{favorites, cupcakes and stayin’ strong}

Since I {sometimes} have so much to say,

I thought it would be fun to make a page to serve as a directory for all my favorite posts. Or at least the posts that you read. So there are like 10 in there. For now. And I suppose it would be oh-so helpful to know where this page is…?

If you look up to my header, just beneath it is my Navigation bar {the yellow “thread” section}. Click on {gussy says…}.


Know what I’m thinking right now? …Is that Family Goal everrrrr going to go up? {Taps fingertips on desk.} Next Friday is going to be here in, oh, 8 days. And we’ve got 25% left. Hmm… the pressure is on :]


I’m still finalizing some details on the Minneapolis/Gussy meet-up. I think there are 9 of you who’ve contacted me. But there’s still time! Send me an email and I’ll put you on the list :] Hurry!!!!!!!!! We’ll get together in a few weeks {date TBD} and have coffee, cupcakes? and of course lots of good chatting.

Oh, and the name of place that Allison and I met for cupcakes in this post is Cup-Cake, right in Minneapolis.


I think right now, with all the emotions and decisions going into doing Gussy exclusively, I’m feeling very vulnerable. Must watch out for the d. Keep him away. Know what I’m sayin’? All the comments left have been mucho appreciated and I love the community we’ve built. Please know that I read all comments left. So if you ask a question in your comment, be sure to come back the next day because I’ll have answered it.

Remember to check out the {gussy says…} page :]

Have a fab day!

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  1. 1

    Pamela says

    Saying a little prayer for a covering over you. Your risk is beautiful. Keep on going!!! Blessings to you and your hubby and your latest adventure.

  2. 3


    I saw cupcakes in the title and you lured me right in! Sneaky Gus! You should be so proud of yourself. Sure it’s scary, and your a tad afraid, but some of the best things come from moments in your life just like this! So buckle up and enjoy the ride miss = )

  3. 5

    Mama Gus says

    Stay strong in the Lord……….He led you to this place and He won’t let you down now. I’ll say it again…………..stay strong in the Lord! Your Gussy community loves you and I of course love you too! And God loves you even more than all of us put together.

    So; Sew; I got nothin’ more to say…………..except I LOVE YOU !!!

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