just have to muscle through that part. It’s so worth it in the end. You will start to be amazed how crappy you felt when you ate ‘junky.’ Hope that helps! Not a quick fix, but those never really work anyways! Also, chiropractic can do amazing things for people with energy problems! Good luck!

        • 14


          a too see a chiro and am completely amazed. he diagnosed my son with a wheat allergy, the summer after 3rd grade. learning disabilites were starting to surface. i was against meds, i wanted to find the problem then determine the solution and not just cover up the problem with a med. wheat allergy causes fog brain which made it look like a LD. he’s in 6th grade now and although he has to fight and work hard for every grade earned, he’s not on meds and for that i am thankful. we see the chiro consistently and he’s adjusted and he’s on supplements. it’s amazing!

          i find the belly button ring interesting, it makes total sense too!

  7. 15


    I’m not a vitamin-taker (usually) nor a health-nut (ever), but it seems like at this time of year I usually need a little boost too. I’m right there with you–tired. A lot. What I usually do is head to Whole Foods and pick up a good multi-vitamin with some minerals and, believe it or not, after taking them for a week or two, I usually feel much better. I also take probiotics every day (digestive issues) and they really help keep me from getting sick. And exercise. I always feel better when I’m walking and lifting weights regularly.

    I’m certainly no doctor–just ask my kids!–but this is what I do when I’m run down. Hope it helps!

  8. 16


    I remember in college i was always running on fumes and couldn’t figure it out. My pre-med roommate went over my diet with me and we found i was seriously lacking in iron. I’d jot down what you eat in an average week and go over it with a nutritionist. You could be missing something.

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    Karen says

    I admit, my first thought was that you might be expecting. But since that is a no, I am going to go with you might have “overdoer’s syndrome” perhaps
    coupled with “rising star” symdrome. One includes doing too much, the other involves always feeling as if you have to be “on”.

    You may not like my recommendation, but if it continues long enough, perhaps you will take it. In this order, a doctor’s check up, more physical exercise (yoga works for me for so many reasons), and “you” time. If you are an introvert leading an extroverted life, you may need more time to process things. A good counselor might help as well.

    No quick fixes but similar to the ones I give to my 25 year old amazing daughter who goes until she just can’t go anymore!


  10. 18

    Faith says

    Green smoothies:) Throw a handfull of greens into a fruit smoothie and blend it up to start. Then gradually make it greener and greener. There are TONS of recipes out there!

  11. 19


    I’m right there with you. I haven’t bounced back from both of my back to back trips and man am I tired! A few tips:

    1. Vitamin D: its my bff! 1000mg a day, and boy oh I have energy!
    2. Eating more meals, like 5-7; including breakfast. If you eat smaller meals throughout the day it gives your body little boosts of energy.
    3. This totally might not be up your alley, but I swear by running. You’d think that much activity would make a person tired, but I always have ten times more energy on the days I run and I tend to sleep better.

  12. 20


    I agree! My iron was low and I felt exhausted all the time. Once I started adding iron-rich food like spinach and raisins, my energy levels popped right back up. There are a lot of green smoothie recipes out there…maybe worth a try!

  13. 21


    I”ve heard that an apple will do just as much as a cup of coffee…and quite frankly I do eat an apple for breakfast, with peanut butter and wheat thins every morning. Also, you have to make sure you are getting enough protien and carbs in your diet. The good kinds. What about a B12 vitamin…or shot. Those are good too…and great for the immune system. Maybe go for a walk or jog without Bauer too…it’s good to just be alone and not tagging someone along.

    But I feel ya…sometimes you just get run down!

    You’ll pep back up!


  14. 22


    It’s hard to pinpoint why you’re tired. It could be diet, not sleeping well, lack of some vitamins. You’re definitely running in many directions and with the upcoming trips, stress is definitely a factor that could be making you tired. Make a daily schedule that works for you and gives you a little quiet time for yourself. That little time can be refreshing to the mind and soul. I’ll be praying for you. Diana

  15. 23

    Colleen says

    Yep! Same here!

    Have your Doctor run you a complete blood work up and check your vitamin levels. Iron, B vitamins, D. I was low on all 3! I’ve also been cutting back sugar and increasing my water and I am feeling more alert. Sadly it means no more flavored creamers! It also sounds like you’re doing A LOT of stuff! Remember it’s okay to say ‘no’, too.

  16. 24


    It could be anything from you not sleeping well to your diet. I would make sure your getting enough sleep. You can always try cutting sugars and carbs and adding fruits and vegetables. Also make sure you have a little time everyday to relax and not stress. Even if you take the day off and go get your hair done or a massage. You can also try a juice fast. It eliminates the toxins out of your body. My husband is in the army and he is always on a juice fast and drinks smoothies.

    I hope it gets better for you! Xoxo

  17. 25


    This was my suggestion also! A little quite time for just you! It may not be the complete cure but it will totally help! Sometimes just being around all the things that demand our attention is completely exhausting and we don’t even realize it. Maybe a Gussy ONLY outing once in a while (no errands, no walking the dog, no agenda). Or perhaps schedule in a time when everyone is away from the house and maybe Zack takes Bauer out for a walk where you can just enjoy the quiet, let you hair down, and even let the smile on your face relax. Quiet time for me is an absolute must and I find it to quite energizing! It looks as though there are a lot of great suggestions and I hope you find some that work for you!

  18. 26


    I had the same thing for a while and I actually called my dr. and started taking extra iron really helped, I don’t have to take it all the time but certain times of the month some women really benefit from that extra iron!

  19. 27


    OH! And a new discovery I’ve made…google EATING FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE. If you know what type blood you have, there is a list of foods that you should and should not eat depending on your blood type. Our bodies all metabolize foods differently. We need food for fuel. Not comfort. And to eat the type that are right for your blood type is necessity. Makes EVERYTHING feel better. Google it. I promise. It’s amazing how many things we SHOULD eat that are on the list that I wasn’t eating….and….uh….everything I’m NOT supposed to eat, I was eating…BOOO….but little changes can make a difference!

  20. 29


    DETOX! Get the toxins out of your body. There’s many types of detox’s and I recommend you do them under a doctor (chirpractors) care. I did a 28 detox. Veggies & Fruit, and protein shakes. on the 11th day I could add chicken. Organic coffee, which I didn’t do, just drank black coffee, so sugar, no creamer. Plus there were a few supplements that went with it too!

    It was the Standard Process Detox.

    I felt so good and had mounds of energy.

  21. 30

    Kelly says

    I have never tried it, but I know people that swear by taking melatonin. Check into it!!! Also, eat small meals or snacks every 2-3 hours that are high in protein, it will help keep your blood sugars level and keep your energy up! Hope you find your energy back soon!

  22. 33


    It may be a good idea to have a physical with your doctor and have them do a blood draw to see how all your levels are. Two things I automatically think of that most people need to supplement with is Vitamin B’s and Vitamin D3. Most people are very lacking in those important vitamins and by taking supplements you will notice an increase in your energy levels as well. Also with the blood work they are able to check your thyroid levels as well, which is very important. Hope that helps!

  23. 34


    b r e a k f a s t!!!
    girl, after a night of sleeping, your body is in starvation mode. your bod needs energy ; fuel within an hour of waking up.
    try a smoothie, oatmeal or soy yogurt with protein powder.

    also, try a few minutes of heart-pumping energy a few times throughout the day! jumping jacks, jump rope, running in place.
    [it sounds silly, but get your blood moving]


  24. 35


    Girl, if you figure it out, let me know! Im exhausted! Of course it could be the business, the two kids three and under, the army husband who’s in command, and all the other daily things on our plate. No, no, that cant be it *wink*. I really like the idea of the detox, if you decide to give it a try, let me know and maybe we can strike up buddy system for some moral support! Ha!

    • 36


      you have a lot going on! i’ve been in the trenches of toddlers! mine are 12 & 9 and you will survive! a detox will change your life! there are also shorter ones like 7 days! good luck! thank you to your hubby for serving our country and the sacrifice you and him are making! thank you!

  25. 37

    Brooke says

    Green smoothies. I also stopped drinking coffee. I drink a glass of lemon water in the morning, down my smoothie and then take black tea for the road. Its really helped my energy but giving up coffee wasn’t easy!

  26. 38


    Emergen C………….models drink two packets in a bottle of water once a day before a red carpet event. It is full of tons of good energy I love it! And do make sure you getting enough Vitamin D ……….that is so very important!
    Blessings and lots of energy to you!

  27. 39


    I would get your Iron levels tested. I just had a couple of months were I was flat on the couch tired (which is hard to do when you work away from home all day and have 3 kids!); so I went to the doctor and found out that I was extremely anemic! Iron supplements and some diet changes to get more iron and my levels are much better!

  28. 40

    Kelsey says

    I agree with the green smoothie comments. After a month or so of feeling exhausted and my body just feeling out of whack, I had a green smoothie for breakfast every day for a week. I used chickpeas, bananas, a variety of frozen fruit, pomegranate juice, and kale or spinach. I feel like I pressed a reset button! However, the “slow down and take a break” comments I read sound pretty smart too :)

  29. 41


    Yep vitamin D, even if you are taking a multi…we don’t get enough. I try to eat fresh. Meaning fruits and veggies raw, red peppers are my favorite. I love desserts, used to eat them first when we’d go out. Naughty naughty.
    I feel better when I’m eating healthier, notice I said healthier, yeah Im not there yet…
    As for Bauer, you might need to bust out the treats for him, when you call him, and he comes excited voice and treat, sometimes they need reminders why listening is good! And we use a squirt bottle with Piper when she barks and won’t stop, like when playmates come for the kids…I only have to point it at her now. Oh and it’s just water.:0)

  30. 42


    5 small meals a day, lots of lean protein and minimal “fake” foods. Also – just read The End of Illness and it stressed the importance of regularity– Going to bed at the same time each night. If you nap, nap at the same time every day (ha ha ha. Had to laugh at that one! Wouldn’t that be nice!) . Eat at the same time each day. Anything you can do to maintain regularity. Also he says that you should try to move all day….try not to sit still too long.
    And make sure to take some you-time…..yoga is a fatastic option to clear your mind and body.

  31. 43


    Your hair is getting so long! Love it!

    Do you do all of that in one day? That’s enough to wear anyone out!
    My solution to exhaustion considering I’m pregnant is to take a nap =) but I’m sure that doesn’t work out for everyone.

    Can you split those things up into different days? Or get up later/go to bed earlier? At least somedays? I think that’d help me a ton… and take breaks for yourself, for sure! Even if its not a nap just some time sitting can make one feel better! Sometimes I think that life is just exhausting at times… like its the season we are suppose to be in! So hard, but good thing God carries us when we are oh so tired!

    Dear God,
    Sometimes life is tiring and we don’t really have the time to rest.
    Please refresh Maggie and give her energy even if she isn’t able to really rest.
    I think she deserves it! =)

  32. 44


    Ok…there are a lot of things I need to be doing more of (exercize, eat fewer carbs) BUT…honestly, VITAMIN D. Someone mentioned that above, and it’s SOOOOO needed right now. Go to your DR. and get your levels checked. SO many people think there is something really wrong, when really Dr’s are seeing more and more people with vit D deficiencies (tired, lethargic, foggy, depressed and down). You can get a perscription, and now that I’m off..I just get my own….It’s seriously made SUCH a difference!!

  33. 45

    Christy K says

    I suffer from the EXACT same issue… I just felt completely exhausted even though I was sleeping enough at night. I was so concerned that it was something really, really bad that I went to the doctor to get it checked out (Why do I always assume the worst?) As it turns out, my vitamin B12 level was SO low, my doc was surprised I could even get out of bed in the morning! She recommended that I take 1,200 mcg of B12 a day and what a difference that has made! I have more energy, my head is less ‘cloudy’ and I FEEL so much better! So long answer long, I’m not saying it will work… but for ME it did. You’ll never know unless you try!

    Have a great day! : )

  34. 48

    Brenda says

    I just went to a compounding Pharmacy and talked to a Pharm there and he was sooooo helpful!
    No perscriptions, just natural….. I have suffered with fatigue for years, working in Las vegas with all the weird shifts, and have tried almost everything. HE told me my adrenals were probably shot, and needed to be brought back to life!!! He showed me this PINK SALT….yes PINK!!! hee hee….. and told me to take it in the morning with water…..google it, and you will find a lot of info on it. Himalayan Pink Salt. and it was inexpensive too! Hopefully, we can both get our energy back! B

  35. 49

    Lyndsey says

    I was overly exhausted a few years back and went to the doctor who checked my thyroid levels and discovered they were very low! I have been on a medication (I never wanted to depend on a medication) but it has drastically helped. I feel more refreshed and I feel really great. I also recently started taking prenatal vitamins (as if that new baby we are hoping for will cure that exhaustion issue, right?!) also I also would suggest doing a detox juice fast for a few days, if possible. My husband and I did it last month and it was very successful in “cleaning out the toxins” and pepping me up. I would suggest doing it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis just to cleanse your body! :) Hope this helps, and doesn’t sound to kookie! Also, you are a bit of an inspiration to me.. keep it up!

  36. 50


    Take 2 1000 iu Vitamin D pills every day-I live in WI and I really think these winters get to everyone without a lot of fun-I’ve seen a huge jump in my energy since starting to take them

  37. 51


    Talk to a physician! There are about so many things that can cause a loss of energy. It could be anything from a dietary deficiency to a thyroid problem.
    Nobody really like to talk about it, but anxiety and/or depression can also sap the life out of you. I have generalized anxiety, and can usually manage it with exercise, diet, deep breathing, me-time and other measures, but once in awhile (especially when I have a lot on my plate, or even just a few things on my plate that are out of my control) it gets out of hand and one of the tell-tale signs for me is that my energy levels plummet. When it comes to that point SSRI’s have helped me get back to my old self.
    If you really think you’ve got too much on your plate, you can always just scrape some of it off :) But if you think there’s more too it, it may be worth a trip to the doctor’s. A good family doctor should be able to ask the right questions to differentiate between the countless things that may be causing you to lose energy and either treat it or refer you to a specialist.

  38. 52

    Tina says

    I was going to mention thyroid as well. I was feeling fatigued for the longest time and my doc put on Vitamin D, which helped, but only temporarily. About a year ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and found out that was the root cause of my fatigue. And it’s definitely something that gets overlooked.

  39. 54


    oh girl, if you figure this one out, email me the tricks, ok? I’m on pills to treat hypothyroidism but mama is bone tired and running on empty. maybe we need a vacation somewhere sunny to soak up those nice vitamin D rays? {wink}

  40. 55


    I don’t think I’ve ever been good at bouncing back after a trip, or even after a minor rescheduling in my life; it throws me off without fail.

    I have no clue if this applies to you at all, but sometimes I have more energy when I have a more balanced perspective on life. I get tired and weary when I feel like I have too many responsibilities that in turn just feel like opportunities to let someone down. Just talking to someone i love can help me see where I’m looking at things funny, and remind me that no matter what I do, Jesus loves me and couldn’t love me more. (It seems like just by writing out to us, you were already seeing things it could be, hmm breakfast? Haha)

    Another thing that helps me personally is looking at pictures or journal entries of fun times in the past, or favorite memories as a kid. It gives me a way to relax without the weird task of “okay, you have an hour or so to relax, so RELAX.” haha.

    Hope you feel rested soon. :)

  41. 56

    Jenifer h. says

    There is oodles of good advice already posted. My advice: ditch caffiene and try to limit your sugar intake. Caffeine makes you lose sleep at night not to mention the fact that it keeps you in “fight-or-flight” mode so it makes you irritable. I replaced caffeine with green smoothies or a good protien packed breakfast. My fave smoothie recipe is here: http://www.cantaloupecorner.blogspot.com/2012/03/super-power-green-smoothie-recipe.html I’ve been working on perfecting it for a while and there are so many option you can add to it, like your favorite fruits, strawberries, mango, blueberries, etc.
    Limiting your sugar (and white carbs) will keep your body and immune system happy and it helps to keep your blood sugar level so you don’t crash in the aftenoon. And I agree also with the peeps who said Vitamin D and exercize. I just started interval training like Tabata, or checkout Bodyrock.tv. These short excersizes will give you the metabolism boost of an hour workout in about 12-16 minutes. I hope you can find what works best for you. You are one busy and amazing lady!

  42. 57

    Cathy Kelemen says

    I would recommend (since you took the pregnancy card out of play–ha) that you go to bed at a set time every night—tired or not—take a book to help you doze off! Also eat a high protein breakfast! Carbs will just slow you down and make you sluggish. Don’t get me wrong….I love my carbs…..but I’ve noticed for me when my breakfast contains more protein I am A.) Less tired and B.) not hungry as much. If none of that helps and you are ok with tanning beds…..go tan and take a nap….you will feel refreshed!

  43. 59


    hi friend, I feel the same way you do a lot of the time, and my schedule is not nearly as crazy as yours so I have no idea how you do it all ;). my best piece of advice is make time for Lord first and he will carry you through it all. I have really shifted my focus on him in the last 6 months and he has gotten me through so much and I knew that I could not have done it so gracefully without him. Of course there are things like exersize which totally get my endorphines going and give me energy. I also cut back to one {rather large, lol} cup of coffee in the morning and then after 12 noon i stick to tea. Fruits and veggies make me feel good too.

  44. 60


    Vitamin B? My hubby and I take it daily. With a ‘real’ job as a teacher, an Etsy shop, blog and 2 young boys I need all the help I can get!
    We’ve also been working on eliminating carbs from our diet and I notice a BIG difference there. We basically eat meat, dairy, nuts, seeds and veggies. We have berries from time to time in smoothies. Carbs spike your sugar levels and then you crash and crave more. I’ve noticed my cravings are gone, I’ve even turned down cupcakes multiple times. Fat and protein are better fuel sources for your body.
    Another easy one, which I know probably isn’t possible is take a day or two off! :)
    Hang in there and keep life low key whenever you can, it’s hard work being a superstar!

  45. 61

    Kara Olson says

    I use a lot of essential oils and I diffuse them in the air! Kinda weird but it actually helps! I use one called citrus fresh then I use peppermint and that is really invigorating! At least this is what I do when I need energy ;)

  46. 62

    Shannon says

    Drink ice water with slices of lemon or lime. Put some music on! Try walking in the morning instead? It’s a good boost for your metabolism.

  47. 63


    I agree with incorporating a vitamin D supplement… Most of us are drastically deficient in this vitamin and that deficiency can cause illness, fatigue, weight gain etc. I’ve started taking a Vitamin D supplement in addition to my multivitamin and I feel like it has helped my mood (especially during that female time) drastically.

  48. 64


    You should have your blood work done and check all your levels. I operated the same way for a while – I was costuming for a play (which took ALOT of hours) and running my custom sewing and alteration business (it was busy time!) and was a mother of five at the time (have six now :). I was so tired, was not pregnant! I came home one night from play rehearsal, kept on working, and then I was just walking through my living room and literally passed out! I fainted right on my floor. It was about 1 in the morning I think and no one was awake to help me. Eventually I came to, but had to lay low for days and finally went to the doctor. I had been ignoring my tired body and working and trying to balance everything, neglecting much. Turns out I was anemic (lacking iron makes you very tired) and had to take some supplements and of course slow down a little. See your doctor for a physical and they should cover all of this…srsly. You owe it to you and all those that count on you! Prayers your way…!

  49. 65


    I find that my energy level is best when I go to sleep and wake up at the same time, every day. Weekends and weekdays, I like to go to bed around 10:30 and be up around 6:30. If I try to sleep those same 8 hours during a different period, it’s just not the same.

  50. 66


    Looks like you’ve gotten lots of great ideas already! I would second what others have said about diet. I noticed a huge change in my energy levels when we got more intentional about what we ate. For us that means no grains and no sugar (well, you know….when we’re not cheating!). More protein/good fats will help even out your blood sugar it doesn’t spike and drop during the day.

    Otherwise part of it might be the time of year. Every Feb/March is really hard for me. Hopefully this amazing weather will make this year a little easier!

    And one last idea might be the amount of sleep you’re getting. I’ve found that I’m much more energized with 6 hours of sleep than with 7. Weird, right? Good luck! You’ll find your groove. And I hope this weekend is refreshing and maybe just what you need.

  51. 67

    Jacquelyn says

    Maggie.. I didn’t read through all the comments, so this may have already been mentioned, but the best thing I have ever used is Vitamin B12. Taking 2 pills each morning has done wonders for the way I feel! AND! It is only a few dollars for one hundred tablets! Hope you feel better soon :)

  52. 68


    This happens to me way to often. When I’m on day 3 of no energy I’ll usually break down and take a nap and then get strict about bed time. If the sleeping doesn’t make me feel better pretty fast I KNOW it’s my diet.

    I’m terrible about eating right consistently. I often forget to eat when I get busy and low blood sugar + low iron = bad news bears.

    If you’re answer is “I’m already getting enough sleep,” then I’d bet it’s your diet. If your answer is, “I don’t have time for a nap,” then hunny you’ve got your answer!

  53. 69

    Jen says

    Have you tried a green drink in the morning? I make one and its like slamming a red bull – seriously, tons of nutrients and micronutrients flood your system. You can do it in a juicer or in a blender (just add more water so its not too thick). Here is the link where I go the receipe http://crazysexylife.com/2009/make-juice-not-war-green-drink/.
    It tastes really, good – honestly – and gives you tons of energy.
    Good Luck!

  54. 70


    Hi Maggie,
    Have you looked into having adrenal fatique? I can give you some links for nutritional support in healing if you are interested. Let me know! :) xo Heather

  55. 71

    Joan Wyatt says

    All great ideas, especially the green drink. The more raw foods you eat, the better for health and energy. I have one raw foodist friend who doesn’t eat after 5 p.m. because she has so much energy from raw foods, she won’t be able to sleep. There are tons of raw food recipes online. I usually make yummy green smoothies for breakfast. Blend any greens with water, then add fresh and frozen fruit. Spinach and frozen mango is super yummy.

  56. 72


    take breaks. learn to say no to some things that really don’t matter as much in the long run as other things do. that’s what i do. and drink a dr. pepper but that’s just me ;) (sorry i couldn’t resist)

  57. 73

    Michele says

    A little aromatherapy is a great, quick pick-me-up. Lemon essential oil is the best for me for an easy lift– put a drop in a glass of water or tea, or just smell it!

  58. 74


    A few years ago I took sugar cane (in all it’s forms) out of my diet and was SO SHOCKED by how much energy I had after a few weeks. Later I realized that it wasn’t that I had more energy it was that I was no longer experiencing the “sugar crash” I had gotten so used to. ALSO taking good vitamins daily and drinking water.

    All of this, by the way, I know works for me but still fight against everyday :(

  59. 75

    Sara Suastez says

    I don’t know if someone else has already suggested it but I have heard that most of us are really lacking Vitamin D (especially those who live in more wintry areas) so you may try taking some vitamin D. And make sure you talk to your doctor first but you may need to take a lot more than just a standard supplement because we often need way more than that! Hope that helps! I am tired a lot too (I am pregnant but am tired even when I’m not) and I’m going to be trying that once I have the baby as long as it doesn’t harm her! Let us know if you find something else that works because I am sure a lot of people struggle with that! Thanks Gussy!

  60. 76


    Exercise! It makes me MORE tired when I first start an exercise routine, but after awhile, it gives me more energy!

    Walking is good, but I’m wondering if something a little more blood pumping would help?

  61. 77


    Hi! I’m new to your blog but I’m loving it! Here’s my take- first rule out a medical issue. I find with myself that when I have so much going on in my brain it literally wears me out physically. Sometimes the simple act of making a list and prioritizing what needs to be done really helps. “Return to the basics and success will follow”

  62. 78


    I cannot recommend acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine enough. Secondly, I cannot recommend Megan Odell enough! You might feel like “energy work” is a bit fruity (I did too), but I swear to God, whatever Megan did to help boost my Chi was a Godsend. If nothing else, the caring conversation you have with Megan and the twenty minutes it takes for the needles to “do their thing” is priceless time spent taking care of yourself! I have trouble with that. Her info is below.


  63. 82


    I’ve found that exercising (something aerobic, like running, biking, or cardio) will totally wipe me out for about 3 days, but then when I keep doing it, I seem to have more energy. Not that you need one more thing, but it does help you sleep more soundly at night, too. I suggest mornings, even if it’s just a 20 minute jog or something. Hope you find your energy, and good luck with Bauer!

  64. 83


    i would probably go to the doctor and get bloodwork and have your thyroid checked out- usually has to do with imbalance of hormones and energy levels….just to be safe :)
    as always: vitamins, plenty of sleep, pampering, and exercise :)

  65. 85


    i’ve been feeling convicted lately about the sabbath the Bible describes. Sundays can be one of people’s busiest days…for us it’s not, but the weekends can be so crammed!
    i too feel overwhelmed and like i am running on empty. there is just too much to do.
    alot of times what i will do is set a timer–1 hr with shawn, then, sorry babe but i gotta clean for 20 minutes. and once the 20 minutes is up, NO MORE CLEANING.
    i’m horrible at time management. always have been. now that i have 2 sweet small children to care for, it really makes it hard. but i don’t want to have any regrets about spending time with them, that’s for sure. so far, i’m on the right track.
    another thing i will recommend is a 20-minute “elevated leg” nap. i go to a therapist who knows alot about energy in the body..something about having your legs elevated (i just lay on floor with my legs resting on the couch…i am at a 90 degree angle kindof) and blood flow. i lay like that for 20 minutes, no more, no less, and when i get up i feel like i just slept the whole night. it works well for me since i have insomnia and don’t go to bed at a good hour. can’t wait to chat with u on skype!

  66. 86

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    How are you sleeping at night? Is it restful? I’d try more restful sleep & lots of vitamins & water. Maybe try a quick 10 minute fast paced walk for yourself during the day too, even if its just laps in the backyard to help boost endorphins during the day.

  67. 87


    My tips.. Get enough rest for YOUR body. FIgure out how much that is and make sure you get it at least half of the week! ;) Make sure you are getting enough iron and I would recommend a pre-natal vitamin because I love mine and then whenever in the day you want to hae children, you’re already taking it ha. Also, ice cold water chugged always gives me a quick pick me up. Oh and sunshine.. lots of vitamin d!

  68. 88


    Sometimes the best solution to feeling exhausted isn’t to add something else into your life/routine (take this supplement, drink this concoction, exercise this much, eat this and that, etc – all good things, but they’re addressing symptoms, not the real problem – which is being overworked/too busy and lots of stress, sounds like), but to start taking things away.

    I’d get down on paper a list of every commitment/responsibility you have, and start giving up some – and in their place, put relaxing stuff just for you (naps, going for a walk, exercise, whatever relaxes you). Even God rested on the seventh day, ya know? :)

    As a sidenote, if you find that you’re handling stress well and sleeping well, but still feeling fatigued, there’s lots you can do. I’ve just gotten over the hump of some chronic fatigue issues (due to changing my diet, addressing my thyroid and adrenal issues, and adopting an overall more healthy lifestyle), so I know how it goes. See a doctor (naturopath, chiropractor, or someone else who won’t give you drugs as the remedy immediately, and see you as a whole person and not a set of symptoms) and get it figured out before the demands of life make it worse. :)

  69. 89


    diet! lots of veggies, fruit, protein!

    and LOTS of water. as much as you can– preferably in a mason jar with a fun straw.

    also, exercise. im TERRIBLE about doing it regularly but I know it helps so much. just 15 minutes of dancing to a fun song or lifting weights.

    and… plenty of rest. 7-9 hours. each night.

    (and yes, i could take all of this advice myself.)

  70. 90


    I went gluten-free about a year ago and my energy level sky-rocketed. Check your diet and maybe consider making some changes if you see some things that may contribute to fatigue!

  71. 92

    Genelle G. says

    Have you tried drinking kefir? Not the sugary smoothie blends you find at the grocery store, the sugar will just make you more tired, but plain kefir you either make at home (it’s super easy) or if you can find it plain at the store. It really helps give me energy when I make it a normal part of my diet.

  72. 93


    Girl, I feel you. And I only say “girl” when I’m super serious. I feel like I have a zillion things to do, but all I kind of want to do is sleep. Honestly the only thing that works is to be really productive one day. Productive enough to give myself the next day to recharge without worrying about shipping orders, updating your website, updating your blog, trying to figure out something online, sewing for 8 hours with fleece (oh wait, is that just me? I hate sewing fleece.) etc, etc.

    If you find a miracle, a healthy, not going to regret that later miracle, definitely let me know.

  73. 94


    I’m not sure what your diet is, but I would recommend looking into that as a source of energy. There are tons of super foods that can help and plenty that can hurt your energy levels. Also, I prioritize and survive. Start thinking of what you literally need to do to survive physically, emotionally and professionally. Throw everything else out the window until you get back on track. Hope it helps!

  74. 95


    Maybe you’re human! :D
    Just kidding – kind of.
    It seems like you are always a busy, busy lady, and I know that running your own successful business plays a key role in that business. I don’t have any tips, other than to trust your gut and see a doctor if you get truly concerned that something is off kilter. It could be adrenal or thyroid. Or a simpler issue like protein/iron/something else deficiency.

    I’m still struggling to stay refreshed and well rested. But I do think that exercise helps – looks like you’re doing that with your Bauer walks – and keeping a diet lower in carbs and sugars and higher in veggie and lean proteins. Also, adult drinks like wine will detract from the quality of your sleep. It hits me hard, and I need to wake up early on weekdays to work on my blog/shop before work. So I’m swearing off wine with weeknight dinners.
    Hopefully your time with friends and your travels will help you get recharged!

  75. 96


    Definately concentrate on your B Vitamins sweetie. I find the same thing. My levels run low and I always know what to reach for. Especially when my menstrual cycle comes around I take a supplement called “Floradix”. It is a liquid iron supplement with lots of lovelies in it. I’m not sure if you would find that brand in America, but might be worth a shot with something similar (a simple google search will bring it up for you and give you the info of what it contains, and you should be able to order it online too). Im now taking a women’s multi daily just to keep my levels up aswell. I think though with the busyness of life we forget that we still have to think about our iron around the ‘aftermath’ of that time of the month and replace what has depleted. I tend to also fall in to the anemic basket, like most women do these days. Also your fatty acids are really important – a piece of salmon for dinner once a week and keep your water intake up too. And I agree with a few drops of lemon – very cleansing!! And the most important of all is NURTURE yourself . . . . we women tend to think we are robots and push ourselves right to our limits. Be kind to yourself xoxoxo

  76. 97


    *like* Also, if you /do/ find you’re low on iron the BEST iron supplement I’ve found is called Floradix, the wonderful thing about this product is it absorbs SO EASILY into your body. You can see positive results within a week. The downside is it can be rather pricey, but worth it if you’re that tired!

  77. 98


    I couldn’t agree with this post more! Even if you’re feeling a little tired during the day a brisk walk or a little Wii zumba will wake you right back up! ;)

  78. 100


    I think with all that have you been through you shldoun’t be too hard on yourself. But It’s good to be aware of your body and take charge. I do notice I eat better when I am tracking. It would be interesting to track regardless, because I know for me if i start tracking the bad stuff I am immediately steering back on track. I hate writing down the bad stuff, it makes me responsible for it at that moment. You are going to get over this little hump!

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