{tutorial: fabric-covered embroidery hoops}


I love tutorials because they give me such great inspiration to turn a project into something Gussy-like. I originally was inspired by a fabric-covered embroidery hoop tutorial by my blog friend Emily. She does the most darling projects, and this embroidery hoop project was featured on Apartment Therapy’s ohdeeoh site :]

Yeow, go Em!

This particular tutorial originally had “sewing” in the title, but sewing is now optional. Yes, I did sew the edges of this originally {in my teaser post a few days ago}, but since then I’ve cut those edges off. I like the end results much better. And since I’m in charge around here it is OK that I cut off the edges. Hah!

For this tutorial you’ll need
  • fabric a few inches larger {on all four “sides”} than the embroidery hoop you are covering
  • scissors
  • rotary cutter
  • embellishments
  • string
  • sewing machine & coordinating thread {optional}

Once I knew which embellishment and fabric combination I wanted for each fabric-covered embroidered hoop, I cut out the fabric. Then, when you’ve got your fabric between the two hoops {each hoop has two individual hoops}, gently tug at the fabric around the edges to make it taut. It’s so easy to place it over the hoop and then tighten it back up with the screws at the top.

Practice hanging them on the wall; hang; you’re done!

I chose to cut off the squared edges because once the fabric is on the hoop the edge becomes ruffle-like. Maybe you haven’t heard? I like ruffles.

My mom jokes I was born with a purse; I’m scared to joke that our firstborn will be born with a ruffle {please, please be a girl then!}.

For months this wall was a hodge-podge of special items and I’ve finally organized them all. The before-photo was so yucky I didn’t even take a picture.

My friend Lindsay made me the birdcage painting, the wire “Gussy” hanger is from this Etsy shop {I saw that name hanger and HAD to buy it because the sample name was “Gus”. Hello! ;] }.

I had a few posy pins from The Pleated Poppy and Joy’s Hope. I wanted to include Lindsey’s and Julie’s pins in my sewing room because they are great gals I’ve gotten to know through blogging and crafting.

The red & pink beaded heart is from Target, the Paul Frank cork-board is from my mom {droooool}. And a few other little items…

The edges of the fabric aren’t perfect; some are a little wonky but I like it that way. And when editing these photos I noticed some of the embellishments {Gussy hanger and beaded heart, not like I was taking notes, though} are waaaaay crooked. I’ll have to tell my photographer to get her stuff straight! Ugh :]

Finishing this project was great for many reasons. I’ve got cute stuff on the wall and another item checked-off my to-do list. Go Gus!!!

What crafty project do you need to check-off?

PS. It’s been brought to my attention by a certain high-school friend that reads my blog — Ahem — that the Count Up is still at 22%. Hello, we know. In a few days it will go up and just rest yourself assured I’ll be skipping around our apartment once I make the update on the blog.


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  1. 1


    SOOO adorable! It would be super cute to showcase a cute little applique like this as well. And what a fabulous way to chip away at some of my fabric stash. Helloooo spring break craft project!!

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. 3


    okay, number 1: thanks for the shout out. i *heart* you lots!
    number 2: your hoops are WAAAAAY more cute than mine. i love how you left the fabric out…it does look like a ruffle…super cute!

  3. 5


    This totally takes me back to when my granny taught me how to cross-stitch on one of those hoops – my first project was a sunflower!

    Your wall looks SO super fabulous, Gus. I want one of those hangers, too. What a fun way to dress up a space without a lot of extra work!

  4. 6


    Cute! I did this in my bedroom a few months ago, with a few slight variations, and I love it! I chose 3 different neutral colors to go with the decor, and 6 different sized hoops, I cut the scraps off of the back, and I haven’t used any embellishments…yet. I’m still trying to figure out if I want any! :) Love it Gus!

  5. 7


    This is awesome! I was totally going to do this for my baby’s nursery today! I love how you hung stuff in front of the hoops, like those flowers. Super cute!

  6. 8


    so lovely. i’ve been planning on making shadow boxes with some of my favorite fabrics stretched over foam core and perhaps adding some appliques. maybe i’ll actually get around to it now that i’ve seen how put together and cute your wall looks!

  7. 11

    Paige Borda says

    Cute idea! I have some bare walls that need some love, so I think this will be perfect! :]

    aaaannndddd I just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget! ;) That’s kind of a dumb thing to say– why would you forget! I’m just excited to find out!!!

  8. 12


    cute maggie!! a spring decorative project i plan on checking off this weekend : a colorful crocheted banner to hang in our living room! i plan on getting the yarn today :) i can’t wait to hear more about your “family goal”!

  9. 13


    Just found your site – I love what your doing. I only learned to sew a couple of years ago too, and am trying to start making a selling a bit. I work in craft publishing so it helps that I’m in that world anyway, but I’d LOVE to have more time to sew – evenings and weekends just seem to dissapear under everything else! Hope to be back soon! Jen x


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