{what’s on my mind? the uncut & fun verison}

Lately I’ve been feeling like I need to share more of my personal thoughts, so below is a super random “list” of the things I’m thinking of right now. Most of the time I pre-write my posts and/or take a few days to compile my thoughts before publishing. Not this one, baby! Some of my thoughts below are silly, some are more serious. Exhale ~ here we go! PS. the pics above are from a walk Bauer and I went on recently. Sunshine, I like you ♥.

We don’t have a car. We sold it a few months ago, thinking for sure we’d have enough money saved by now to buy a newer used car. But we haven’t. And lately it’s been reallllllllly frustrating. I miss getting in the car and going for a drive. I miss traveling farther than the bus system travels. And quicker, too. Living in Minneapolis has made not having a car super easy, but still… Some times a gal just wants to go for a drive! Besides, the gentleman that delivers our groceries has started calling me “Maggs”. I feel like that’s a sign. {lol}


Dear clouds, I need you to go away. I know you’re here for a reason, but Gussy needs more sunshine. Also, I need some sunshine for a photo shoot. So… if you could… just move on along? Saturday is a long time to wait for you…


Easter is this Sunday, and you know what? I am really wishing we had a church that we called “ours”. When we moved to Minneapolis about 18 months ago, we put off finding a church because the few we visited just didn’t feel right. I know that’s really a lazy excuse, but it’s the excuse we have. And now that we’ve been here for over a year I’m totally craving more Jesus/community time. CRAVING. Zack and I both are. This subject is really heavy on my heart… I wish we had a church to call home… And now that we don’t have a car it’s even harder to make happen. So we wait. But I’m getting impatient [to be honest]. *we’re looking for a community church/non-denom.


Does anyone know what causes bad dreams? I have them a lot. Hah! They are always the super sad/emotional ones. Thumbs down! And no, I don’t eat late at night. But I usually drink herbal tea before bed…


Bauer makes me the happiest puppy mama ever. Last night I went to a blog event for a couple of hours, and when I came home his little bum was shaking so fast from his wagging tail. Bauer was so happy to see me and it was sooooo cute :] Oh, and his brown eyes? They are totally our translator. I speak; Bauer woofs, but his eyes tell me everything I need to know :]


I’m thinking of writing out a really detailed version of “my story” — how I started sewing, details on what it was like to be unemployed for 7 months, etc. I know I’ve shared a lot on my blog and even though the {about Gussy} page, but I think it would be nice to have the full story somewhere. And there are a lot of new[ish] readers, and the feedback I’ve received in the last few months tells me not everyone knows my story. So, stay tuned :]

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    i don’t know what religion you are, but st. joan of arc in minneapolis is a wonderful….i mean wonderful community church. it is a very progressive and welcoming catholic church and the community and acceptance there is unbelievable.

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    Finding a “home church” can be VERY hard. Not because there arent wonderful churches out there but because the entire process can take alot out of you. But be diligent about it Maggie. Nothing can fill that void. And you already know that you’re missing out on that community and fellowship.
    Let us know how it goes. Easter is a great time to be “on the hunt” too. (That sounded so silly) But its true.

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    I understand how you feel about trying to find a home church… especially during this time of year. =) But the wait will be worth it. Also, as I know you are a Christian, I wanted to suggest just simply praying before you go to sleep.. that might help get rid of the bad dreams. I get them too, and I find just praying, devoting your sleep to God and praying that Satan have no part in your dreams really helps.

    Have a good week! =)

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    I loved reading the more “personal” bits about you/your life. That sounds a bit creepy but, it’s nice to read this type of a post once in a while. I totally applaud you guys for going car-less! That great but I can see where’d I’d want to pull my hair out about it too!

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    Elizabeth says

    Loved this post Maggie! The part when you said the grocery man calls you Maggs made me laugh cuz I think of some little old lady haha which I assume you’re thinking too! :) That would be good to have your story on here for people to look at {and get inspired by!} You are such an inspiration! You have fun stuff to say, good biz tips, cute photos and a heart for Jesus! You rock Maggie hehe! Have a great week and hope you find a church soon, but in the meantime just keep focused on Jesus and don’t get discouraged because He is going to lead you to the right church where you will be blessed and be a blessing to others! Take care! :)
    Elizabeth :)

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    Diana says

    I would love to know your story! I am a fairly new follower and I don’t know your full story….just bits and pieces. :). I hope spring comes soon for you! We are in full spring mode here in Texas!!

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    I feel you on the church thing – my husband and I went through the same thing and unfortunately FIVE YEARS later we’re still no further along in Jacksonville, FL. I think Jacksonville is seriously the home of the Mega-Church and we’re used to a more laid back (read: quaint) smaller church environment. I miss the fellowship and the inspiration that comes from being in a church family but we’ve had such little success that we kind of gave up…though I am trying out a new church this weekend for Easter.

    Good luck! Love the post!

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      I don’t know if Celebration Church in Jax is Mega…but my friend goes there….and is really growing….and I’d be happy to connect you with her if you’d like.

    • 13


      You bless me girl! Thanks for being so *real* – it take courage…but somehow I’m guessing you’re a bit guttsy too! When I feel out of sorts I recite to myself a verse I learned a long time ago… “Trust in the Lord. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He WILL make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:4, 5 (emphasis mine).
      I used to have a lot of trouble with sleep…so I started drinking Traditional Medicinals “Nighty Night” herbal tea. (and yes…they sell it at Target!)
      And I “know” the church issue…no details…but in the meantime we “livestream” our home church (8 hrs away)…I love it!
      Wishing you a wonderful Resurrection Celebration this Sunday where ever that may be. {hugs}

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    Kim yeager says

    I love this blog~I sometimesfeel like I can totally relate to you!! You only live four hours away(I’m from Fargo ND) and so when you talk about where you shop or the weather ect..I can relate to all the places and weather! ALSO, I’m a huge pet lover~ especially for my chocolate lab! Anyways, thanks for the smile today~ it’s my bday and getting older isn’t always something to smile about!

  9. 15


    What type of church did you come from Maggie? I would be totally lost without my church! They are my family. I love smaller churches. Ours has under 300 people, but I remember when there were only about 50 :) Our church is working on a plan to plant another church, because we don’t want it to get much bigger. You lose out on that intimate feeling when it gets too big. And I love it that our pastor knows everyone and shakes our hands as we leave.

    I’ll be praying that you find a new church home.

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    Ashley C says

    I’ve been looking for 2 years now to find a church that I can call home. Living in the country really limits our options and so far nothing has been right. We’re considering a 40 minute drive *one way* just to attend a church that actually feels right, and that in itself depresses me too. I empathize with you on this!

  11. 18


    thanks for this post! i’m a new follower as well, but i love that i immediately connected with you, and love hearing about what’s going on in your life…and feel like our lives intersect in many ways! my husband and i have one car (which feels like none many days when he’s at a 10hour shift, or even a double), and also have struggled the last 20 months of not finding a church as well- and definitely using the same excuse of not the right fit and my husband’s weekend work schedule.

    ecc 3:1 (a goodie!)…there is an appointed time for everything. and there is a time for every event under heaven. :)

  12. 20


    I’m a fairly new reader to your blog, but I really appreciate posts like this that seem so “real life.” I also would like the sun to come out to stay…and now, they are predicting snow again! Yuck!

    Wishing you the best in your search for a church home. We moved to the cities several years ago and had we not known someone who connected us to our church, I feel like it could have been a long process to find the right place for us. (Ours is New Brighton Christian Church — http://nbcc.cc/ — But I’m not sure how easy that is to reach by bus)

  13. 23


    Re: dreams & herbal tea – the tea combinations may be bringing your dreams to a sharper focus. Your constitution (who you inherently are) may need a mixture of different calmatives than the mixtures you are getting in your current tea choices. That may sound a little new agey, but as an avid tea drinker & herbalist, I have seen my own dreams go from vivid and sad to calming & nearly unnoticable w/ the switch of 1 or 2 herbs. If you have questions feel free to email me!

  14. 24


    Re: dreams & herbal tea – the tea combinations may be bringing your dreams to a sharper focus. That may sound a little new agey, but as an avid tea drinker & herbalist, I have seen my own dreams go from vivid and sad to calming & nearly unnoticable w/ the switch of 1 or 2 herbs. If you have questions feel free to email me!

  15. 25


    Finding a home church is very important! I hope you begin that search and that it isn’t too long either… LOVE hearing more about you. Esp that you are only hours from me here in cccccccold Canada. [Actually not that cold anymore but I agree! The sun should come out and bless our presence much much more that it currently is…]

  16. 26


    I totally know what you mean about being plugged into a church. Acts 29 is a netowrk of non-denom churches in America. I go to one in Columbia and we are blessed with awesome community. Check out website about one in Minnesota. It even looks like they may have a carpool system! -b


  17. 28


    I have been having the weirdest nightmare/dreams too! Once I woke up crying…GAH! If you find out the cause of your bad dreams please let me know too!

  18. 29


    I know what you mean about missing community! We go to Mars Hill (also an Acts 29 church) here in Seattle and know for sure this is where God wants us and, while it’s a large church, we feel a part of the family. Anyways, it’s taken us over a year to get plugged in to mid-week community group (bible study) and the Holy Spirit has been convicting us to get deeper into fellowship. I’ll pray that you guys find where God wants you to be, a place where you can grow together in Jesus. Until then, please know that you are a huge blessing to me and I can read your love for Jesus, even if you’re not talking directly about Him. :)
    As for bad dreams, maybe try to listen to praise and worship music throughout the day. It helped me a lot lot lot when I went through a season of bad dreams – the wake up crying bc you believe somebody died kind of dreams. I can email a few band suggestions if you need :)
    Anyways, I’m a chatty gal, too, so sorry this is a novel. I’ll be praying for you!

  19. 31

    Krista B says

    I have been following your blog for about a month now and it was great to get a little peek into some more personal parts of your life – thanks for sharing!

    I have been going to Substance Church (at the Northwestern College campus) for almost 3 years and have truly loved it – definitely untraditional and a church that is truly passionate about seeking the lost and taking back the Twin Cities for HIS kingdom!

  20. 32

    Carrie O says

    ok, I like your off the top of your head thoughts. Kind of like morning pages from the artists way.
    Isn’t it funny how that “fit” thing is hard to pin down. we went through it when we moved away.

    I would just encourage you that worship is about your offering to God. even if you are visiting different places, going is still your offering of worship to Him. Just keep your eyes on him and he will lead you to the right place. I know It is must be exhausting to meet new people each sunday.

    Ok. I so will put a plug out there for my church. City View. cvcmpls.org. a very loving multicultural church in the Seward Neighborhood. Know you are welcome even if it is for one Sunday or many.
    blessings on your journey.

  21. 35


    You have no idea how much I love love loved this post. It’s always nice to see the “human” side of you and your business :)

    For the car situation, I know some big cities have a car share program. You pay a subscription fee (I doubt it’s even close to a car payment level!) and get to pick up a car in various areas of the city. That could fulfil your itch to drive without the purchase of a car. One of them is called ZipCar so you should look into it!

    Also, I totally feel you on the church situation as well. We have tried TONS of churches in our area but none of them fit our needs and what we are looking for in a church/community. The only church that we both agree on is the one that I grew up in but it’s 25 miles away. So it would be doable on Sundays but doesn’t fit my need for wanting to get involved. I am craving a church right now and I think Easter makes that even more apparent. Never thought I’d be a “Chreaster” (only attend church on Christmas and Easter)!

  22. 36


    Gus Gus – I’m praying for you & Zack. I totally understand about finding a church – I grew up not having one to call home & my Grandparents’ house became a church of sorts. As you know, I didn’t come to faith until I was an adult. We’re heavily involved in & love our church, but it’s way down here & would be quite the bus ride! ;) I don’t know about getting there, but I’ve heard wonderful things about Bloom church in StP – met with Dawn Bryant a while back & really love her heart. Great community involvement too – here’s the site so you can get a feel. http://whybloom.com/

  23. 37


    I hope you and Zach find a church soon. I go to a great one in Lake Elmo, MN but that would be a bit hard to get to from Minneapolis. Not having wheels makes church visiting outside the immediate downtown area a bit harder but that won’t stop God, you guys will end up where He wants you when He wants you. Stay Strong :)

  24. 39


    I’ll be praying that you find a good home church. We went through the same thing when we moved and it’s really helped having a community.

  25. 41


    I wud love to know more about u.. I’d love to advertise on your site, but sadly, I can’t afford your rates.. do u do trades?I already hv your badge on mine.

  26. 42


    I was also going to suggest Eaglebrook (not that you asked for suggestions, but my goodness, i live up in Fargo, also, and if I lived near any of those campuses i’d be at home!)…we’re still figuring out life here in Fargo in that sense, but when we go to Mpls we try to make it there Sat evenings or sun a.m’s… Totally hear ya!

  27. 43


    I thought I’d add to the swarms of church suggestions….my brother and sister-in-law LOVED Substance church which has a few locations. http://www.substancechurch.com/

    We’re from a non-denominational church 2 hours away and I always hear amazing things about Substance. Great younger population with a lot of focus on “living life together”.


  28. 44

    marcy says

    We love our church! Very gospel-centered! Two Sunday morning services, small groups, and Wednesday night prayer meeting. I am reminded again and again that the Christian walk is not about what I do, but what Christ has Done! Please come visit! :)

  29. 45


    Hi – I’m a new-ish reader too and am enjoying “getting to know you”. Hope you find a new church family soon – we have been struggling with that too and its not fun. It was easier in college. Also hope you get warm weather soon!

  30. 47

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    Great post! I go to a non-denominational Vineyard church & its changed my life. I wouldn’t be who I am without them. You should try it, you can find a Vineyard church near you if you go to the nat’l website. http://www.vineyardusa.org I hope you check it out! :-)

  31. 49

    KristaB says

    I just wanted to throw out there that the church i attend helped plant this church so i am overjoyed to hear some positive feedback about it – so cool!

  32. 50

    Julia says

    John Piper is in Minneapolis at Bethlehem Baptist Church – he’s like THE most respected theologian alive currently. He’s excellent. God Bless!

  33. 51


    Hi Gussy! I’m probably your newest reader (just found you a few minutes ago!) and I’d love to read about you! I guess I’m nosy at heart! :-) I’m off now to read your “about” section and more of your blog. Love it!

  34. 53

    Amanda Blevins says

    Hey Maggie! I found your site a few months ago and have really enjoyed it! You are very inspiring! I’m sure you have gotten lots of feedback on the bad dream thing, but I too had very bad dreams, that seemed soooo real. They were very violent and just plain creepy. I would pray before I went to bed (oh yeah, I LOVE Jesus!) and they went a way for a while. But one day during my quiet time, I realized that I needed to pray out loud; because we are sealed by the Holy Spirit, satan cannot read our minds, but he can sure hear when we side with Jesus and claim our minds, even while we sleep, for Him. I’ve never had a dream like that since. Hope this is helpful! I’ll be praying for you too.
    Life and Peace,


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