{2 new items + my fav. wristlet}

Recently, a large pile of new fabric arrived in the mail. Oh right, I ordered that! :] So I’ve been busy working on getting orders out, making new product, and of course talking away like a chatty Gus. Below are some new items, plus a favorite wristlet! Click the image to see the listing…

I’ve got some fun green prints to show off, some orange prints, and more! Come back next week for LOTS of new Gussy items? Pssst, and some new ruffled headbands! xo.

{pretty pictures}

Yesterday was such an inspirational day for me.

Finally, a day where I accomplish so much. I was very successful with sewing, I stayed on task all day, and I got to meet Zack for lunch. Hello, sounds perfect :]

It felt super great to accomplish all that I had. Actually, don’t laugh… but I piled all the Gussy items I had sewn on the ironing board so when Zack got home he would see all I had sewn. And be proud. And he was, hah!

AND! Over the weekend I found a few exciting things regarding the biz:

*Gussy was featured {again} in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine
*Gussy was added to the Team of The Creative Connection Conference, which will be held here in Minneapolis this fall.


PS. I’m working on something SUPER FUN for next Monday.

Below are some pretty, inspirational pictures. I love the color and serenity of them. And, I love that sewing can make a gal feel so full of love + contentment.


{photo credit]


What brings you love + contentment?

{aww, happy 1 month + a winner}

Do you know what today is?

It’s my 1-month anniversary since quitting my day job. And this past month has gone by oh-so fast. Yeow! And yay for Gussy!

Here are some things I’ve found necessary:

Always, always go to bed with your spouse and get up with your spouse
*a sweet business mentor of mine shared this tip with me; she said it was a big part of her routine that she wished she had done. besides, if we weren’t on the same schedule then that just wouldn’t feel right.

Find “me” time every day
*while Gussy is me, it’s also my job… and it’s been too long since I last curled up with a good book. {note to self: finish the few books you’ve started and then read Julie & Julia.}

Make sure your work station is comfortable
*oh, isn’t this funny :] — it only took me all year to move my workstation!

My cup poureth over…
*I’m always adding to my to-do list, which is OK as long as I have time to finish it all. If not, then it’s time to hire more help. **Also**, those little “pesky” tasks don’t take as long as I think they will.

Weekly meetings are super important
*No matter how much they can make my head spin, Zack and I chat about ordering materials, organizing Gussy orders, and new promotional ideas. I actually really look forward to these meetings {tee he he, I’m a nerd}.

Rainy days can be a blessing
*They help me to focus on my work; help me to “get lost” in all these ruffles.

Get out of the apartment!
*About 3-4 times a week I walk with Z to work in the morning. Then I either run errands downtown or walk back home. Some times this means i’m not back home until 10 am, but the late start is out-weighed by the benefit of getting out & about. I’ve also been meeting with friends Allison & Melissa for lunch/coffee dates, which has been super great, too. Good chats are the best :]

And, as a little pat on the back, this weekend Gussy was featured in Pregnancy & Newborn’s Magazine for the second time. So fun! :]


The winner of the 2 baby carrot rattles by Bundle is Kari @ The Girl Who Dreams.

She wrote, The best part of my day (and the worst also) was leaving my amazing 1st and 2nd graders on the last day of school and knowing that they have grown so much during our time together and are ready to move on to another teacher.

Kari, please email me!


Don’t forget to ask me your questions AND send me a pic of you & your Gussy item. I’ll be doing a post on these two topics soon!