{Mother’s Day}

This is the first Mother’s Day where Zack and I can’t be with our moms and families. And we are very sad. BUT! Our moms are wonderful women and it’s the memory and truth of our relationships that makes this all “OK.” We can still celebrate in spirit, we can rejoice in the amazing-ness of our relationships and friendships with our moms.

We are so blessed to have them. We love you, Mom!

Maggie’s favorite memory with her mom:
It seems the older we get the more we have to share. I can easily call my mom with one thing in mind to share and suddenly over an hour has passed and there’s STILL more to talk about. I love how open we are with each other, how we “get” each other. My mom is such a huge part of my life. I’ve noticed, especially because we live father apart than ever before, that if we don’t talk enough I start to feel weird. Like something is missing. Chatting with my mom, whether on the phone or in person, is always a huge treat. I love it so much and that talking with her balances everything out. I love you, Mom! {smooches} :]

Zack’s favorite memory with his mom:
My mother and I spent a short time in a country trailer when I was young. I remember the front hill and how it was steep and the winters frosted it with a thick layer of powdery snow. I was hardly old enough, but I loved when I had a chance to sled. At some point I was given a shiny black Batman sled (aka “The Batsled”). I was the Dark Knight himself as I sped along. I would skid to a stop at the bottom of the hill with the Super Hi-Tech Braking System (two little handles that I could barely pull back on), and sit and wait for my mom to help me up (think A Christmas Story-type snowsuit). She would run down the hill, cheering and laughing, and scoop me up. After a big hug and many congratulations and bravos, she’d help me waddle back to the top, and help set me up again. “Ok Mom, watch!” I’d say. She always watched.

To me, my mom represents a true form of unconditional love and support. My entire life, she has been an unending font of affection, care, and day-brightening. I hope that I’ve reflected even a portion of that back to her. I love you, mom.

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{the nekkid story.}

Thursday evening, I came home from work

and saw extremely wet carpet surrounding our apartment in the common hallway that everyone uses to get to their front door. I thought, Great, I bet the problem is in our bathroom. So I walk inside our apartment, go to the bathroom and Yup, my feet are on a nasty, squishy rug.

I thought, I can handle this. So I called the leasing office. Oh, they have closed early. I call the emergency maintenance line. Here’s what they tell me:

    * Sorry, we can’t find your address in our files. Are you sure that is the right address?
    * We’ll do our best to send someone out.
    * If no one comes, will you call us back?

At this point my foot is doing some serious tapping. Getting very annoyed… I did what any good woman would do and called Zack. I knew he could handle this for me ;]

And Zack did handle it for me.

About 20 minutes later a plumbing company calls to say “Joe” is coming, but Please, if he has an attitude, will you call me back and let me know? We’ve been having some problems with him lately.

I should have charged the guy $15 for babysitting duties, but I just said OK and hung up.

Joe arrives. Thank goodness he left his Man Drama at the office. Soon the leasing manager shows up, too. They realize the water isn’t coming from the floor above us (we are on floor 2), so it must be coming from floor 4 or 5.


They also realize the water is coming from a clog in the washing drain pipes, so maintenance will be by tomorrow and they’ll figure it out.

It is now Friday morning, and Zack and I are at home getting ready. It is always so warm in our apartment, so because of this Zack and I never get dressed until it’s time to leave (TMI? Sorry, more TMI is about to come)…

I’m in the bathroom, drying my hair, the box fan is running, the light is on so the bathroom fan is automatically on. And remember, I’m nekkid. Suddenly Zack starts yelling at me to HIDE, GET IN THE BEDROOM! HURRY MAGGIE, HIDE!!!

I’m thinking we have a burglar in the apartment. Great, and I’m nekkid.

I had to turn off the blow dryer to hear what he was saying, and also the bathroom light (so the fan would shut off), and suddenly it’s dark and I’m being told to HIDE! HURRY! so I start running and run into the fan, then the wall, finally I make it into the bedroom. I’m looking at Zack like WHAT IS GOING ON?

He tells me to get dressed. I start doing the “Adam & Eve, I’m naked cover-up dance” and tell him No, you get dressed!

Zack says,

Maintenance is here, get dressed. They just saw me naked.

I said to him, Well, where are they now?

Turns out Zack was walking into our bedroom (nekkid, remember) when maintenance walks right into our apartment. They exchange glances before Zack shouts OUT!!!!! NOW!!!!! and then he runs into the bedroom where he proceeds to yell at me to HIDE! HURRY!

Once he gets dressed he goes to the door and starts sternly talking to them: Why are you here? Why didn’t you knock?

I did knock but no one came to the door.

Yes, it’s 8:20, we’re getting ready for work. And the fan, in the bathroom? Like we could hear you… Come back in an hour.

But we are scheduled to be here now.

I don’t care. My wife and I are getting ready. Bye!

{door shuts and I hear Z turn the deadbolt}

And there I was, doing the “Adam & Eve nekkid dance” in our bedroom, laughing uncontrollably.

P.S. Maintenance was a woman, the plumber was a man. LOL!
Oh, what a day! :]

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{Mama Gus baby + baby doll blankets}

Handmade baby blankets are just so special.

Mother’s Day is Sunday — maybe you want to celebrate the little Mommy living in your house, too?
Given as a birthday gift, a celebratory gift or “just because”,
these blankets are knit by Mama Gus with love ♥

Baby doll blankets measure 16″ x 22″.
Baby blankets measure 25.5″ x 29″ — 41″ x 33″.
Click here to shop.

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{favorites, cupcakes and stayin’ strong}

Since I {sometimes} have so much to say,

I thought it would be fun to make a page to serve as a directory for all my favorite posts. Or at least the posts that you read. So there are like 10 in there. For now. And I suppose it would be oh-so helpful to know where this page is…?

If you look up to my header, just beneath it is my Navigation bar {the yellow “thread” section}. Click on {gussy says…}.


Know what I’m thinking right now? …Is that Family Goal everrrrr going to go up? {Taps fingertips on desk.} Next Friday is going to be here in, oh, 8 days. And we’ve got 25% left. Hmm… the pressure is on :]


I’m still finalizing some details on the Minneapolis/Gussy meet-up. I think there are 9 of you who’ve contacted me. But there’s still time! Send me an email and I’ll put you on the list :] Hurry!!!!!!!!! We’ll get together in a few weeks {date TBD} and have coffee, cupcakes? and of course lots of good chatting.

Oh, and the name of place that Allison and I met for cupcakes in this post is Cup-Cake, right in Minneapolis.


I think right now, with all the emotions and decisions going into doing Gussy exclusively, I’m feeling very vulnerable. Must watch out for the d. Keep him away. Know what I’m sayin’? All the comments left have been mucho appreciated and I love the community we’ve built. Please know that I read all comments left. So if you ask a question in your comment, be sure to come back the next day because I’ll have answered it.

Remember to check out the {gussy says…} page :]

Have a fab day!

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