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1. Jessica, the owner/designer of Allora Handmade | 2. lovely rosettes ♥ | 3. Modern Pearl rosette statement necklaces | 4. Gussy wearing rosette bud earrings in mustard


Jessica is a sponsor to the Gussy Sews community and is welcoming February with a fun, 5-question interview about her gorgeous product, her gorgeous family, and what inspires her. Twice now I’ve been blessed to be able to hug Jess in person. She is a wonderful business woman and adds so much to the handmade community.

The interview ~

Share with us a little bit about yourself, your family & your handmade shop.
I am a thirty-something wife and mom to the most beautiful family ever. (not biased at all.) I love to laugh and smile, to create and nurture creativity, and I love my (crazy) life. My husband decided to go back to school about 2 1/2 years ago to be able to provide for our growing family and he graduates in April (yay!) and will continue on to law school in the fall. We have 2 boys (Owen and Henry) who are ALL boy and keep us very busy with their 2 and 3 year old antics. They are full of love and life (and cars and trains and dirt.)

I started my shop a year into our back-to-school adventure when our savings ran out and part-time jobs were hard to come by. I knew I wanted to stay at home with my boys and decided on a whim to sell things I’d already been making for myself and as gifts. I had NO idea what was awaiting for me in this wonderful handmade world and feel so blessed for the way I’ve been embraced here. I spend most of my days managing my household and my online world – rolling rosettes and answering emails while changing diapers and breaking up fights. I love beautiful things, and have so much respect for the artists who create them. I blog about my adventures as a mom/wife/entrepreneur over here. I love ice cream and the color yellow and think winter is highly overrated.

How do you keep yourself inspired?
You’re going to see my right brain come out for a minute here: I find I have to keep myself inspired in two ways. 1) I have to stay artistically inspired. and 2) I have to stay motivated and inspired. The first is easy. I am usually artistically inspired when I get bored. If I am getting tired of my current accessory choices, I know it is time to shake things up a little and get the creative juices flowing. I am inspired by the things I want in my own wardrobe and perhaps I’m selfish in admitting that I design for myself. The second inspiration comes from a few sources. I am so inspired by women who are trying their best to contribute to their family incomes and I get really excited to share what I am learning and doing with them. Having said that, I am most often moved to progress and continue by my desire to provide for my family and ease my husband’s burden while he is concentrating on school.

Just a few days ago you were at Blissdom. Share with us this experience & the impact it had on your business.
Where do I begin? Let me start with this: Conferences are 100% what you make of them. I never expected that the content of the sessions would make a significant impact on my business. I can hear people talk all day long about what works for them, but that alone will not change anything in me or in my business. However, I did expect that the relationships formed would make a huge impact. And they already have! Meeting customers face to face and interacting with people who I respect and admire is invaluable. I find that my sales are directly related to how connected I feel to the community around me (and how connected THEY feel to me.) Sharing an experience like Blissdom with them is perhaps the best way for me to push my business to the next level. The bonus? I walk away refreshed and ready to conquer the world!

What are some recent business accomplishments you are most proud of?
Hmm… I am mostly proud of the growth. Every month since it’s opening a year and a half ago, my shop has seen steady and consistent growth. Right now I am happy to say that my sales have more than quadrupled since the fall. That just gives me butterflies. But, more exciting than that, I am so thrilled to have a community that trusts me and my experience and feels empowered to find their own talents and do something about it. That is more than I could ever hope for!

What are a few of your favorite handmade shops?
How do you choose? I wish I could list them all! How about a few I’ve never purchased from, but have been eying for a long time:
Le Papier Studio – beautiful silhouettes
Yes Jess Knits – knits that make me not hate wintertime so much
Pretty Things by Meg – you know I have to have that mustard ruffle necklace!

Want to win some Allora Handmade?

Leave a comment sharing where you would go with your Allora Handmade rosettes and enter to win a mini modern pearl statement necklace in any color ~

Giveaway ends Friday morning (2/4) and is open to the US only. For extra entries: blog tweet or facebook this {leave an extra comment for each}.

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  1. 204

    Daisy says

    Ooo!! I would wear this with most anything, but think it would look best with a pair of jeans, heels and a simple white blouse, so the necklace can POP! :)

  2. 206

    Jessica says

    I am so happy I stumbled upon this blog and because of it, so many others…

    I would wear the necklace when I coach my cheerleaders. The girls love it when I have on their school colors (purple & gold). It is fun for me to show my school spirit and see if they notice ;)

  3. 208

    JennaLynn Self says

    I love, love, love Allora Handmade! I have been eying everything offered for weeks now! I would love a mini modern pearl necklace to wear with a nice vintage skirt and top on a picnic this spring! It’s only fitting and I have to have one! :)

  4. 209

    Kathy Caplinger says

    I have DREAMED of one of her necklaces!! I would wear mine to my daughters 2nd birthday!

  5. 210


    I would go EVERYWHERE EVER with my necklace. I have an original rosette necklace (and a headband)(and headbands for my baby) but I’ve decided I cannot live without a mustard yellow mini rosette necklace too. I promise to wear it somewhere special to – like out on a date for my husband’s birthday!

  6. 211


    Thank you for introducing us to Jessica! I love her products and have been drooling over them for a while! I would wear my necklace everywhere – out on a date with my hubby, girls night out with my friends, church, vacation, etc! I think it would be so cute to wear with nice jeans and a plain white shirt so the necklace could be the main focal point! How fun! I think it would be hard to just pick one color…they are all so beautiful!

  7. 212

    Dani says

    Where wouldn’t I wear this necklace? I do know it would be in my suitcase for my next trip….to Vegas!

  8. 216

    Becky says

    I LOVE the mustard yellow!
    Any of the colors would be great though… I would wear it with a black dress aaallllll the time… ;)

  9. 220

    Marin D says

    Ooh, those are so pretty! I would totally love one for my dresses I wear to church. That would be so awesome!!!

  10. 222


    Love her pieces! So unique! So beautiful! I would wear this necklace while on a playdate with my son, shopping with the girls, or out to dinner. Anywhere! Love ’em!

  11. 223


    i would wear it anywhere and everywhere, my dear! love jess and her pretties.
    p.s. that pic of you with the earrings on?! OMG, i’m dead. so pretty girlfriend!

  12. 227


    I LOVE this! I would wear it on a job interview for a new teaching position that is taking me out of my comfort zone! I’m stepping out of my box and pushing myself to try something different and very rewarding. Instead of teaching just children, I’m making the move to teach teachers as well. It’s been my plan for the last 4 years and things are finally falling into place. The necklace is a powerful statement of confidence and I am so going to need that!

  13. 228


    I would go everywhere with that adorable necklace! I love the pink one. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!! :)

    ~Emily N.

  14. 232

    Allison V. says

    The necklaces by Allora Handmade are absolutely gorgeous! I would wear this necklace with my fancy outfits to church, with casual outfits (to dress them up a little and make them look classy), to school, when I go to Oregon to visit my family, and it would look ah-mazing if I wore it to my Cello concert! A classy necklace looks good anytime, anywhere. <3

  15. 242

    FoxyMomma says

    love her necklaces!! i would wear them out on a much needed date with my hubby or to church!

  16. 243

    Lacey says

    What an inspiration! I’m going to Cirque de Soleil soon, and perfectly cute rosettes would be a fanciful addition to my pretty little dress!

  17. 246


    Where would I go? To work again, work again! I spend a lot of time there, being a teacher, and these rosettes would surely brighten my day! :D

  18. 247

    Shanna says

    Hard to decide between 3 colors that I like!! Off white, gray,or black.. I wear a lot of black, so maybe the off white would be awesome with everything I have!!

  19. 249

    Beth says

    I would go get my haircut! Because it would need a little pep to look cute enough to wear with such an adorable necklace.

  20. 250

    Deborah says

    I would wear the necklace to New York where I will hopefully go with my husband to celebrate my upcoming birthday. It’s been so long since we vacationed together by ourselves after having our two girls.