{creating community on this blog <3}

I always love when I find a reader or blogger online that I can really relate + connect with. {Hello! All of my Minnesota friends were found through this blog, which is so awesome.}

Yesterday I had coffee with a budding entrepreneur and as we talked I told her that I wouldn’t be sitting with her if it weren’t for community and the generosity of others. True story; read about that here.

Community is one of my favorite parts of my blog // this job. I’m making one of my goals for 2011 be to connect with more people daily and weekly.

Will you help me? >> If you have a minute, can you please answer these 4 questions about yourself? And if you remember, come back tomorrow and read through the comments left. Maybe you’ll find a reader that you’ll be able to connect with, too :]

Here are the questions:
1. what is your name and blog/shop URL?
2. what is your blog or shop about?
3. share something fun about yourself.
4. what is something that’s a “favorite”?


I’ll go first and answer them :]
1. Gussy — www.gussysews.com and www.shopgussy.com
2. sewing ruffles; blog/biz how-to posts; craft/handmade features & giveaways; our pup, Bauer
3. when zack was visiting {and getting ready to propose} he had to find new hiding places all evening for my ring because he knew i was snooping around, wishing&hoping for the proposal to come true ;]
4. i looooooove to sit outside with sunglasses on and just relax!

Lisa Leonard recently shared tips on creating/establishing community, as did Allora Handmade. Hope you read them! ;]


PS. LOOK at this — that’s sewing machine #2! Zack’s grandma gave me my first machine for Christmas two years ago and this time we were in Michigan I bought the above machine from her. I can’t wait to re-arrange my studio {on my list for today!} and get both machines set up. yeow :]

Pretty please with a ruffle on top, remember to answer the 4 questions

Maggie Whitley Gussy Sews

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  1. 352

    catie says

    hi gussy! i absolutely adore your blog and i think you are such an inspiration to all of us…thank you for creating such a great community for all of us to enjoy and benefit from!

    1. my name is catie, my blog is http://ctothec.blogspot.com/, my shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/SouthwindStudio
    2. my blog is a mish mash of all things happening in my life. right now we are the midst of moving and it’s a bit….lost…right now. hoping to get back to regular blogging soon! my shop has vintage milkglass and printable pdfs. i’m working towards turning it into a invitation and stationary shop soon!
    3. something fun about myself…let’s see…my husband and i LOVE to be outdoors, hiking, swimming, waterskiing, snowboarding, you name it, we love it! we got engaged in a national park (the great sand dunes) and he proposed on the very top of a huge pile of sand! that’s one of our favorite stories! ;)
    4. hmmm..a favorite of mine would have to be curling up with a great book and a cup of warm tea on a blustery winter night.

  2. 353


    1. My blog is http://www.KickAssWife.com
    2. Kick-Ass Wife is a marriage/life blog about becoming a great spouse! I share the lessons I have learned from experience and from others to encourage others in the journey of marriage.
    3. Something fun about me is my love of decorating! I could spend all day in thrift stores and Michaels grabbing deals and putting beautiful things together.
    4. I love cuddling with my dog Trigger on the couch and watching romantic comedies!

  3. 354


    Hi Gussy I am new to blogging but a verteran lover of all things Gussy<3
    1. Amanda Paustian- http://insuranceoutlaw-amanda.blogspot.com/
    2. My blog is all about me, my journey in changing misconceptions about the insurance industry, faith and fun of course!
    3. I love huntin, fishing, shooting, camoflauge…AND ALL THINGS PRETTY PINK AND GIRLY!
    4. PAISLEY is my favorite everything!!!!!!!

  4. 355


    Hi Gussy & everyone reading!

    First, Gussy I love that you are helping us build a community right on your blog. I’ve been dying to reach out and make blog friends, and it’s not as easy as I’d hoped!

    About me:

    1. My name is Kasey M. and my blog is buttonwoodcottage.blogspot.com
    2. My blog focuses on handmade living. I’m a craft/DIY addict, bargain hunter, and foodie so I use my blog to share resources (where I found a pattern, tutorial, video), brag about successes (a recipe that turned out delicious, a project that was adorable), and be real about total gaffs (ok sometimes my cooking sucks, I forget to remove stickers before I spray paint, etc).
    3. I have a cat named Calvin and dog named Hobbs. They like to race around the house and occasionally have wrestling matches in the living room before passing out in a cat/dog heep on my bed (yes they sleep curled up together).
    4. Naps in the hammock with my boyfriend Shane. Camping. My morning cup of coffee. And VACATION :)

  5. 356


    I love reading your blog for all of the inspirational things that you post here, the blog and business tips, just everything. I wish I could meet you in real life because I bet you would be really awesome! And you’re so talented too, I love your shop!

    1. what is your name and blog/shop URL? My name is Jenn and I blog at jenn.mcclure.blogspot.com (Ramblings fo a Nutcase)
    2. what is your blog or shop about? My blog is about my life as a Army Soldier, planning my wedding with my fiance Eric on two seperate continents (sorry.. spelling issues), and slowly learning to craft and such.
    3. share something fun about yourself. I love meeting new people. And learning and reading.
    4. what is something that’s a “favorite”? Snuggling with my stuffed animal that reminds me of my fiance when we’re apart.

  6. 357


    I can’t tell you what an inspiration you are. I have always loved to creat and because of one of my friends and because of you, I’ve put myself out there. I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me…

    1. Angel / http://www.simply-lovely-things.com / http://www.etsy.com/shop/angellesse
    2. Making accessories & finding vintage ones. Also my family and of course my fur babies :)
    3. I’m clumsy and awkward and as I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize those are great attributes! I figure if I have tripped over my own feet, it’s not a good day yet!
    4. Favorites right now are my Uggs (yes it does get “cold” in So Cal), anything yellow & gray and over course all the wonderful things about fall…I just love the trees this time of year

  7. 358


    1. Mandey http://mamamandolin.blogspot.com and http://www.etsy.com/shop/MamaMandalin
    2. My blog, Mama and the Dudes is about life from my perspective as a mama to a pair of afro haired twin boys trying to find her place in this new life. My shop, Mama Mandolin {handmade sweetness} is a reflection of me! Lots of bright colors and patterns full of things for mama (and some for her little dudes).
    3. I’m a former county fair queen!
    4. My favorite thing? Coffee. And gummy bears. But not together.

  8. 359


    Hi Gussy…I left a comment today on Centsational Girl. Not surprisingly it was The Nester who replied.
    (Shocker I know…) Anyway, she introduced me to you. I have looked around your blog a bit but need to spend a lot more time here. My comment on CG was really a question. How do you know when it’s time to quit your day job and take a leap of faith? That’s my question for 2012. My blog is about a year old and I opened my Etsy shop in August of 2011. Both are steadily growing. I feel like I will never know their full potential because I don’t have enough TIME to devote to growing them. Here’s my life: I am 52. My kids are grown and gone. I have a very low maintenance husband. Because my husband is self-employed I carry our health insurance at my job as a school secretary. I only pay 10% of the cost of my health care. So in order to quit my job I feel I need to be able to make my monthly salary plus the other 90% of my health care costs. I just don’t see that happening but how will I know unless I try? I have been working my day job and sewing in the evenings and on the weekends. I’m ready to do this for as long as it takes but I’m getting a little tired. If you have any words of wisdom I’m all ears. Thank you for listening.

  9. 360


    Hi Ladies!

    1. My blog is Floral and Frayed (floralandfrayed.com) I’m currently in the process of opening an Etsy shop and breaking in the handmade world!
    2. My blog is a place where I write about being a Christian girl in college, life, style, and everything lovely. I have a passion for life and a love for vintage things. I would love it if you stopped by!
    3. I’m a dancer!
    4. One of my favorite things is my morning cup of coffee and spending time doing my Devotional. I am an avid coffee drinker and there is something so peaceful about sitting with a cup of hot coffee in the quiet morning. I also love to grab a cup of coffee and head to my favorite second-hand bookstore where I can spend hours in their racks upon racks of books! You can read more about my favorites on my about me page on my blog! :)

    Thanks for letting me share and I look forward to meeting you ladies!

  10. 361


    Hi Gussy!

    Sorry, I’m late for the community train! :)

    1. I’m Chelsea of LittleStitch- http://www.littlestitch-shop.blogspot.com & http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlestitchshop
    2. We (LittleStitch is comprised of my BFF Morgan + me) write about anything and everything LittleStitch- product features, customer feedback, inspiration, namesakes… we’re just starting out (our first sale was Dec. 4th) and it’s been so fun sharing little tidbits! Our LittleStitch is a shop full of stitched eBook covers, purses, pillow covers and floor poufs (so far)!
    3. I am a candy fiend! In my stitching space, there is always a little cup or bowl filled with some kind of sweet treat (usually tropical starbursts or starburst jelly beans). Sidenote: sometimes I have to hide this dish from my hubby. :)
    4. I absolutely love weekend mornings at my house! My husband and I brew a big pot of coffee, then sit and sip and snuggle with our pups- on cold/rainy/extra hot mornings we hang on the couch (we live in GA, so the weather can be pretty random), on those perfect temp mornings we swing on our deck swing. I always consider that the start to my week- and cherish every chance we get to do it! :)

    Gussy, I just have to say that you are such an inspiration to us! I hope that with this venture we will get to follow our dreams and inspire those around us. <3

  11. 362


    1. Anna Delores Photography — http://annadeloresphoto.blogspot.com

    2. My blog is a little bit about my photography shop on Etsy (annadelores.etsy.com) but also about the handmade community and all things home decor. :)

    3. The name “Anna Delores Photography” came from my maternal great-grandmother (Anna) and my paternal grandmother (Delores). My favorite types of photographs, as well as home decor items, have that vintage, antique, ancestry-inspired mood, so I thought it appropriate to pay homage to my own heritage with the name of my business.

    4. I’m currently addicted to Anthropologie, Fab.com, and Pinterest. I’m moving in with my boyfriend in the next few weeks so I love getting new ideas for decorating our new space! But really, that’s just an excuse for wasting hours of the day on my favorite websites. :)

  12. 363


    Hi Gussy! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to connect! I am just laying the ground floor, so to speak, with my website and my business, so bear with me!

    1. The name is Charity and my website is http://www.bluebirdslemondrops.com

    2. Sewing aprons and specialty clothing items/accessories as well as dabbling in interior design and cooking on the side:)

    3. My mom used to beg me to learn how to sew and do crafty like things, but it wasn’t till I got married three years ago that I actually became interested in sewing and crafting! Ironic!

    4. Sun porches – lots of french doors, sprawling decks attached and comfy bamboo furniture with lots of throw pillows and cable knit blankets and several good books or good friends and tea! I could live my life doing that:)

  13. 364


    1. Jessica, known to most as Duckie. http://frikkenduckie.blogspot.com
    2. New to blogging so I haven’t really figured out what my blog is about yet but I guess it would qualify as Fashion/Life so far.
    3. Inherited my first sewing machine from my “Gramma Martin” after she passed. She wasn’t my real grandmother, but the best friend to my paternal grandmother, both of whom I was very close to. Her gift inspired me to learn to sew.
    4. My favorite thing is food!

  14. 365


    #1 Sherri Ohler http://www.sdgartistry.com, http://www.thepaintedlife.com
    #2 My blog was started to get to know my S.D.G. customers and other artists. I don’t really have a niche and just write about whatever is on my heart on any given day-but I really would like to find a niche!
    #3 I think the most fun thing about myself is that I can cook & bake and make things pretty. I spent time as a pastry chef and LOVE all things food! Foodtv, food shopping, reading, smelling, seeing, cooking, tasting, writing, and most of all-I love giving pretty, homemade foodie gifts!
    #4 My favorite? STARBUCKS. It can change my entire outlook on a day. No joke. :D

  15. 366


    Hello! I just found your blog and shop through the give away on The Small Things blog! I love your stuff and I am super excited to start following along.

    1. My name is Alesha and I blog here http://tobless.blogspot.com/
    2. I started my blog as a way to document my crafting projects and to encourage myself to keep crafting more. I also love to write, so I was looking for an outlet for writing my thoughts, particularly about Jesus and life as a Christian.
    3. I am recently married to the most amazing man ever…and I love the color pink (those are totally not connected!)
    4. Heartfelt conversations with friends (or my hubby) that leave me feeling closer to God…usually they include a peppermint latte!

    Looking forward to spending more time sorting through some of these posts!

  16. 367


    Hi there! My name is Charlotte and I love the Gussy products! I think they are dreamy, the combination of patterns and texture is perfectly beautiful:)
    Well on to answer the questions about myself:
    I’ve already told you my name so my blog is called Unique Margarita and here is the URL: http://uniquemargarita.blogspot.com/
    It is a blog about Art and making a difference in the world with it, drawing more toward to the whole green, environment act but I also share bits and pieces of everything so you can come to just read about my thoughts and life:) I want to make the clarification about the usage of the name “Margarita” in my blog: it is not the drink (*laughs) In Spanish, Margarita is the name for Daisies but there is a little more to it, Margarita is the name of my grandmother who was a Puerto Rican artist, and a wonderful one at that. A really big part of the blog, Unique Margarita, is built in her honor and with her memory in mind.
    On to my personal self…
    Well, I am sixteen years old and as I have already mentioned I love art! I run the blog with my mom and sister who work in the “behind the scenes” helping make the projects that go on to the blog, helping take the pictures and inspiring me to write, edit and design the blog:) So if you stop by, you may notice that I write more often than them but you can be sure that there is a little of them in every post. Some other fun facts about me are that I am currently tackling an online guitar class! Yikes! Yes, it is hard but I have a guitar and I have wanted to learn to play it for a very long time so I am putting it to good use:) Wish me luck!
    I love the craft/art/digital design blogs specially the ones that are so beautiful I want to read everything they have written. I work really hard to make my blog look as pretty as I can muster without having to hire a designer, for that is not is my current budget. But with a little time and a nifty designing software, like adobe firework, I can get by and satisfy myself a little:) I love cats! I am a pledged cat person and I love music and ART!
    Now that I have offered a little concerning me I hope I can make some friends out of this! My blog is a recent one that I started a few months ago and I would love to have some more followers (I hate to come right out and say that:/) I would love to follow anybody back and look forward to contacting one another! :)

  17. 368


    1. what is your name and blog/shop URL? My name is Lauren and my blog is http://www.thetrunkblog.com
    2. what is your blog or shop about? My blog is about enjoying the little things daily.
    3. share something fun about yourself. I once saw Cher at a bakery in Aspen.
    4. what is something that’s a “favorite”? Diet Coke is a favorite drink of mine.

  18. 369


    okay, I’m years late on this – but figured I’d still leave a comment:)

    1. My name is Reeve and I write at http://www.reevewrites.com
    2. It’s about my music-filled life
    3. I have been in two countries at once. – one foot in scotland and one foot in england.
    4. staying up late and chatting with friends while playing games is my all-time fav thing to do:)

  19. 370

    Elizabeth says

    You are the one blog I read every time you post, so thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your journey! :)
    1. Elizabeth – http://www.craftyaddictions.com and craftyaddictionstoo.blogspot.com
    2. I make personalized accessories out of “ordinary” things. I blog about my crafty obsessions.
    3. I can recite the entire Wizard of Oz movie, including songs. :)
    4. I LOVE to read; this past summer I read 30 books.

  20. 372


    1. Sara – rufflesrosesandlace.blogspot.com and http://www.facebook.com/SaraHannaOriginals. I also write for Feminspire and Persephone Magazine.
    2. My blog is about my personal struggles with depression, an abusive past, and feminist issues, coupled with dating and really anything! My shop is all about the purses I make. :)
    3. Something fun about me? Um, well, I taught myself to sew when I received my first sewing machine Christmas 2011. I also love karaoke and of course, love my son more than anything!
    4. Karaoke, definitely. And writing. I write for 2 different feminist magazines, so that’s kinda cool. :)

  21. 373


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