{a girl can wish, right? // by Danielle B.}

This week I have lots of fun summer to-do lists for you, written by some of my bloggy friends! Danielle is starting out the week with a whimsical post. I hope you enjoy them! :]

this summer i am having fun letting the boys be boys. most days we are puddle jumpin’, swinging, sliding, catching frogs and in the pool for countless hours. also, i like to have fun in the summer by…

1. having picnics in the back of our minivan:

2. riding my pink vespa everywhere:

3. spending a week here with my man. just me and my man. as in … sans kids:

4. traveling the country in our delightful camper:

5. and getting tattooed:

okay, so none of these things have actually happened.
but, hey, a girl can wish right?

that is what summertime is all about.
[photos via pinterest]

hi! my name is danielle and i blog at take heart. i write about my two sweet boys, things that make laugh, our every day happenings, things that inspire me, design, DIYS, and my Jesus and His grace amongst it all. i also sell wreaths and other pretty things over at my little shop, sugar money.

we all want to know: what does your dream summer look like? and do you plan on making your dreams come true? {i hope so!} SHARE it with us below!

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    We are actually doing one of the things on her list. The kids are at grandparents’ house for 7 whole days. They left on Friday evening. We had so much fun together time this weekend. I’d recommend a kid vacation/staycation to all parents. It really allows us to reconnect to one another. So exciting to have an entire conversation!

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    Something my husband and I need to do more of is get out with no childrens:) Once in a while we do, like the other night we went to the new transformers movie. (way to much transforming for me) Grandma will be taking ALL 5 of the kids overnight tomorrow and it has been a year since the last time. Let me tell you how fricken excited we are for that!!!!

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    That looks like a lovely breakfast in that camper. My husband has been trying to convince me that buying a small camper for little weekend camping trips would be a great idea and this picture almost has me convinced….he’ll be very happy :)


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