{Inspiration Workshop! — FLOWERS}

flowers are lovely creations — the scents they carry, the memories they give us, the way they grow from the soil in the earth and come up at just the right time to show us their beauty…

a nest for all seasons

oh the lovely things

flowers from our wedding — june 7th, 2008

* the way the scent of Lilies of a Valley comes inside my parents house
* eucalyptus — soooo calming, reminds me of grandparents :]
* the moment when my mom asked me if I wanted to see my wedding bouquet ~ ::sigh:: it was so gorgeous and heavy with freshness
* my maid of honor {before she was my MOH} and I split a baby palm tree and now we both have a piece. I love that ‘lil guy ;]

* * *

This week’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt is FLOWERS!
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    Had to post it a second time because the first one didn’t take my picture for some reason! Sorry!!!
    Thank you for the weekly inspiration by the way! Love being a part!

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