{how does your family decorate for the holidays each year?}

BRRR! The weather has definitely been chilly here in Minneapolis, which makes Christmas feel like it’ll be here so quickly! Lisa, one of my assistants, said she saw snowflakes last week. But I don’t know if I believe her… tee hehe.

Last week we launched our Limited Edition Christmas Stockings — did you see them? They are so cute and festive, but with a fun twist! This is our third year offering stockings and it’s one of my favorite product launches. Each print has limited quantity, it would be amazing to sell out three years in a row!

My parents, big brother and 2 nephews will be here {they live in Michigan!} next weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. I know it would be early, but it would be soooo fun to decorate just a little {–wink!} for Christmas while they’re here ~ hang stockings, add some garland to the mantle, switch out the pumpkins for red and silver ornament clusters. Since moving here Zack and I haven’t been able to celebrate the holidays at our house with family, so this would be such a treat.

Share with us: does your family hang stockings on the mantle? How does your family decorate for the holidays each year?

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    Courtney says

    How fun to have your family visiting for Thanksgiving! I bet Bauer will love having them too :)
    Growing up we didn’t have a fireplace, so stocking were hung on the front door by the tree. Since our apartment doesn’t have a mantle either, the hubs and I hang them near the tree in the same fashion. And since I’m a HUGE Christmas lover, our tree goes up early and stays up lonnnnng after December!

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    We usually just have our tree, a couple of Christmas pillows for the couch, a few random tabletop decorations, and lights around our living room window. BUT…this year we’re making a fake mantel to hang our stockings on. I grew up with fireplaces and mantels, so I’m so excited to do this. Finally! Our stockings will hang from something other than a doorknob.

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    I grew up in rural Minnesota on eighty acres of forest. Every year, we’d trundle out into the spruce swamp and choose the best looking tree to take home. Really, they usually looked pretty Charlie Brown-esque once we go them home, but the entire process was so fun we didn’t care!

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    Being out numbered by boys in my house we hang camo stpckings up. I need to get the hubs to let me buy new ones from your shop! I don’t have a mantle so they get hung up on a shelf. I love haveing a big fat tree but I’m a little concerned about having a one year old this year. Hope he doesn’t tear up my tree!

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    We hang stockings on the mantel every year. Our twin boys, who are four, got to make their stockings this year. I had some great Dr. Seuss fabric in my sewing room, so they got to pick out the fabric combos for their stockings. They “helped” me sew and even made one for the dog. It was awesome to see how excited they were and how much it meant to them to be mommies little helpers. I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with them this year!

  6. 8


    I can’t wait to decorate as well! But I won’t be back in town until December so it will have to wait until then. I’ve always bought decorations in years past but this year I plan to do handmade! I love the stockings so much!

  7. 9


    I believe Lisa! We saw alittle bit of snow a last week too~!!!

    Its our first Christmas in Minnesota and after 6 years on TWO Tropical Islands I think Im pretty excited about having a White Christmas! Ill be sewing up Christmas pillow covers, table runners and blankets this week too!

  8. 10


    I bet Bauer will love having his family come for Thanksgiving – how fun! We don’t have a mantle (which makes me a little sad) but we have a front porch that I love to decorate for the holidays. The day after Thanksgiving I’ll start my porch redo. We’ve had a good amount of snow already and my pumpkins are looking a little sad. :-(

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    Katie S says

    That sounds lovely:). I never decorate early, but this year have already started to. Christmas is such a wonderful time of year…trying to savor it as long as possible. Blessings to you and your family:)

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