{…and a cozy afternoon, too}

We woke up to a ridiciulous amount of snow, and looky below, because a ridiculous amount fell this afternoon, too. {I LOVE SNOW!} We stepped out for brunch at the neighborhood diner and I had to run in the snow because walking in it made me almost fall over. My boots go up to my calf {so appropriate for today’s weather} and the snow went up even higher. Today was *not* the day to be driving.

Look at this amazing-ness winter wonderland-ness ~

Our front walkway is a mess. A hot mess. A cold mess ~

Bauer, ready to put his paws on the ground and not in mounds of snow ~

And our front door, kissed by the snow ~

Bauer slept all day and then got his paw stuck from playing with an empty water jug. Hilarious ~
PS. look at Zack’s eyebrows (tee he he).


My mom told me an awesome story and I want to share it with you :] She and my dad were helping my brother and 2 nephews decorate their Christmas tree. My mom gave Matt [my bro] an ornament to hang and said, Grandma Helak made this. Collin [5 yo] said, You made that?

No, that would be your Great Grandma Helak, Collin.

She then gave Matt another ornament and said to my mom, And this is from Grandma Hunt.

Then she gave Collin a baseball bat ornament to hang and Collin asked, Who made this?

My mom said, Hallmark.

Collin said, Is he our cousin?

Oh em gee. Toooooo cute! I love my nephews ♥ I can’t wait until we’re in Michigan and I can soak in their cuteness. I hope we watch lots of movies and snuggle on the couch. And bake cookies :]


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    Your pictures make me excited to see some snow! I love a really good snow storm but I don’t know if I could handle it there all the time like you have to do up there.

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    Love the snow pics!!! We’re getting snow here now (although not near as much!) That Bauer is precious too! We’re thinking of getting a new dog for our kids (ours died last summer :((() What kind of dog is Bauer? I also live away (although not too far) from my brothers and their kids and can’t wait to hang out with them all for a bit. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the snow!!

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    I can’t wait to be in Michigan either! My mom’s house is CALLING MY NAME! :) My girls are counting down the days too. They love Grandma’s house.

    I am lovin’ all the snow too. Although, we don’t have as much as you!

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