{Bauer — he vlogs}

We’ve had little puppy Bauer for 4 weeks and look at all the tricks he’s learned:

Also — Bauer decided he needed more time on-camera. {Like I could turn him down…}


Bauer and I went on our morning walk today, and BRRRRRRRRR!, it was so cold! And it is still cold out! Thirteen degrees, my friends. I ♥ Bauer and his big paws and little mohawk, so that number didn’t hold me back ;]

Three random things:
1. Bauer can’t “sit” on the hardwood floors… he tries but he always slides down to his tummy
2. I often catch Bauer looking at me and wagging his tail {did Zack teach him this?!}
3. Bauer brings me his leash when he’s ready for his morning walk

What 3 random things do you want to share today? :]

{hello, you wonderful gift}

This machine is love. I love the sound it makes when it’s sewing simple stitches. I love the light that shines on the inside. I love the light that shines on my inside when I’m using this machine. I love the friends this machine has brought me. I love the “thank you’s” this machine has brought me. I love that this machine was once used by my husband’s grandma ♥. I love the stories it’s told, the things it’s made, the journey it’s taken me on…

I love that you read my blog. I love that you comment, that you contact, that we connect. I love that this blog has helped me quit my day job to follow my dream. I love that this is my first Christmas as an indie business owner {quick skip around the house}. I secretly love that I figured this out at age 24…

I love that I can be at home more and that it’s helped us be able to adopt a puppy. I love that my schedule is flexible, that sewing allows me to be a hard worker, that I never stop making lists/thinking and planning/dreaming…

My love for this sewing machine is a whimsical illustration of how listening to your thoughts can allow unforeseen blessings be stitched. Because when I decided I was going to learn how to sew I had no clue any of this could exist, yet I trusted “if there’s a will, there’s a way”…

Psalm 62:8
Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. Selah.

{i [heart] knitted items}

Ohhhh, baby!

It’s been sooo chilly here in Minneapolis — like 20* outside. And while it hasn’t snowed since last weekend, there’s still snow on the ground. It’s been so fun getting out my scarves, mittens, hats and warm jackets. I just peeked at the forecast and there are flurries in the future! Eeeeek :]

Bauer and I were out running errands yesterday, and it was so fun being bundled up. I know once it starts snowing it’s going to get a lot messier, and then Bauer will have to stay home a little more. But I did buy some really cute snow boots {wedge heel, even!}, so we can still go for walks in the slushy snow.

At our house you can find tea being brewed, mittens and hats on the front hall desk, candles being lit, blankets being used and a warm puppy being snuggled. And red nail polish sitting on the bathroom counter ;]

My Etsy “knit favorites” list was getting a little full so I thought it would be fun to share what I had bookmarked. There is some cuuuuute stuff and I’m excited to share it with you.

PS. my favorite is #6!

PSS. I know some of these items are crocheted ;]


1 –

2 –

3 –

4 –

5 —

6 –

7 –

8 –

9 –

10 –

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Share with us ~ Do you [heart] knit items?