{announcing the Gussy Sews Christmas order-by deadline!}

Fa La La… are you ready for Christmas?? wink! Now that it’s NOVEMBER Christmas will be here in just 7.5 short weeks, yay! Inside the Gussy Sews shop we’re B-U-S-Y cutting, sewing and packaging holiday orders, which is sew super exciting! If you’re wishing & dreaming for a Gussy this year, now is the time to let your peeps know.

Here’s some important info for you: ALL CHRISTMAS ORDERS NEED TO BE PLACED BY DECEMBER 3RD! We’ll be closing the shop that evening to focus our attention on all incoming orders, and we will remain closed through January 23rd, 2012. Please make a note of this ~ once Saturday, December 3rd comes to an end we will not be processing orders until Monday, January 23rd.

This is such an exciting announcement for us — during that 7-week period where we’re closed we’ll be completely revamping our workflow process. The next time you place an order we’ll have most items ready-to-ship, which is an amazing feat to accomplish!!! :]

So make a note ~ please place your Gussy order by December 3rd! {yeow!} because the Gussy Sews shop will be closed December 3rd, 2011 – January 23rd, 2012.


Berry Dot zipped pouch, small

Gray Whisper market tote

Tangerine Dot diaper/wipe wristlet

Black & Gray Dot headband

B&W Houndstooth camera strap slipcover

Lavender Dot wristlet/clutch

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